🐶 Can TRINCÃO match the BARÇA PLAYERS with their dogs?! ❓

FC Barcelona

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    Barça's new signing Trincão took part in the hilarious 'Guess the owner' challenge during his 'Welcome Trincão' show! Check out how many dogs he could match with their owners from the Barça squad!
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    1. FC Barcelona

      DID YOU CATCH Clément Lenglet's #90secondschallenge ?? Don't miss out! 👉 kzsection.info/green/bejne/k3-kkI6qdXiNo2g.html

      1. Asal messi


      2. Anzonini Delpuerto


      3. Mero desh Nepal

        Congrats barca family,for reaching milestone of 10 millions subscribers...

      4. P S

        @Kevin Zaka are you literally mad why you want vidal

      5. gonzalo rodriguez alonso


    2. VirakRaingsey Ek

      I feel butterfliessssssss every time he speaks, oh gosh that childish Trincão ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    3. Gabriel Xanco Garcia

      Like si vienes por Mister Seitan xd

    4. Angel Rodríguez

      Muy bien echo shaggy

    5. muhammad hashmi

      Good news bartomeu is out

    6. Joel Martinez

      Tiene cara de Tik Toker jajaj

    7. Tavo Zavala

      Stupid recommendation of videos.. Barca is turning into a ridiculous brand.

    8. Martin Borghesi

      He found Hulk instantly

    9. Aman VS

      The world knows about the Messi's dog.🔥🔥

    10. YOU99EF

      فيسكا بارسا

    11. T0p1tO mC

      Tiene voz de chaval de 11 el tio JAJAJAAJAJJAJA

    12. Fabián Sánchez

      My man doesn't know where the Netherlands is

    13. 10 Hanokh Chacko 10-C

      messi's dog is very famous😂😂

    14. PORTI08

      Mientras el Barça adivina de quien es el perro, el bayern prepara la vaselina

    15. Abir Basu

      Good kid he seems very good human being and down to earth.. ❤💛💙 hope he plays well on the field 💪

    16. alam maratta

      Espero que la rompas trincao vamos tú puedes.

    17. nu al

      How fucking cute he is 😍

    18. Osler


    19. JJ Ryan

      1:30 woof

    20. Lanre Aiyeola

      Trincao looks very cute *no homo*


      Da vergüenza q los videos del Barcelona lo hagan en inglés

    22. Cristian Miguel

      Soy el unico que piensa que Trincao se parece a Andrew Garfield 🤔

    23. rodr1mor4

      Germany isn't North Europe

    24. Boixos Nois

      So cute. Trincão is funny

    25. byibraworld

      alto gallo 3:33

    26. Animals And Relaxing Sounds

      *Pensé que pondrían a Sergio Ramos como el perro de Messi 😞*

    27. Abraham

      Que grande Juan Arroita

    28. Elisha Syiemiong

      Messi dog's name is cristiano

    29. erion lejthize

      Barka dogs

    30. LM10 Vamos

      But the biggest and heaviest dog is Bartomeu 😊

    31. Hashisk A.

      On this episode of "let's distract the fans so that they forget about the piece of shit Bartomeu scandal"

    32. hicham dali

      عرب برشلونة

    33. yudhistira geraldino

      There is no way anyone can make this game interesting

    34. sadanda Asem

      Barca study about dogs .Lovely

    35. Pedro Henrique

      ae trincao

    36. Saad Bin Ali

      He’s nervous

    37. Harold Diaz

      He seems to be such a nice guy

    38. love michael

      Trincao’s a soft speaker

    39. John Watson

      His english is quite good

    40. MrEminencio

      2:45 Leo Messis fan detected

    41. Mounis Mountaj

      Where Ramos' owner? We know he's Messi but why didn't mention him?

    42. Prerana Samanta

      Trincao' s voice is so adorable

      1. Joshua Vargas

        He sound like morty

      2. Prerana Samanta

        @Swapnil bartomeu is out yay 😀😀

      3. Swapnil

        Congrats Culers! He's out now and we're free

      4. Simanti Datta


    43. Juan Gabriel

      I love his voice

    44. Abdelmajid Thameur

      The new second best talent . The best is ansu 💙♥️😘😘😘

    45. Wilian Garcez

      Barça ,Barça ,Barça com Messi ou sem Messi Barça sempre Barça ,mais nosso desejo aqui da torcida brasileira é q Messi fique e Neymar volte ao Barça

    46. Aboody 10


    47. Kamal Bikram shah

      Messi the legend of Football ❣️❣️❣️

    48. shailesh bardawat

      He knows about barca.. He really follows them..

    49. Scrow

      1:42 son del mismo pais Trincão: Umtiti Entrevistador: si Yo: umtiti no es frances?

