BARÇA EMOJIS: The squad define Leo Messi

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

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    Leo Messi is 30 this Saturday and to celebrate we present you with a new edition of Barça Emojis. This is a compilation of all the emojis used by his teammates to describe Barça’s number ‘10’. The crown was the most used emoticon. Find out here which one Ter Stegen, Rakitic and Piqué among others used? Which player used fire or a video game controller? Find out by clicking on the video. Don’t miss out!

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    1. FC Barcelona

      More Leo Messi 👉

      1. Josh

        @yadav sunny hol’up

      2. Raul Menendez

        Messi 😔

      3. Abhijit Kamble

        Still you didn't gave him a grand farewell he deserved shame on you @ FC Barcelona

      4. M10 X

        Leo left Barca. Noooooooooooooo!,!!!,!!!

      5. MR.RBG12

        Now he's gone

    2. Tabitha Ayshwarja

      0:29 definition of a true friend! 😂👬🎮

      1. Zarrythings

        @Pes Mobile right!! 👍

      2. AL Ruan

        @Pes Mobile ele jogava no vídeo game quando era pequeno com a camisa do Barcelona controlando o Messi

      3. BuBu

        he’s brazilian so we refer the controller as Crack which means you’re the best at what u do but as said he changes it to king

      4. Holy Roman Empire

        @SHAYGAN 26 yup

      5. Tabitha Ayshwarja

        @SHAYGAN 26 well... i guess true friends always find their ways to be together

    3. MMG-17

      Got the recommendation just after PSG announced him. Sad days

      1. willydeivid


      2. M Ghost

        F money bro ..

      3. Ishan Pekamwar

        Me too

      4. PvPixeL


    4. Anshul jain

      Here everyone is giving him top,king,lit etc Neymar giving him gamer😂

      1. Aaryan716

        At the end he changed it into crown

      2. MSN

        @BD shut up why negative comments he gave him king

      3. BD

        Because Neymar want to be the king

      4. Danial Azhari

        At the end of the video he changed it to 👑😂

      5. Ryan Reynolds

        @sputnik kremlin it means that

    5. Juan RL9

      Looks like Neymar is going to have a second appearance on Barcelona Emojis. 👍🏻👍🏻💯

      1. kosths.the.creator

        this aged horribly

      2. Thisisarandomaccount 07

        Infernus well if u see the video he later on changes it to the king emoji

      3. Saulo Benvenutti

        Vc gosta de um brasileiro Muy obrigado

    6. Sami Tasri

      who’s here after he left 😢😢

      1. Epic aidan Holland

        me 😢

      2. 99% Dark


      3. ❥Angel❥


      4. Neil Hamlin

        Me ;(

      5. Yash Kamat


    7. GAMIT yuvraj

      By seeing how Messi is loved so freaking much by PSG fans, it's clear that the only reason people hate him is, because he doesn't play for them. Nothing else.

    8. Bootleg Pewdiepie

      Everyone: giving Messi the crown and top emoji Neymar: I think not

      1. fayaz

        He meant messi is like a PlayStation

      2. Rodi


      3. Edward


      4. Football Talk

        He is a snake

      5. Pes Mobile

        Guys I think Neymar meant game controller not gamer.

    9. Ieuan Slocombe

      Love how this is getting recommended when he’s just about to leave 😂

      1. TheNothorius Baby

        @Pirru Factos🥵😈

      2. TheNothorius Baby

        1 año no es apunto

      3. محمد

        @Pirru lol...

      4. محمد


      5. Samer Waleed

        I cant believe its ben a yeas

    10. jjoshu_a

      Everyone: Messi must be king, right? Neymar: Are you sure about that?

      1. Amarita Singh

        I completely disagree Neymar is king because messi is god

      2. LuManKrix

        @STORM GAMING Eehh whats the point of watching short clips if you have to watch the whole video to comment? What kind of stupid logic is that lmfao

      3. eko al akbar

        messi is gamer

      4. Danial Azhari

        @MYG Gaming Barca's yt

      5. MYG Gaming

        @STORM GAMING where

    11. Aakash Dahiya

      I am the only one who thought they finally brought Messi but was disappointed later!?

      1. Edward

        @Riley Alexis same

      2. Edward

        @Abdullahi M fr

      3. Edward


      4. Nugget :p

        Nope you aren't 😗😄

      5. Riley Alexis

        I was disappointed also..

    12. kaio lucas

      sdds dessa epoca, quando o barçudo tinha o melhor da historia e não me fazia ter depressão

    13. Rubro Negro •

      Saudades Saudades você Messi 💔💔

    14. Homilia Eucresço

      Messi é rei 👊💪👑👏🔰viva o Barça

    15. Nicolas Buela

      Messi é o melhor de todos os tempos!!! Salve do Brasil ✌👊

      1. Leonardo Scharf

        Messi ou Taison só o tempo pra dizer...

    16. Alan Rodriguez

      When Messi finally does one of these, I guarantee he'll give himself something humble, since that's just the kind of man he is :)

      1. Jaime Robles Marín

        and that saddly never happened...

