🤯 Comeback worthy of a final! | HIGHLIGHTS | Barça 3-0 Sevilla

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

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    Piqué’s last second goal sends the game into extra time and Braithwaite’s header earns a place in the Copa del Rey Final!

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    1. FC Barcelona

      HAVE YOU SEEN THIS??? 👉👉👉👉👉👉kzsection.info/green/bejne/15-nmnGHgXybmGw.html

      1. Logan Modric

        He is not the best Manuel neur is the best and second John oblak

      2. Valentina Mariana Nemes


      3. Gidion Rafles wayoi

        Visca barca froom sorong

      4. Palmas FR mil grau

        Fußball-Club Bayern München

      5. fatoumata kanteh

        goat rakitic

    2. Raheemy42

      I Think we all should thank Ter Stegan for being the best Goalkeeper in the world

      1. Iman RG

        @Jellie Wa BARCELONA: WTF

      2. Raheemy42

        @Rok Jerebic that was 9 months ago, a lot can happen in that time

      3. Rok Jerebic

        This shit didnt age well

      4. Purple Pen

        not even top 5 german gk of all time

      5. RNG Champ

        @Jellie Wa Mendy best in UCL but yer stegen Def at one point was best gk in the world

    3. Padmanabh

      Griezman didn't get as much as a credit as he deserves! He brought back a gone goal!❤❤❤

    4. LilSxmi

      u guys thought the atmosphere there was good. imagine if the fans were there my god the scenes wouldve been incredible. Visca barca

      1. Saif Dahabreh


      2. Tarek Ablaoui

        If the fans were there we’ve win 5-0 ans without stressing

      3. RAGE GAMING - The Flash gamerz

        Just like Psg 1-6 FCB,Camp nou would be erupted🤩

    5. Winchell Jorge

      I think Pedri should start taking more chances like kicking the ball, he has so many opportunities to score, but always chooses to pass. Which isn’t a bad thing, but he should take more chances.

      1. Swagatam Debnath

        Yes, u are absolutely right.

      2. Jonas Stender

        It will come with experience

      3. Ceasar

        @Avi Singh nice fact, hope it's real.

      4. Avi Singh

        @David 🚀 fun fact when Iniesta was young everyone has a complaint that he don't shoot even his parents advices him "shoot more Andrés " , rest we all know is history

      5. David 🚀

        God bless you for this observation!

    6. bitzuu

      The assist from Griezmann, and header by Pique.. amazing!

    7. Rising Sun

      Ter Stegen proved why he’s the highest paid goalie in the world. Simply sensational

      1. Hovannes Kondjaian

        Not only Ter Stegen my friend. Whole Barça squad players are highest paid players in the world. Unfortunately a fact that brought us to this pity situation.. we can't sold any of our players, cause they simply refuse to go (cause no other team will cover their high wages) plus we are in the situation we are because of them. Griezmann was brought in for 120 million and sold back for 40 million. Dembélé for 150 million and willing to go for free the end of this season. Coutinho for 160 million and will never be sold to another club until himself too will go for free..

      2. Young Messi

        @paco ramon Ter Stegen needs a good defense

      3. Akshat

        @Frederick Colaire check forbes list of 2020 de gea is there but ter stegen is not there . And till now 2021 list is not realsed

      4. Akshat

        @Varun Srikanth check forbes list of top 100 athlete . De gea is there but ter stegen is not there

      5. paco ramon

        Because Bayern scored 8 against him?

    8. Hassam Khan

      The thing I’m loving about all these comeback games is that Barca are dominating in the attack... even in second leg against PSG they played wonderful football and were let down only by finishing. Forca Barca ❤️💙

      1. Ahsanur Rabbi

        To me that 2nd leg against psg is the best match Barca played under koeman.

    9. AJ 1998

      Nobody's talking about how good Griezmann's pass to pique was but damn that was a good ball in.

    10. pranav bajaj

      Dembele created a goal out of nowhere... He's an amazing talent we've got on our hands. Just wait for his accuracy and precision to improve and he'll be world class in no time.

      1. Muhammad Salar

        Man REALLY needs to work on the finishing. We wouldd've made a comeback against PSG if he score like 2 of the 3 1v1s he had.

    11. ERA Presents

      Ter Stegen is such a legend man. 60% credit goes to him for the win of this match❤️


      Vamossssss. What a remontadaaaaaa 🔴🔵

      1. Eric Sanchez

        @Honest Vardrid Fan that actually accurate

      2. Pavle Marinkovic

        Deniz Aytekin

      3. IM A VAZHA


    13. micaiah

      That Stegen penalty save was 😲😲 I was almost about to cry when they got the penalty this team gives me heart attacks.

