A day in the life of Messi

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

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    Leo Messi is finishing the season in spectacular form. The Argentinian star has reached the milestone of 500 official goals for FC Barcelona and he did so with a brilliant brace against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu. One of the goals scored in the last minute gave the blaugranas an epic 3-2 victory in El Clásico and the Camp Nou paid tribute to the Barça star in the Osasuna match.

    Have you ever asked yourself what a day in the life of Messi is like before he trains or plays? In the following video, you’ll discover how he experiences a training day at the Ciutat Esportiva as well as away trips with the squad and match days at the Camp Nou. You’ll also see how Messi is welcomed at airports and how he returns the love. Don’t miss this exclusive video!


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    1. Jonas Sandberg

      Man, after watching the press conference this honestly just breaks my heart💔 thank you for everything Leo! You will always be in our hearts❤️🐐

      1. Fenerbahçeli2738

        Imagine having a life like this

    2. Magisterial Messi

      Being recommended to me when Messi is about to leave.

      1. S A Z O Z

        How did you know he wasn’t gonna leave 11 months ago

      2. Richardinho

        To me he is already out 😔

      3. Mitantsoa Rakotomamonjy


      4. MALTE Eeg

        He left yeasterday

      5. Ꮋᴀʀꜱʜ FF

        @HYBRID 😐

    3. Imri keinan

      Goodbye LIONEL MESSI The greatest player to ever walk the earth, there will never be another one like him 💔😭

      1. Fenerbahçeli2738

        @Bae Bee shut up

      2. Fenerbahçeli2738

        Missing him

      3. AdenTheNob

        @Bae Bee actually no, Ronaldo and Messi aren’t the best. Maradona? Pele? Ronaldinho?

      4. Kayy18

        @Bae Bee 🤡🤡🤡

      5. Bae Bee

        U meant the second best but ok stupid. Mistakes happen.🤡

    4. Jimmy A

      Wow! I cant believe messi went back to his youth and played more than 4 matches in a DAY!

      1. Deybi Cocluso


    5. Destaques

      muito top!!

    6. V ALT

      A day in the life of the best fotball player in the history of this sport

      1. Incognito

        Now that is what I agree with


      who’s here after THAT news :< had wished all this time to see him live in a Barcelona shirt ☹️ thank you Leo, I have loved football and watched with so much passion because of you ❤️

    8. Pense, Atraia e Receba!

      adoro vê-lo sorrir ! Estranhamente, me faz um bem enorme. é porque adoro as pessoas que tem amor a profissão.

    9. Alessandro BC

      El mejor de la historia es también el más humilde de la historia 💖

    10. raul

      dang messi goes through a lot of different beard styles in a day

      1. FARAZ Mohtasim

        @Mutahar Sami Yes

      2. Bae Bee

        Still looks ugly.😂😂

      3. Justin Bruiners


      4. Oreo


      5. Jaiden Arias

        Do you want to talk/learn about God and Jesus? God and Jesus both love you and can help you with whatever you may be going through!

    11. No one

      I just got this recommended after hearing he wants to leave Barcelona. 😞

      1. AtharShahnon

        @Luke Lohan but now, it's come true Messi was just leave

      2. kiydron pope

        He left

      3. Arianna Reguly

        @Tony Paredes now he's gone :(

      4. Cinema For Everyone


      5. Muhammad Rizky

        and now it’s come true:)

    12. Youssef Mohamed

      2:00 that guy is so damn lucky😂

    13. Alana Martins

      Melhor jogador de todos os tempos ❤❤❤❤❤

    14. Justino Santos

      Messi o maior de todos os tempos sem dúvida joga muito

    15. Alex Popov

      The daily life of a GOAT

    16. Abdullah Butt

      im really missing him. The most remarkable era ended. The memories

    17. xhxssxnx

      who’s here when messi requested to leave😩

      1. Mistyc


      2. sam

        Don’t worry we will take care of him 💙💙

      3. Pratyush Banerjee

        It's very sad😭😭😭😭😭

      4. Justin Y.

        Who else wants likes

      5. Justin Y.

        Pratyush Banerjee yes

    18. Yaros :V

      Cuanta humildad la de messi sabiendo que tiene la atención de tod@s por eso dios lo bendice siempre siendo un gran jugador por no decir el mejor, ejemplo seguir. 👌🏻 *Respect* 🇦🇷❤️

