BARÇA EMOJIS: Umtiti & Dembélé

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

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    Samuel Umtiti and Ousmane Dembélé are this week’s players taking part in the Barça Emojis game! See the two blaugrana Frenchmen as they attempt to define each on of their teammates with a different emoticon! What will they assign to Leo Messi? And the captain, Andrés Iniesta? What about their compatriot, Lucas Digne? On top of all that, Umtiti must choose one for Dembélé-and vice versa! Don’t miss this hilarious video!
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    1. FC Barcelona


      1. Nipepope David22


      2. Nipepope David22

        8-2 FC BARCELONA 😂

      3. rastaman rastaman

        Nowadays, the supporters of Barcelona are intending to protect Ousmane Dembele and Antoine Griezemann with an excuse that Ousmane and Antoine are immature. Ousmane Dembele is 24 years old. Antoine Griezemann is 30 years old. Such 24-30 years old person is probably regarded as a child in France or Spain. Ousmane and Antoine are probably wearing a diaper for baby. But they should put a diaper not on lower part of their bodies but on their heads. Because Baby Ousmane and Baby Antoine like to throw up shit from their mouths.

      4. الثعبان الهلالي ツ


      5. Leandro Lima

        We need defenders 🙁🙁🙁

    2. S

      Give Dembele more playtime ffs. He's our future

      1. Fernando Marruenda Prieto

        @S f

      2. Fernando Marruenda Prieto

        @FaranelHD nobody listened to you

      3. Enzo Sandoval


      4. Callme_. Soo

        this didnt age well

      5. ちゃこのぶ

        Griezmann Dembele ←Titanic OK?

    3. Kena

      1:23 Now we know why Umtiti chose this one lmao

      1. adorbsxariq 🇵🇸

        Ge started to always play in matches he is the fastest player of the whole team

      2. HeadShoot !!


      3. kkjoide


      4. forget it

        @Pablo López as a big player and world champions he's very embarrassing

      5. Pablo López

        @dani lazaro Every training? He missed 2 trainings only 😂

    4. The Heel

      Dembélé brings great attack to barca

      1. Łukasz Przygodzki

        This aged well lmao

      2. mohammed aslam

        Seeing this comment 3 years later 🤣🤣🤣

      3. mohammed aslam

        Watching this comment 3 years later 🤣🤣🤣

      4. dkfjb Lilahd

        Say that again

      5. Dheeraj Rao


    5. rg13dht0xsl

      It’s nice to see the new faces in the team, we aren’t used to seeing Coutinho, Dembele, Paulinho & Yerry Mina in Barca Emoji’s 💙❤️

    6. Lidor Asulin

      Who wants that messi will do one of those

      1. rxyn

        Messi with greizman

      2. Leo Ronaldo Baumann


      3. mos o


      4. That1Hoe


      5. Rainbow Muffin

        Messi with coutinho

    7. Dimitri Gordillo

      Ousmane the sleeping emoji. 😂 I think he’s been awake. It’s just he hasn’t received a lot of playing time.🤷🏻‍♂️

    8. DR34

      Dembélé needs more playing time, and barça needs to give umtiti the money he wants because he is a great center back.

      1. Fernando Marruenda Prieto


      2. Martin Braithwaite


    9. The Heel


      1. MD Shajahan

        You are 💩💩💩💩


        THE HEEL someone say you are shit

    10. AJ

      1:11 killed me 😂😂

    11. Willian Guimaraes

      Saudades Desse Quadro

    12. Bemenete

      1:25 "je dors moi" oui oui 😂😂

    13. Emmanuele Villa

      1:21 Big Sam predijo que Dembele llegaría tarde a los entrenamientos 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    14. COSMIC_DarkLord

      Very good! Dembele + Countinho welcome to Barca! Hope you do well in the next couple of matches 😉 😉 👍🏻 👌🏻

    15. Yorneo &

      More playtime for Demebele!!! Please!!!!!

    16. Seyfof

      Me encanta esta dupla😂

    17. plazma CHAZER

      2:19 "Digne likes to stick out his tongue in photos". "Yes!, with his wife" 😂😂😂😂😂

    18. Melvin Gutierrez

      It’s about time this series will get an update, hope see more #ForçaBarça #VisçaBarça 🔵🔴

    19. Yūgi Mutō

      Ver este video y pensar que ya no contamos con paulinho , iniesta , alcacer me parte el corazón

    20. Mehdi KRICHEN

      lmao umtiti knew from the beginning that dembele loves sleeping 😂

    21. Neuro Philosophers

      Dembele says no I don’t sleep then he sleeps through practice hahaha. I’m glad Dembele is playing more, I wish Umtiti was playing as well

    22. Noah K

      Give Dembele more play time, his is full of happiness. He can mean alot for Barça. Just give him bit more time and he can prove that he is worth 100 million.