      2. Mustafain Cheema

        I t9he will give himself f the family one

      3. قناة مشتبى شتوبي ليوميسي

        علو عبودي

    17. M Gutierrez

      They need to do this with Griezmann, De Jong, Neymar, and Neto

    18. Yassin

      It'a crazy how youtube recommanded this to me just after the "messi is going to leave barcelona" news

      1. AliAliAli

        rip hes goingn NOW LOL

      2. AliAliAli

        @Achmad Rizky Firdaus LOL FR

      3. Achmad Rizky Firdaus

        Now he is going fr

      4. Edward


    19. Jean Rafael

      Sou o fã número 1 do Messi, ele é o melhor

    20. Mariam Malkawi

      You deserve it leo❤️👑

    21. Max loves soccer

      Leo, Imparable

    22. Delpiero Henríquez

      Te extrañamos Messi 😭😭😭😭

    23. leomessi

      One and only king 🥵❤️

    24. Susana Cappielo

      El mejor de la historia 👑

    25. Izzy Rose :3

      Everyone on Messi: *Yes. The king.*

    26. v4n

      Its been 3 months, and im already feeling missing, COME BACK PLEASEE LEO

    27. Assam Ibne Sams

      And today the king left his kingdom 🙂💔

      1. Yash Kamat


      2. Anindya Mukherjee

        It's very sad 😭

    28. Siddhartha Gmr

      Now it's time for PSG to make this kinda videos with Leo!👑♥️

    29. Frederico Gomes

      Melhor clube do mundo! Happy birthday, Messi!

    30. pilar alucha

      Tanta gente no se puede equivocar. Messi, el rey

    31. Diogo Silva

      I like how this is getting recommended after Messi signed with PSG

      1. Devroop Saha

        Same KZsection recommended to me the ucl 2015 Barça celebration, Messi's Liverpool goal and now this, within the span of 2 days. Yt algorithm knows what's going on..

    32. Criss_61

      el q mejor lo definió fue ney con el emoji de “🎮”

    33. Balqees Khateeb

      Lionel Messi is always top 🔥❤↗️↗️

    34. Gabe Thomas

      Is Barca just teasing us until Messi does Barca emojis😂 Anyways happy birthday Leo🤴


        never happened sadly



      3. Virginia Lorena Paez


    35. ichaeng

      Es él mejor 💙🇦🇷

    36. Abdulrahman Alalawi

      Absolutely excellent creation

    37. Luis M.

      Soy el único al que le apareció en recomendados después de que Messi se vaya del barca? 😔😔

    38. Pandu Aditya

      The fact that we lost Suarez still hurts me

    39. Mohammed Tanvir

      Happy birthday to the greatest of all time! Leo Messi❤

      1. kkakaka

        @FrickityFrockity.mp4 not kid

      2. Real Madrid Fan

        One1Shot Liverpool fanboys aren’t u just admit it ronaldo is better than salah and will always be

      3. mejor


      4. Nick Pan

        Mohamed. Salah better player

      5. Maja&Bojan Zimonjic

        Mohammed Tanvir Dvhxah

    40. LEO SYRIA

      Força Barça

    41. Gu Teodoro

      Messi é top é rei

    42. S P I K E

      Neymar 😂 savage ❤️

    43. Cristiancris

      Messi Dios del futbol.!!

    44. Rozza 3657

      I came coz I thought messi was doing it

      1. ENDLESS FF

        Ya me too

      2. z_sharon


      3. dead


      4. Khaviness 2524

        Exactly...I came for the same reason 😂😂😂


        @Funny Random Vines lmao

    45. Alan Mathew George

      Seeing this after his departure 😭😭

    46. Anthony Asmar

      For Me, Messi 🐐

    47. Mariana Martins

      BR? Messi e o rei

    48. Hamba_Gobor

      Not only king of barca Messi the king of football✨✨✨✨

    49. KSI

      Happy birthday Messi

      1. mohammed mechennef

        Leo Messi 🇦🇷😘💪💪💪💪

      2. Mr. Bleach

        CerebrumR is to bl L

      3. Tamim

        Kristi Dautaj hi

      4. Lik

        Kristi Dautaj happy birth day


        Лидия Анисимова wrf

    50. Alex08

      Messi stays ❤️

    51. crazzy tente A sorte fi

      👑Lionel Messi 😎✌💪

    52. Elias Pro

      Me recomiendan esto cuando Messi ya no está en el barça xD

      1. MrJapiro 04

        Mal xdddd

    53. Amal Muraleedharan

      Messi... The boss

    54. 25vv4 _

      Happy birthday to the best player in the world ❤️ #MESSI30

      1. asakhe kwinana

        Deal With it 5 - 1 😂

      2. NJR - Neymar

        +Sebastian Morales Messi 5 Ballon d'ors, 30 years old. Penaldo 4 Ballon d'ors, 32 years old. Ballon d'or (individual award), CL (Team trophy) that's the difference.