      1. VICTOR

        Claro, se refiere a k es compañeeo de uno k ha nombrado antes.... Lenglet

    50. Dark Angel

      Dime que no soy el unico que trincao se parece al actor de spiderman andrew garfield

    51. Jevaughn Bourne

      I’m so excited to see him play bro nfs ♥️💙

    52. Fabricioo

      exigo ahora mismo la renovacion al perro de leo messi por 5 años (si se va messi al menos nos quedara el perro para que ocupe ese puesto)

    53. Muhammed XAVI CEESAY

      I hate dogs 🐕

    54. Jose Miguel Garcia

      Bartomeu out el peor presidente de la historia del futbol

    55. Obinna Oguadinma

      10 mil!!!! Biggest club fanbase. Congrats to the team.

    56. Lizardking

      2011 and 2012 Messi was 10 times better than this Ronaldo .

    57. Sarim Ahmed



      Malla mierda de juego

    59. An Nguyễn Văn

      Fan Barcelona

    60. Arun Adhikari

      How quickly he said messi!

    61. Jhonel Tejeda

      Presente y futuro del barca :)

    62. bitegoatie

      Resign, Bartomeu. Go home. You embarrass the club with your continued presence. Socios, follow him out the door. It is past time.

    63. ASHOK JOSE

      I love him already that childishness.

    64. Debamit Bandyopadhyay

      He looks somewhat like Griezmann

    65. rico krist

      0:47 wait.. i've heard it

    66. XaVier_ツ

      GG 100 millones de barcelonistas, siempre estamos con ustedes, aunque habeses no duele perder...!

    67. Pete 47

      I want this guy to score a lot .

    68. Amadou Ndiaye

      Vraiment c'est magnifique

    69. IsvaJG

      Man i really hope he does well at Barca seems like a nice down to earth guy

    70. bolek lolek

      Why puto BARTOMEU is president of FCBARCELONA YET???? Bartomeu OUT!!!!

    71. M7 Turbo

      Messi Dog is very famous 🔥

    72. Hamid Shawi

      He’s so humble 😍

    73. Brian Holden

      Madre mía… Cada vez hacéis juegos más idiotas para ganar audiencia.

    74. Hafsa.hafeez Hafeez

      Good english

    75. Juliana Villabona Ardila

      Quien no conoce a Baloo?? 🤭

    76. Marco Bocangel

      Las huevadas que le preguntan tmr ,debe de estar pensando que enves de preguntarle por su juego ,espectativas, condicion física o su compromiso le preguntar por los perros a el que chucha le importa eso

    77. Nivin KB

      Sweet voice 🍡

    78. yasser ill


    79. J C

      He is sweet. Looks promising. Good signing by Barca. Love from a Madridista.

    80. Wizard Gaming

      Bartameo is real dog

    81. Tahmidur Araf

      He knows english? wow yessssss

    82. Juan Esteban Almeida Villamizar

      Bartomeu out

    83. Chico misterioso

      Such a shit game

    84. ThE KinG

      I think they forgot bartomeu in the photos his the biggest dog😂😂

    85. yogesh P

      Hulk is the most popular dog in the world.

    86. fj8.9ll


      1. Leo Caprio

        . 🖤.

    87. lucerdas bego

      who is tricao ? ❤️💙

    88. Jyothish. MJ

      2:56 everyone knows its messi's dog 😍🐶

    89. Begesh Zhazira

      😍 10 🍋

    90. Mr Say168

      I pray who ever reads this becomes successful

    91. Abdelilah Tamesna

      Can Trincao score

    92. aimanVerrrmillion

      He's soooo humble!!! His voice his gesture 😍 Love it. Way to go young ladd 👏👏

    93. Noufeer Kallai

      Even our king’s👑 dog is so popular , LM10❤️

    94. whatever dude 08

      Trincao:holand is a tiny country Koeman:we'll we've got ourselves a bench Warmer But I really wanna see him on the field !!!

    95. 1aamir a.k9a

      leo out

    96. 1aamir a.k9a

      do you know bartomeu has two dogs one himself and second his group

    97. 김관태

      It's true that Suarez doesn't show good form right now, but he's our legend, please don't curse him and support him!! Es cierto que Suárez no muestra buena forma en este momento, pero es nuestro jugador legendario, ¡por favor no lo maldigas y apóyalo! + Bartomeu OUT!!!!!!

    98. Moon OverSanjuan

      Bartomeu OUT junto con sus emboscados comisionistas blancos y jugadores vividores a la sopa boba!!!

    99. God Artem

      This guy has the personality of an apple 🤦‍♂️

    100. Arnando Lion

      Unboxing play buton with grizi