Can Messi score a penalty kick blindfolded?

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

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    Spain's blind 5-a-side football team take on the FC Barcelona stars. More Info:

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    1. FC Barcelona


      1. Shrek


      2. MNC-78

        900th like

      3. Y.N.T

        Un título muy llamativo

      4. Water

        @JSG if he didn't have a life how is he talking

      5. Khalid aljundi

        I am coming after messi signed for PSG

    2. Joshua

      Back in the day Messi was happy with our club

      1. LEKIN X10

        @Taha Ahmad no 👋

      2. Mohammed sudais

        Finish club

      3. Z

        now hes not even in the club lol tooo bad

      4. WackyWesley

        Back in the day Messi was still at your club

      5. tauthegreatclips

        now he gone :(

    3. Robi

      Next video: *"Can Messi score a penalty kick without legs?"*

      1. Tirth Arora


      2. E Chatzidamos


      3. El Bromas


      4. Pollo_17

        Messi: * proceeds to release his 3rd leg to kick the penalty * I really expect that ya'll know what I am talking about...

      5. mateusz stepniewski

        Somehow the answer will still be yes

    4. Chester Lester

      0:12 it’s so weird seeing Messi lose control of the ball and look like a beginner 🤣

      1. Luis Gomez

        @StinkFest stop with the r/woooosh, that's shit old

      2. StinkFest

        @daddy pig lol chill kid

      3. StinkFest

        @10C 14 DEBARGHO GHOSH r/woooosh

      4. daddy pig

        @10C 14 DEBARGHO GHOSH did anyone ask you

    5. Imperio Español-Jolodano

      Fue impactante cuando vi que esto no lo hacian por simple diversión si no por pura comprensión. Muy bien barça

    6. Valen Roldan

      Que grande Messi y los demás jugadores del barca, pura humildad👏

    7. Eren Anónima

      Ojalá algún día volver a ver a Messi en el Camp Nou como compañero y no como rival...

    8. Hail To The King

      Um exemplo dentro e fora de campo 🐐🐐🐐

    9. Barça for Life ¤

      Mais quem um clube!! Força Barçaaaa 💙❤💙❤😍

    10. Golkidox x

      The sad thing is,they don't know how even messi looks like 😥

      1. huh

        @Golkidox x because the sentence was insanely confusing

      2. Rhetro Jose

        Bro wtf just reading this gave me cancer

      3. Viper

        what the fuck did you write

      4. Big man

        @Golkidox x you are speaking like a 3 year old what

      5. Justin Bieber

        Some of them, nope. But blind people are not always born blind.

    11. LOBE Patrick

      Más que un deporte, es el fútbol que une la gente !

    12. Miljaim Redzepi

      Why did i get this in the recommended after Messi missed the penalty against PSG😳

      1. Firas

        @Thinking Out Loud now he leaves barca

      2. Neet for need

        Now he joins psg, and fcb recommends

      3. Thinking Out Loud

        Messi won Copa America

      4. Syed Anas

        They just wanted to show how even blind footballers are better than Messi in scoring penalties..

      5. Jais Varghese Joseph

        Bcos he didn't have a

    13. Firegamer 617

      Who's here after Messi's sixth Ballon d'or

      1. Thor Odinson

        Here after 7

      2. ༒Ares༒

        7 ballon

      3. fox usxn

        @Joselino stop lying. He scored few times on like 30 chances. Where’s your goddess messi in biggest games?

      4. Joselino

        @fox usxn Ronaldo only scored 1 free kick goal out of over 70 chances he got while in Juventus ahahahha and that is the BEST PLAYER, sure mate

      5. Poseidon

        @TheOtherKahdas I'm here when Barcelona beat Real Sociedad 6-1, ever since the second leg of PSG game barca have been on fire

    14. S7D

      "This is being recommended after Messi Scored 5 penalties in a row with 0 open goals this season"

      1. Sooraj cnair

        Umm . Say it again 🤣

      2. shivam tiwari

        @S7D now messi have won copa America 😭❤❤

      3. S7D

        @Shaurya Singh He is the top scorer But that's the only thing now he does..only score goals he does nothing else on the pitch and that's a fact🙂If u watch his matches We can see He doesn't do aby dribbling or he doesn't even win 1v1 with his useless skills..He used to play very good even with the Portugal squad but now he sucks there toi

      4. Poseidon

        @S7D Why aren't u replying to him huh? Lost for words? Bwahahaha

      5. Shaurya Singh

        he is the top scorer now learn some empathy comment this when ur circlejerking on cr7 vids

    15. ● It Pennywise

      Sempre será mais que futebol ❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Mateo