    23. songa daniel

      Nice to see Umtiti smile 😃

    24. Abhinav Garg

      Best part is seeing this after dembele being late and stuff and laughing at him say what do you mean I sleep

    25. Leonel Adrián

      Jajaja umtiti sabía que dembele se quedaba dormido y no aviso antes 😂

    26. Pork ribs

      Back when Umtiti was actually good!

    27. Sjdhxh Sjeue

      El bailecito de Dembélé😂😂😂

    28. S

      To us, attack is the best form of defense. Give Dembele more play time and stop playing boring, conservative football. And learn to rest players ffs.

      1. Lá Pepita

        Sign up on my channel there glr, leave it like and share. Help me please to realize my dream

      2. Fernando Pena

        mejor es dembele

      3. salima_


      4. salima_

        Lllllllllmll phonon kkk l'on za Dickson JC kWh nvk non j'ai jchkckckvnkc nb c'v'lblbvkk

      5. Aditya Ramesh

        LM "to us" you've been watching football for like 2 or 3 seasons mate. Pipe down

    29. K.A Klub

      Dembele should get the lightning bolt emoji

      1. Savia Tor

        No jordi alba he's faster

    30. Erick Tipan

      🎇 Congratulations Dembele and Umtiti are world champions with France Thank you for belonging to Barça. Successes still have a generation onwards🏆🎆

    31. SEBAS

      *Que grande Umtiti el mejor jugador del Barcelona 😎👍*

    32. sessão ipod

      Messi é o rei 👑👑

    33. Alexis Ezequiel Barrera

      Una de las mejores Series!! Visca barca

    34. Gustavo Silva

      Faz com Coutinho e Paulinho

    35. José Roberto

      Era pra ter colocado o ⚡no Alba pq ele é o mais rápido..

    36. Aeria Cross

      Messi is like his actual football skills. The others are just disses. Haha 😂

    37. Daniela Rodriguez

      "Me es difícil sonreír" ahora todo tiene sentido. XDXDXD

    38. Jose Ramirez

      Por fin vuelven los barça emoji 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    39. Bobinator 09

      Dembele got the sleeping its true he is waking up when training is over😂

    40. YellAir

      I love these two. Je les aimes beaucoup!

    41. Matías:/

      Hagan que leo defina a sus compañeros 💙💙

    42. KM RA

      😂😂 ils sont excellent

    43. Juliano

      Give Ousmane more playtime! This guy is a beast. #ValverdeOut

    44. Amine Mojito

      When Dembele was enter in the game against roma, he brought more intensity, more than Suarez or Messi...

    45. Jenny ELF

      Coutinho next please 😍😍

      1. John Blessed

        David 10 but I think they are waiting a little, Coutinho is still getting to know all of his team mates, but eventually I am sure he will be in one of these videos... Coutinho & Paulinho 😃

      2. David Ramirez

        John Blessed yes, couthino and paulinho ☺

      3. John Blessed

        Jenny ELF Coutinho with Paulinho 😃

      4. John Blessed

        Jenny ELF yes, yes, yes 😃

    46. Hamed Aldahmi

      Messi always the king

    47. PrivateJet

      Dembele is one of the bests players in the world! I really support him but valv dont belive in his talent.

    48. Nymah X

      1:23 dem: liar No no no no, he ain’t lying boiii, you come late everyday 🤣🤣🤣

    49. Carolina Orozco

      Dembele dancing haha is cute

    50. Lionel Messigician

      How happy they are!!☺

    51. Luigi 11 YT

      1:25 umtiti tubo vision de lo que pasaria unos meses despues lol

      1. M A T I A S

        Xd jajaja

    52. DLS SOCCER2020

      Give Dembele more game time. WE DONT NEED GRIEZMANN

    53. Red

      All we are missing now is. Messi. Iniesta. Busquets. Vermaelen. Paulinho. Coutinho. Yerry mina. Make it happen pleasr

      1. Mojix

        Red yeah

    54. Danwanth Yogesh

      Mina and the emoji he got has almost no difference

    55. ILI Ytb

      Mdrr j'adore😂❤

    56. Raiden_ 166

      Este seria el perfecto para Griezmann 7 🤘

    57. Johnny uwu

      Dembele nunca sonríe creo que es la primera vez que lo veo así :v

    58. It's Knowledge

      Let dembele have more playtime FFS !!!

      1. Imene Ait


      2. Edgar Benitez

        Agreed he was worth 150 million but he is wasted on the bench and also Valverde has not rotated enough this season most of our key player are very tired

    59. Noah Ap

      I love this💙❤️😂😂

    60. Ben Guti

      Love this kid, Dembele is the future.