    14. II Comrade

      When Braithwaite scored I nearly jumped out of my Seat. All jokes aside Great Game By Barça Messi and Ter Stegen On Form.

    15. dcoog anml

      The assist from Griezmann, and header by Pique.. amazing!

    16. Rubro Negro •

      What a game!! Saudades de você Messi 💔💔💔

    17. Casta YT


      1. Man_an Playz

        @Nemisio Moreira nobody except u

      2. Varun B Panicker

        I just can't stop watching it

      3. Palmas FR mil grau

        Fußball-Club Bayern München

      4. iKuro

        Everything was on Messi but now the team is starting to step up love it 😊

      5. Ant gotchu._.

        They all do

    18. Lerf

      - *GOLES* - BAR 1-0 SEV - GOLAZO de Ousmane Dembélé: 0:38 BAR 2-0 SEV - Golazo in-extremis de Gerard Piqué: 3:22 BAR 3-0 SEV - Gol de Martin Braithwaite: 4:02 Penal atajado por Ter Stegen: 2:08

    19. Renju Binu

      Lord Braithwaite...The man of the match AGAIN!

    20. Sahilraj Todeti

      This was an amazing game...Best played by FCB!!! Always FCB fan! ☝🏻

    21. misael gomez

      Fue lo más hermoso que eh visto en el año!!🔵🔴🔵🔴

    22. Leo The G.O.A.T

      If Ter Stegen didn't save that penalty, the game would've had a different ending. Thanks to MATS 👐

      1. Aibe world

        I made a video asking Nigerians Messi or Ronaldo check if you can 😲

      2. Leo The G.O.A.T

        Wowwww!!! Thanks

    23. Junesh Bardewa

      As a die hard fan of Barca, I can feel that emotion and ecstasy. Well done team. Love from Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

    24. Ángel Tucubal

      Marc Terstegen ha sido vital para esta remontada. 💥🔥

    25. Carl Johnson

      3:22 que chingón, recorte y asistencia impecables de Griezmann, pique loco y fiel al Barça y lo más importante... MESSI FELIZ

      1. Salamah Salamah


    26. A V

      I’m so happy that they all seem gelling together happily. Start of something new!

    27. Dj ASIK


      1. carlosdj Romeo

        yode et siro

      2. Aibe world

        I made a video asking Nigerians Messi or Ronaldo check if you can 😲

      3. Juan Marin

        A culiar a psg

      4. Y

        Lah nyasar bang

      5. 《😎Hanif Rz😎》

        Wkwkwk culer bang?

    28. Sarker Reefat

      23 times; i watched this video so far. And still mind blowing 🔥

    29. Camil B

      3:22 Griezmann's prime is great asf don't forget it for the goal of Piqué

    30. sergio suarez

      Messi saltando de emoción me da mil años de vida :,D

    31. Leo Messi / Barça Cules

      For me, best match of the season at the moment.


      everybody talks about having Stegen and Piqué, but nobody talked about Griezmann's beautiful pass

      1. Starplus197

        @Bruno Salsas If you don't have care for the players then there is no use to loving a club

      2. Bruno Salsas

        @Starplus197 the thing is that I am not a fan of griezmann, of messi or of MATS. I am a fan of FCB, and I only want whatever is best for the club, regardless of who the players are. FCB existed way before Griezmann was born, and will exist after Griezmann dies

      3. Starplus197

        Bro haters will hate but he will win the hearts of the ones that loves him and the club. I thought all barcelona fans were encouraging . But now I know there are some toxic people in the barca fans


        @Bruno Salsas minutes*

      5. Bruno Salsas

        @CRISRINTHIANO7 Bro he's literally played every single game in the past two seasons

    33. Lucas Campuzano

      Messi celebration was like a little kid winning a last minute goal. That just shows how much he loves the club and can control his emotions. I would celebrate the same way

    34. sokin jon

      The assist from Griezmann, and header by Pique.. amazing!

    35. DEMON  YT

      I am watching this again and again I just can't get bored of the comeback!

    36. FranckJr 25k

      3:28 La reacción De Messi Y de Trincao Ante El Golazo De Pique Son Arte .

    37. King Kong

      Ese remate karateca de Jordi Alba estuvo a 5 centímetros de convertirse en uno de los mejores goles de la historia.

      1. Gabriel Miranda

        Ultima copa de messi


        Parece que jordi alba ha visto muchos videos del poderoso zlatan ibrahimovich.....😅

      3. Haziel Ortíz


      4. Jonatan Saquilan

        Mucho Cobra kai compa

      5. luisa machado

        Hubiese sido golazo de ninja

    38. Do or Die

      Muchas gracias 🙏 one of the best comeback ever. Forca Barca

    39. bofooit gojo

      When Braithwaite scored I nearly jumped out of my Seat. All jokes aside Great Game By Barça Messi and Ter Stegen On Form.

