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    1. Agamdeep Singh

      Great sportsmanship by Barca. Football should be enjoyed in this spirit.

    2. Ernesto_LK

      L.Suarez siempre reconoceremos que fuiste el mejor 9 de barcelona

    3. Ahahahaha

      That face when coutinho said carragher as a legend

    4. Rafael Santos

      Luís, what's your name?

    5. Ra V

      we want this same chemistry of luis and suarez on the pitch against liverpool.

    6. Zouhair GM

      Question: how old r you ?

    7. Gulsher Ahmed

      They would have killed me... I said Manchester and Everton stadiums... Lmao suarez is a genius 😂😂😂

    8. Hhh Moskov

      Question: Suarez, name 3 of your favourite food.

    9. Kie Sears

      To be fair to Coutinho him and Suarez played when we only (still do) had the yellow liverbird on the shirt so can't blame him for not seeing the actual crest much and remembering it.

    10. M. X

      Lindos momentos... que sé repitan siempre

    11. SrMaiki

      Coutinho: ¿Qué jugador le metió 2 goles a su ex equipo?

    12. Takashi BJ

      Who is here after Coutinho won CL and Luis Suarez leave Barcelona?

    13. Finesse Fishing

      Was there a single Question Luis didn't respond with "Coutinho"? xD

    14. Banana Drama

      I actually rate how much Suarez wanted to show off about his knowledge of Liverpool respect.

    15. To Many Memes For Me To Read

      Suarez: name three legendary Liverpool players...

    16. L Demirsoy

      Who is here after Coutinho joined Bayern ?

    17. Robson Arns

      2 grandes jogadores que passaram por Anfield! Sucesso para vocês 2!

    18. Katya Fragoso González

      ¿Quién anda acá después de la partida de Suarez? 😭

    19. JJ Videos


    20. RyZenOP

      That's why we are