    19. Mejores Productos

      es increible la suerte que hemos tenido en España de poder disfrutar tanto de Messi

    20. new age

      Unmatched, amazing, brilliant, magical, the dictionary ends upon him! Such an outclass player !! God bless him ameen.🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍

    21. Samarthh

      People judged his personality just by seeing him in the field but never understood who he truly is


      We miss this Messi and this team 😣

      1. Franklin Oraekwute

        Ya messi is shit now😂

    23. Jack Narloch

      A day in the life of Messi Shaves, grows his beard out, shaves, grows his beard out again and then shaves one more time xD

      1. Jaiden Arias

        Do you want to talk/learn about God and Jesus? God and Jesus both love you and can help you with whatever you may be going through!

      2. Me & Bro

        Same imsaw that to

      3. Moh Ashaz Ahmed

        I am your 2000th like pls reply

      4. Harman singh Saggu

        He is having gta's barber

      5. Abdullah Shihab

        thats why he is goat😂😂

    24. taha oils

      Legendary player

    25. Faisal

      A day in the life of A Legend

    26. Isak M

      it looks like its so much pressure, can u imagine?? And then they still perform all the time! CRAZY

    27. LMX10 HD

      Barcelona soon: A day without Messi in Barcelona

      1. el napo

        oh you predicted

      2. Arianna Reguly


      3. JR EDITS

        @TECH BY ESHU man ur mouth is crused

      4. anvee ashita

        aged well. well done

      5. Alex _

        Yeah but the thing is The GOAT is going to psg

    28. Maurice

      So he must indeed be a demi-god. A day in his life and the boy didn't eat one single thing, and then scores a hat-trick with three different hairstyles...unless it's just a poorly named video.

      1. Harman singh Saggu

        He is having gta's barber

      2. john marging


      3. Juan Trujillo

        Just chill bro its all good

      4. bruh bruh1


      5. Anshul 5705


    29. Barcelona Forever

      THE GOAT 👑❤

    30. Jorge Vega

      La sonrisa que se cargaba

    31. A N

      He’s so god that he travels back in time when he’s playing a match

    32. raghu. oracle99

      muito top!!

    33. Gfresh844

      Messi has been incredible this season. PSG away, and Juventus at home aside, where he actually played quite well but missed a couple of good chances. His consistency has been phenomenal, in what is a Barca side that are dependent on him. Meanwhile, Ronaldo, who has literally been terrible for most of the season, yet now he has shown up in a few big games, thanks largely to the service of his teammates rather than individual brilliance, again he looks set to win another Ballon D'or because of it. Not to mention, even if he hadn't of scored in these games but Real won the champions league, you can bet he would be given the award anyway. That's how screwed up football has become. No longer is the Ballon D'or awarded to the best player but essentially who wins the champions league. Still, anyone who understands the game knows Messi is the best player. I just hope Barca next season bring in a world class coach and Verratti, Fabinho and a player who can be backup for MSN.

      1. Y A

        Gfresh844 rip MSN💔

      2. Jag

        Ehab Shanan what used to be messi, suarez, neymar

      3. Ehab Shanan

        Gfresh844 MSN?