        Messi un crack

    16. Willy Adrián. Alcaráz Bustamante.

      Mis respetos para Sergio Busquets que pudo meter el penal directo. 👏

      1. Phinesso

        @ToblaxJaja Rebota en el arquero

      2. ToblaxJaja

        Messi pudo xd

    17. Hail to the King

      *More than a club* Força Barça 💙❤💙❤

    18. MatteTerre 50

      One time in my football team we played with blind people and we were blindfolded. it was amazing they were so good playing by only earing the ball

    19. Noel

      Respect for this team, stay strong and follow youre dreams 🙏🙏🙏


      Why did this one come after he miss the penalty with psg 😭

      1. SHINIGAMI

        @Insight 123 true man

      2. Insight 123

        If he scored it, i swear that could've been a comeback

      3. -_

        It's been 7 months since the transfer..feel old yet ?

      4. xplicit

        @Gris buen bait jjakajas

      5. SHINIGAMI

        @Josue Zambrano Still I can't believe that

    21. Acosta Ignacio

      Messi en el barca, Que lindos fueron esos tiempos

    22. Nicolas Oliveros

      Chao Messi, ojalá puedas volver, siempre serás una leyenda en el barca

    23. Marisan Aguilar

      Amo esse clube 😍😍😍😍

      1. Carlos m

        Y la paliza que les dieron no la amas xD


      Lionel Messi you make our childhood unconditionallay happy,proud to born in his era..❤️🤗

    25. S710

      Messi is so humble ❤

    26. Alexis

      Back in the days when you could see a smile on Messi's face 😔

    27. Gabriel Ařce

      😭😭 es hermoso este deporte

    28. Augusto Zilli

      El vídeo fue hace 4 años, pero sigue siendo hermoso

    29. Ahmed Wajdy

      Messi is like me while Iwas young in the football clothes. The short meets the socks

    30. Luis Enrique Gonzalez Antonio

      Messi es el mejor, que lastima que no lo supieron aprovechar

    31. Juan Antonio Herrera

      Puede Messi ser decisivo en un partido de vuelta de cuartos o semifinales? Eso ya parece imposible.

    32. AGUSTIN_71

      Obvio que puede es el GOAT 🐐🇦🇷👑

    33. João Victor Lima

      O pai faz gol até de olho fechado, respeita o homi

    34. Bryan HM

      Descanse en paz Messi 💙❤️✝️

      1. Bryan HM

        @Maximo Asteazaran Lo digo por su salida del club tío

      2. Maximo Asteazaran

        Suena horrible que digas eso.

    35. Prath Andres

      Beautiful how anyone can play football💗

      1. Someone

        except people without legs

      2. TSM Lee Sín

        Except women

      3. Azull


      4. Royalgostbustr

        KEEK MEEK tf is barsonola

      5. Royalgostbustr

        KEEK MEEK if you loved Barcelona you would know how to spell “Barcelona”

    36. muddy medal

      I really love Messi ❤️

    37. THRAP

      Sou fan desse genio amo esse cara meu sonho conheçe ele muitos gosta maos do CR7 aq no brazil mais amo o messi the best Esse sim e o cara

    38. Oscar Albentosa

      Cuando Messi era feliz y pocos lo sabían...

    39. derp smith

      Puede anotar con los ojos cerrados 👌 Pero no puede pasar a una final de champions 😭👌👌

    40. Ranbir zutshi

      Messi when he was in his prime 🤩🤩

    41. MRB_

      Que equipazo en ese entonces

    42. Culers Live

      The last time when messi was happy 🔵🔴

    43. Fut raiz

      Elenco do Barcelona tem cada um desafio um mais legal que o outro

    44. Forever Final

      Messi did score at Pause it at 0:30

      1. NerdyWins

        @6 times well those players couldnt see it go over the line

      2. Z4chV4n4kk

        @Invic Phoenix captain obvious

      3. Edward


      4. Sir x Dahir

        Well no shit

      5. Wheel

        Nope it was at 0:29 extra fun

    45. Maria Eugenia Espinosa Molina

      Si ni Messi puede con ojos abiertos, menos cerrados :v

    46. Arthur Vinicius

      Parabéns Barcelona

    47. El maldito Brayan

      No importa cuantas veces nos sorprendas con sus trucos o rompa records jugando con su selecion siempre sera su perdicion

    48. Abduljalal

      Then when messi was still a barça player :(

    49. Yann Ouedraogo

      Throwback when Messi was happy in Barcelona💔✨

    50. Germán Rodríguez

      Todos los aficionados del Barcelona después de que la era Messi se terminó escuchando "Tell me why im waiting"

    51. Lolo

      Ni con los ojos abiertos mete el penal jajaja Pd:Soy argentino y me gusta como juega Messi pero en los penales es normal


      He can play even full match blindfolded 😎😎😎

    53. SKRINDO YT

      0:27 👏👏👏👏 ese portero es un grande

    54. Vikas Bhardwaj

      Back in the day Messi was in our club

    55. Bijoy Hossain

      He is a human, he is not an alien. I sometimes think of someone telling him to kick a ball without his legs 😂😂

    56. Emiliano Delgado

      y quien diria que hoy en dia messi juega en el psg

    57. GermánFloo

      Messi can kick even without legs

    58. Santiago Quintero Caicedo

      Puede Messi estar en el Barcelona? XD

    59. Rahmath kakkot kallery

      Messi be like: "I can penalties ...But am I gonna?"