    61. Juan Lazarte

      Woulda been so funny If Umtiti chose🚑 for Dembele hahahahha

    62. Szymon Bartyzel

      Zapewnię wielu z was kojarzy filmiki BARÇA EMOJIS . Tu odcinek z Umtitim i Dembélé :)

    63. Otti Muss On

      I Love them so much ☝️🖤

    64. Mohammad Yousif

      dembele is like the kawhii leonard of football

    65. RoWo _

      Nos 2, champions !


      Thank you Barcelona channel for your continued coverage We Arabs love you a lot

    67. theEchannel

      The vermaelen one was on point...he is never there 👍👍

    68. Maï Dème

      Samuel umtiti il rigole tout le temps. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    69. Gayatri Lavanya

      Literally everyone gives Suarez the burger emoji😂😂😂

    70. Andaluza_culé86

      jajajajajaj me encanta el final jajajajaj qué grandes jajajajaja

    71. Danilo Souza

      Ousmane Dembele✌✌👍👍😂👏

      1. Anahi Gonzalez

        Engolo Kante maestro kimpempe k

      2. Anahi Gonzalez

        Chupapi muñaño

      3. MERT Çınar

        Ayn baba türkiyeeeee ml

    72. Lucas

      Please give Dembele and Denis Suarez more time to play, we need to give them time to learn and get better. We are known for our great young players, don't destroy the future

    73. Socrates

      dembele needs more minutes to play, if he played in the beginning of the 2nd half against roma then barca could have qualified but we have a genius manager called ernesto valverde

    74. RK

      I'm a united fan and this was actually fun to watch .

    75. josé andre Davila

      Jajajaja Dembele Junto a Umtiti Se ven Más comodos

    76. Maximiliano Frias

      Clave dembele diciendo que no duerme

    77. abdelhamid bouras

      Paulinho a été un milieu de terrain 💪💪mais maintenant Vidal est mieux 💪💪💪

    78. Mookie


    79. Saphal Baral

      Good to know that Dembele understands Spanish.

    80. Silas Walgenbach

      Love this content !

    81. nelson velasqueZ

      They all put the burger for Suarez 😂

    82. kanguro2012

      Este video me alegro mucho casi se me olvida que nos descalificó la roma 🙃

    83. Elias Afshar

      Andre Gomez deserves the King 👑 emoji

    84. Szymon Bartyzel

      Po długiej przerwie znowu oficjalny kanał FCB dodał filmik "BarcaEmojis"-

    85. Jolly jolly

      Come on Dembele! We wish your goal!

    86. OpTic MeRcY

      Dembele is our future , the kid Talent . Give him more playing time .... He has Amazing potential

    87. blanco NOCKIM

      man I just realize that no one laughing when they put on Iniesta or Messi

    88. Saroz Rai

      Messi king 👑

      1. Marijana Luetić

        stanislau ivanou haha shut up child

      2. Muhammad Rizky N.H


      3. Da Boss Himself

        this year ,exepet a few goals in the champions league, ronaldo did nothing this year meesi is the most player who scores from free kicks. besides for the past 2 years barca had a lot of problems witch hopefully are going to be fixed next year. but the impressive thing about ronaldo who is younger than inesta by only 1 year is his strenuous.

      4. Manish Ghimire

        Kritik Rawal .. Nepal Nepal 🙋

      5. Kritik Rawal

        सहि हो

    89. Brandon

      Give Dembele more play time! He's our best winger by far. Stop playing the stagnant 442, and #ValverdeOut.

    90. FaranelHD

      Do it with Messi and Coutinho !

    91. Mustafinho

      Remember when Arda Turan always got the smartphone.

      1. Liticia S

        Mustafinho yeah now he’d get the gun

    92. G Dan

      Fichen a mbappe junto messi, dembelé y Suárez tendríamos una delantera para años

    93. Mnnn

      Umtiti predijo el futuro de dembele :v

    94. Dzika Kuna W Agreście

      Umtiti stay!!!!!

      1. dexxz


      2. gilad Peled

        @jaylen ferrell who in thier right mind will move from barca to man u

      3. Aida Rustempasic


      4. oj

        Y'all need to relax. It's okay smalling is good

      5. Arkin Fra

        jaylen ferrell Good luck with your shitty team and finding another defender 😂

    95. ghita alin stefan

      Felicidades ⚽⚽👍✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

    96. Sara Roćenović

      good old days...💔

    97. mike gg

      I love Barca 🔵🔴 ❤

    98. another person

      Digne's emoji😂😂

    99. Ayşenur Kılıç

      Messi King !!👑❤️😘😍

    100. Kolya Volkov

      2:02 For them Paco is neutral not bad 😂😂😂😂😂