      4. Benzyben

        This is the most unneeded comment for the fact that Ronaldo is not in the video

      5. Flare wolf

        Gfresh844 if it was based on goals hell people would call Neymar bad but his skill is amazing he doesn't be awarded best player just because he doesn't score goals


      Such a humble n decent guy he is.. 🙌🏻🙏🏻

    35. Salmerón Ríos Eduardo Jafet

      esto dibuja una lagrima en mi rostro :(

    36. Artur Lima

      Messi o melhor

    37. Kevin Sorto

      Dude got like 7 goals in one day with different kits and hairstyles. Messi really is a god

    38. lover boy

      I am happy that i lived in messi's Time of playing and watched and can tell my future children there was some King of football who was called( Lionel Messi)

      1. خادم القرآن الكريم

        lover boy can you subscribe to my channel 😍💗

      2. 10inchtyler

        lover boy and ronaldo

      3. Sarah Kreitz


      4. surya raina surya

        lover boy

      5. M_F_ S

        lover boy me too

    39. sql techz Pes Techz

      Some critics say he is not the best player coz may be he is from a different planet

    40. Boo!!!

      Thanks for everything, LEO 💙💔🐐

    41. Rosh r

      Great!!What a life to live!!

    42. Alowell South

      Goodbye Legend 💔 😢

    43. Tins K.

      Who else will shed tears of joy when Messi retires? Messi,you will be in our hearts forever💖

      1. Sir Feszeni

        Hes leaving barca and in 2022 will retire

      2. Willy Don

        I can't imagine it...will be so sad .

      3. خادم القرآن الكريم

        Tins K. can you subscribe to my channel 😍💗

      4. ok

        Tins K. Are u a messi hater

      5. Piquénbauer

        Tears of joy? You'll be happy when Messi retires? Surely not!!

    44. HazeXans_

      *Larga vida al rey!*

    45. Rania Aouadi

      Ur so humble and talented like wow Salute to the world's best player

    46. Yavuz Erdogan

      I wish I could see him in real life, juste once.

    47. Łukasz Klimek

      The KING !!! 🔝🏆👑

    48. Rain Dance

      I'm not barca fan but totally 200% messi fan.. the best footballer

      1. خادم القرآن الكريم

        Rain Dance can you subscribe to my channel 😍💗

      2. Arjun Koirala

        Rain Dance mi

    49. LORD

      0:44 lol his face😂

    50. prefer songs

      The GOD,The legend,The GOAT🐐🐐🐐😍

    51. LittleBoyFoxy

      😢😢😢😭😭😭 It’s so sad the GOAT has left Barcelona

    52. Raj DMan

      When Messi goes everyone follows. Simply the best. I would follow him too.

    53. Sujaduddin Fakri

      Simple the best of all time ❤️

    54. فارس الفار

      The greatest of all time messi🔥🐐

    55. Pablo Román Heredia

      A day in Messi's life.That's correct

    56. kahinor kha

      Greatest of all time.

    57. Espaço Cátia Neves

      O melhor do mundo, sem dúvida, é um privilégio pertencer a esta geração e vê-lo jogar.

      1. Jarthel Gomes

        Messi o melhor do mundo sem dúvidas

      2. Fernando Vieira a volta

        Melhor que CR7

      3. e p i p h a n y

        Luan oliveira o melhor

      4. Adit Wiguna

        Ngomong opo sih

      5. Zito Zm

        Catia neves verdade #Messi

    58. श्री क्षेत्र नारायणपूर

      Messi the god of football the best player in the world Love ❤️ you


      How happy was messi back then .... And now he has been through a lot...

    60. Hector Portillo

      Temblaba cuando se venia el clásico wow ya no volverán esos tiempos

    61. Uchiha Sasuke

      Miss you Legend 💔💔💔

    62. Abhishek Jadhav

      Just THE MESSI THING ✨

    63. Ayush Nahata

      Watching in Jan 2021 and sad to see that Messi no longer carries that perpetual smile on his face

    64. M. Hamza Ali

      I love Messi as he is a true living legend

    65. hisam youhana

      0:23 two of the most GOD gifted talent person

    66. ノラscOut

      A Cool,Handsome,Respectful,Awsome,Great,Legendary,Important Guy , Seriously He is The Best in The Football History, #Leo #Messi , 👑👑👑 The King of Football