      3. Issa MikE

        NJR - Neymar you still gay tho

      4. NJR - Neymar

        +zLoRd CrUeL 47TM gaymer or gaymar? Lmao stick to anime kid

      5. Issa MikE

        NJR - Neymar says gaymer


      Messi is king 😍😍😍 barcelona.he equalized against psg with long shot really he is the king .also all the players played well thanks to them also .

    56. ennti


    57. Younes Sanad

      The perfect emoji ♾️

    58. John Henrique Santiago

      The king of soccer.

    59. Mehdi Jalilov

      Messi the king of Legends

    60. ismail Falah

      El Rey♥️💙

    61. Leilany Anime

      I Love Messi ❤❤❤ Te Amo Messi ❤❤❤

      1. AL Ruan

        Eu também

    62. Sahil Karki

      Leo the GOAT bow down to the king

    63. 『 Fisal ⁸⁸ 』 ✨.🧤

      Messi the king😘😘


      No way im the only one came here after messi went to psg...😭😭

    65. Kłębuszek

      I miss that game 💔

    66. Anna Horan

      awwwww this is soooo cuteeee!!!!! 💙❤️

    67. Yera Jr.


    68. علي البرشلوني

      ♥♡ Messi ♡♥

    69. Caspar Fog


    70. Tech World

      Now messi is in PSG 😂

    71. Gilmara

      bem viendo messi 🇫🇷⚽️

    72. CR7 BACK HOME!!!!👹

      Messi, we miss you

    73. LAINV

      The GOAT

    74. Hyper_Reality

      Who’s here after Messi left Barca 😭

      1. really gaming

        I am 😥😥😢

    75. FF akb

      Leo... ❤️❤️

    76. ربوينيممس ويوسوس

      2021 💔💔 we miss messi

    77. Ale Rrt

      neymar, nostalgia :(

      1. hai perso tempo

        Messi too

      2. IamLeo

        messi nostalgia ;(

      3. Adarsh Mishra

        Messi too 😭

    78. ƠMƛƦ

      messi ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    79. lol lol

      Messi the king

      1. Sourit Banerjee

        Sineth Fonseka after Messi,Neymar comes ...agreed

      2. Sineth

        Zindine Mermouri he’s better than you, and he is currently the king in PSG and Brazil, and Messi’s dribbling is better, but Neymar currently has the best skills, and Messi is not in the top 10 for skills, and for dribbling he is the best dribbler but Neymar is the 2nd best, Neymar is a king, you are just so jealous he is way better than you. And also if you remember the 2014 World Cup, Brazil lost 7-1 against Germany without Neymar, but then it was the 2016 rio olympics and it was Brazil vs Germany, and this time they had Neymar, it was tied 1-1 and Neymar scored the goal for Brazil, so then it was penalty shootouts, and Neymar got the winning goal and got Brazil’s first gold medal, and also another for the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers, Brazil lost 1-0 against Argentina, but then with Neymar, they won 3-0, Neymar scored a goal, and assisted one. Neymar is a king, I’m not saying Messi is not a king, but I am just saying Neymar is a King.

      3. Zindine Mermouri

        No.are u serious Neymar a king😂😂

      4. 750 subscribers without any videos

        Fillipe Silvestre Haha no

      5. Brasil Human

        lol lol No, Neymar the king

    80. lujay

      Messi the true king 👑

    81. rafael feitosa

      Gosto muito desse canal

    82. BOŠTJAN 2️⃣0️⃣

      REY MESSI 🙌👏🤩🇦🇷⚽👑

    83. Gaara kage


    84. Alberto Petrulea

      Messi is the best and...¡HAPPY BIRTHDAY MESSI THE KING!

      1. ibrahim yasin

        *Alberto Petrulea do you even know football*

      2. Khaled Ali


    85. Precup David

      Great. This getting recommended now when he is at PSG.

    86. Kai

      You see that Neymar is one of Messis best Friends 😅

    87. Remo _xl

      This shows Neymar is the close friend of Messi the others are his respected teammates

    88. Anzil Akmal

      Happy birthday messi👍🏼 love you :)

    89. Lirind Hashani

      We all want Messi do it 🔴😉

    90. Mr Mehdi

      I would of let it empty ☺ Or asked for an emoji with him or his face on it . That is the only way to describe him . Just say : < he is "MESSI" >

    91. نالی naliy

      🦁The lion_the king👑

    92. Samrail Tanyrverdiyev

      THE BEST ⚽🏆👑

    93. ScorpJR

      Todos poniendo rey , trofeo ,fuego ,emojis referentes a el Also neymar: un mando Xd

    94. Klea Kodra

      There must be a GOD emoji to describe Messi.... There is no other for him

    95. Fatir ridho Arliansyah

      messi you are the best player that I enjoy, hopefully you can bring famous barcelona and become a champion

    96. Fatir ridho Arliansyah

      messi you are the best player that I enjoy, hopefully you can bring famous barcelona and become a champion

    97. Gomez RG

      ¡¡Leo!! 🤘

    98. Lemur Zin

      Vamos barca ❤❤❤

    99. Achràf El

      Simply ! The king ❤️

    100. tn t

      Leo I will always miss you