    60. Lovedge

      ¿Puede Messi quedarse en el Barça?

    61. francisco tovar navarro

      Pero que grande eres Messi.

    62. Suranjan Das

      Being blindfold or not ..therefore it is not going to make any diffrence,there will be a change in the score board... MESSI IS A KING AND FOOTBALL IS HIS KINGDOM!

    63. Román Grum

      Impresionante que sea más eficaz con los ojos cubiertos que cuando puede ver al arco. Debería patearlos así de ahora en adelante.

    64. Shubhangi Patil

      Messi is god of football he can do anything he is my inspiration if I'll get chance to meet him it will be the golden time in my life

    65. tik tok messi_thegoat123

      I miss the old days😢🏅🥇⚽

    66. •Hail To The King•

      The true GOAT 🐐

    67. Unknown Vibes

      I miss those days 😭💔

    68. AFFELITO

      I litterly cried when I saw this😢🙏💗

    69. Ahmad Matter

      We miss our old Barça team 🔴🔵😢

      1. Algérian Football


    70. Saurav Pokharel

      Don't torture the poor man😔 He has had enough trouble even without blinds

    71. Richard Figueroa

      La preguntan es, puede el mejor futbolista de la historia marcar un penalti con los ojos tapados?

    72. el slayed

      Si no puede ni con los ojos abiertos xd Oknoo sos un crack Leooo te mando salidos y exitos vamos a por mas crack!!

    73. Nestor Mejia

      Messi es el mejor... que recuerdos cuando jugaba Ronaldinho con Messi es otro jugador que estará en la historia Ronaldinho

    74. Daniel Santa María YT

      yo: claro que messi puede marcar con los ojos vendados yo en el segundo 0:11 : ah no no puede xd

    75. ’

      Of course he can he's the 🐐

    76. bomn jr

      Grande messi ay con el futbol para gente con problemas de vista que grandes chicos jugais muy bien todos

    77. Mohammed Ashwal x

      Messi is good ❤️

    78. Chriss joel

      😢😢😢😢😢 I miss messi smile Back in the day he was happy with our club

    79. Araújo

      No puede ni sin taparse los ojos 🥶

    80. Gaby

      Hasta con los ojos cerrados, Messi juega mejor que yo

    81. Eduar Ordoñez

      Grande, Messi.

    82. yonis santos

      Dios bendiga al Barcelona por las grandes cosas que hacen👍❤💙

    83. Yordan Christopher

      This is recommended after messi scored all his penalties (5) and finally get his open play goal against Betis

      1. Edward


      2. Zxzx Zxzx


    84. h3

      Good job youtube for recommending me this now after he missed a pen against psg 😔

      1. Thinking Out Loud

        Messi won Copa America

    85. Usha Deka

      Yeah , Messi missed penalty against PSG। And now I got this recommend

      1. Szymon Cie


      2. Filmguys gr


      3. Mr Cheto :v

        Frionel messi


      Messi can do all....

    87. AxelAnimation

      This popped In my recommended when messi scored his first goal for psg

    88. Al കേളപ്പൻ

      It was a happiest days of his career with barcelona, but now he is going through a dark cave alone and missing his smiles....... :( Love you messi ❤️❤️ Love you MSN ❤️❤️

    89. Marcos Caceres

      Nadie absolutamente nadie Messi golazo

    90. Carlos Soto

      I think he has a hard enough time without the blind fold

    91. Detroit Vs everybody

      He can barley score with 10/10 vision 😂😂

    92. Grienese

      Back in the day when Messi played at barca 😞

    93. Santiago Romero

      Messi hasta sin ver es un Dios 😎

    94. A Lipsanopoulos

      The person sitting next to Messi was like OH MY GOD in his head

    95. Goten, Son of Goku

      Without Blind fold he misses 👍

    96. XON IT4CHI

      Scores blindfolded but misses oped eyed penalty 😂

    97. Patx

      no puede con los ojos abiertos en una final, menos con los ojos tapados

    98. Coco

      Messi can also without legs


      This is so amazing ❤️

    100. Isma ZM

      Lo difícil sería tapar un penal con los ojos cerrados