    67. Shariful A Alam

      MESSI is awesome......respect from BANGLADESH 🇧🇩

    68. Cosmin Pac

      2:03 i love youu Messi !❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    69. Mansur Mansur

      Best player in the world 🌎

    70. Matias Orlando Ortiz Salas


    71. Ibrahim V

      Absolutely the best in history of football LEO MESSI 💗

    72. Miguel Alejandro Perez

      Me encanta la canción del Barcelona , vi la perspectiva de la cámara al salir messi del túnel y woww , un día estaré allí gracias a mi mejor amigo, Amén Diosito

    73. Sahil Karki

      True legend

    74. Emmanuel Joseph

      I got this recommended when he left barça, he swept his eyes 🥺

    75. RoshanRocks Gaming

      What a true legend man messi is he never disappoints any fan

    76. Medo

      Messi Suarez and Neymar 🙁 good times😢

    77. Uzuchiha Obito

      You can named the best passes, dribble shooter and faster player in football history, but if you know MESSI he is the best of all categories

    78. Tender

      Se extraña mucho ese Barcelona


      I will say only word thanks messi for coming in our universe

    80. Bongo Cat

      LOVE IT

    81. pranjal jha

      A theory says that he grows that beard everyday to prove that he is a goat.

    82. Anders Hebekk

      Wow messi really flies a plane a lot during one day. Landing when its light, and lands when its dark and then jumps on the bus again when its light. Unbelievable man!

    83. AnKiT

      Respect 🙌

    84. Ayoub Merabet

      Messi the best

      1. خادم القرآن الكريم

        Ayoub Merabet can you subscribe to my channel 😍💗

      2. Loccco

        Ayoub Merabet ever

      3. MNM

        sami Legesse woat

      4. Jamal Jubeh

        Ayoub Merabet 993rd!

      5. Barhom ii

        +nona iraqia انا 😂😂😂😉☺

    85. Burrito Sexy


    86. Puneet Rohilla

      Damn I so love him ❤️❤️

    87. kevlop

      you could tell messi was really happy when neymar and suarez were just having a good time

    88. - j e l l y -

      I love how Messi keeps on changing from no beard to a beard, no beard to a beard the no beard XD

    89. Alan

      el mejor del mundo, sin ninguna duda

    90. Atta

      Don't go, Legend🐐🐐

    91. Boby Neupane

      His smile is everything 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    92. CP CP

      Don’t watch soccer but he is by far my favourite player along side Beckham just love Leo Messi I always watch his highlights on KZsection so it keeps me up with how his going brilliant player!

    93. The GOAT

      👑 _THE GOAT_ 👑

    94. Tyler Kakimoto

      I will admit that Ronaldo is the best in the world. Messi is from a different planet, and he's the best in the universe

      1. Jooshboi

        Again, with this stupid statement. What does the whole "from another planet" thing mean?! If he is from another planet and supposedly the best, how would we know? He couldn't be the best if no one has witnessed it. The only place to be the best is right here on planet Earth. I guess Ronaldo in your mind is just the best, period.

      2. totallynotme

        Ly Long there are kids here! Don't say "mentally retarded bitches"

      3. totallynotme

        CR7SOCCERBOI !i ikr

      4. totallynotme


      5. Princess Aravia

        @IDontKnow where is your profile pic

    95. Elizabeth Winch

      I love you Messi From Brazil ❤

    96. belinho beli

      Seeing Ronaldo coming just behind Messi when they enter El Clasico... You see two legends that you should appreciate much more. We all will miss that.

    97. Chintu

      Messi The G.O.A.T

    98. shaul sharabi

      4:57 messi forgot he has short hair

      1. riptide


      2. Aman

        lol :D :D

      3. Bd Nd

        Messi is father de Cristiano ronaldo

      4. Shi

        @Clorox Bleach tf 😂😂😂

      5. raghu. oracle99

        Being recommended to me when Messi is about to leave.


      so simple and elegant he is!!!amazing

    100. South side

      Imagine going to the airport one day and u see both Messi and Ronaldo