    40. bowen voowy

      When Braithwaite scored I nearly jumped out of my Seat. All jokes aside Great Game By Barça Messi and Ter Stegen On Form.

    41. Nina Rusnia

      What a comeback ?! 💯💯💯

    42. Zulhafiq

      It’s not all about Messi. Everyone played their role well and we deserve this big WIN

      1. Jan Slovacek

        Joe ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👩‍🔬👨‍🔬👧😷😃👨🧪🇨🇭💌😵🇨🇱💉❤️😃😷😃❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      2. Jan Slovacek

        Joe 🤵2r😷😃👨‍🔬👩‍🔬🧪🇨🇭💌😃👧😷☕☕

      3. Jerin Wilson

        @Arish stfu kid


        @Arish you're a Ronaldo fan 😂

      5. Aristocratic_Democratic

        @Arish Cry hater cry more

    43. Rodi Arjan

      It was a perfect match for Barcelona and they scored a great victory

    44. Samuel Franklim

      What a game from Barcelona!!!💔❤✊

    45. Slien

      What a match! ❤️

    46. Paul Mutuku

      Watched the entire match, always believed a comeback!!

    47. Makie 18

      Respect for pique even with his injury he still carried on and that’s why we’re in the final now!

      1. nonindividual

        We? 🤔

      2. تركي خ

        @Fiction Eviction ذذ

      3. Wish Nizamani

        I in ka 88ookiuiiik

      4. Alexis 100k

        Start number 9! Next psg game forshure

      5. Fiction Eviction


    48. vbddfy euuyt

      That Stegen penalty save was 😲😲 I was almost about to cry when they got the penalty this team gives me heart attacks.

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Dembele is Nigro form of morata

    49. Alex Portillo

      I just can’t stop watching piques goal 🤯😄

    50. Grafman Michael

      griezmann was at the back defending when pique was in the front!

    51. Muhammad Salar

      Watched this ore than 10 times already. Can't stop watching it 🤤

    52. Mohammed Thalha

      Baritwaite this season: 6 goals 4 assists lets take a moment to appreciate this guy🙌🏻🙌🏻

      1. Jens Løt

        @Teufel Hunden Hes a bench player so its pretty good.

      2. GBK XXL

        @Sammy Steel ofc

      3. Sammy Steel

        @Numfor Azinwi he is

      4. Sammy Steel

        @GBK XXL I know this is sarcasm coz no way

      5. Numfor Azinwi

        @shane menezes2006 his best isn't good enough.. Its barca we're talking about

    53. B Fatty

      I never knew that Dembelly can play like this. Though I don't like watching football but I love Barcelona 100%

    54. K Jair

      I always love how Dembele always try too shoot outside the box cause we're losing that alot

    55. Wachi Turro

      Yo siempre confie en la remontada visca barça ❤💙

    56. River Plate Campeón

      El mundo del futbol ama a Leo Messi, no importa si gana una copa del rey, una liga, una champions, una copa américa o el título que sea. Para nosotros es lo mismo, lo que nos hace felices es verlo jugar

    57. Jerin Joji

      You'll wanted Griezmann. You're getting a world class player who honors the badge he wears. Put some respect on that man. Mes que un club.

      1. Sneh Saxena

        @Bruno Salsas u cant even tie his shoe laces selling him is out way out of ur 7 generation power kid get a life

      2. Bruno Salsas

        i would sell griezmann. he doesnt fit

      3. baptiste brigand


      4. De Jong The Goat

        @Noke Keno u can say that to hazard but people will still criticise Griezmann he has done more than hazard

      5. De Jong The Goat

        @sokerone hazard is bs

    58. RJ KUMAR

      I come here only For The Legend Lionel Messi 😊❤️ Love from India 🙏🙏

    59. ItsYK

      Nerves match 😳😭😅 great game guys.. keep going we can do this 💪🏻vamooos HEROES 👏🏻💙❤

    60. 1081 Harsh

      watched this highlight like 10 times. still not over it

    61. matkos

      After all, the match you wanted to watch ❤️❤️❤️

    62. MrBeaming

      Is no one going to talk about Ter Stegen’s performance? Showing why he’s one of the best keepers in the world.

      1. Trissy


      2. Saadallah Ajami

        No because Ocampos was stupid and lost the penalty

      3. e_707

        @Adam i respect neuer

      4. Adam

        @e_707 neuer, oblak, ter stegan, allison. In that order

      5. Rakshit Marwah

        I would rate Ter Stegen in top 3 after Neur And Oblak

    63. Valtteri Punkkinen

      4:03 The Goat 🐐

      1. homeless messi


    64. Default is Deanfault

      Legends says that the Sevilla goalie only moved when Braithwaite shoots but unable to stop it


      The Best player Lionel Messi ❤

    66. simosaghir84

      I love my team because they never give up,Visca Barca Forever

    67. Sahil

      imagine the scenes if this happened in a full capacity Camp Nou, oml.

      1. Croissant Power

        Probably still hear whistling...

      2. Petar Lazarov

        i would be there

      3. Gaming Ranger

        Hahaha you mean PSG. I can hear you...Hehehe

      4. TheSilentReviewer

        this is irrelevant but can i have some feedback for my content? I'm just starting out :)

      5. Perry Mason

        Correct, not just for the goals but for the tension as well with the red cards and the strong duels between the players, this match was a classic and definately our best team performance this season considering both the opponent and the score in the first leg.

    68. Khaidir Bagas

      REMONTADA 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    69. Papa Baah

      Why is greizmann a God in the copa del rey

      1. Spread Islam

        There is only One GOD,don't be wrong

      2. Juicy Bongo

        Gods rest on the 7th day. Sadly the 7th day is a Champion's League Gams

    70. hamza hamdain

      What a comeback!

    71. Sudip Ghosh

      Just look at Messi after Piqúe scored the equaliser 😁 This man just loves football like a kid 😍😍😍😍😍

    72. Sunil Yadav

      Seeing Messi celebrate the 2nd goal like a child just want me to give him hug.

      1. Sanket Deshmukh


      2. Anonymous

        @Lucas Abrams He is talking about Messi

      3. Lucas Abrams

        It was Pique

    73. Corum

      Didn’t think Barca had this in them, amazing.

    74. علی محمدی

      That was a great performance from Barca👌👌

    75. Delsa Compres

      The best comeback that I saw from Barca and very good one

    76. Jesús Aranda

      Ojalá pudiéramos haber seguido como en esos momentos por mucho más, 11 partidos consecutivos ganados

    77. Akshat Shah

      Let's just take a moment and appreciate Brathwaite's positioning for a the 3rd goal.

      1. Azz

        @To Ny don’t forget about ter stegen save

      2. mnyanduzi k

        @Ebnomar Abdullh it was from jordi alba tho

      3. Asif Sadik

        Despite whatever can be said about his quality, he's a natural striker and those positionings are an annoyance to defenders and take away attention from Messi and whoever else is in the front 3 with him.

      4. Ebnomar Abdullh

        @To Ny yes he was good but if he would improve his acuirecy he would be top class

      5. Akshat Shah

        @Ebnomar Abdullh yep. Both of Griezmann's crosses were lit

    78. Hadi Imtiyaz

      This kit was so damn amazing.

    79. Sergio Usuga

      Te amo mi Barça!!

    80. Wieslaw Sobocinski

      FC Barcelona wywalczyla zasluzone zwyciestwo do Finalu

    81. AnuMessi100

      What a penalty save from Ter Stegen to make Barcelona go to the final and win it He such a great GK

    82. Seif Eldin Belal

      Fun fact : without Ter Stegen we would've been out

      1. Waxy Shit

        You guys are not understanding me. I said as he is barca player why would you think if he wasn't there. He will be there and he will save goals.

      2. Waxy Shit

        @BGM AND STATUS ikr. But why would we be without him. He is barca player. That's the point

      3. adorbsxariq 🇵🇸

        He saved our lives

      4. Klix Muaz

        @Waxy Shit The pen he saved

      5. William

        Well yes, without a goalkeeper most teams would lose a game. It was a bad pen.

    83. cqvio doli

      Legends says that the Sevilla goalie only moved when Braithwaite shoots but unable to stop it

    84. Breuzesky Noutai

      Voilà ! C'est ce Barça qu'on aime et qu'on aimerait voir,avec la fourgue,la rage de vaincre.. Visca Barça ! Visca Joan laporta!👏👏👏

    85. bark

      3:26 Can't stop watching this over and over again.

    86. King Kong

      Desde el gol de Dembélé, pasando por la atajada de Ter Stegen, el gol de Piqué, hasta el gol de Braithwaite, todo fue cardíaco, épico y una gran muestra de tenacidad, paciencia, orden y trabajo en equipo, todos ayudaron y pusieron su granito de arena como tiene que ser, como un verdadero equipo, este triunfo no es de Koeman, ni de Messi, ni el héroe fue Ter Stegen o Piqué, todos contribuyeron con su parte, todos fueron igual de importantes para el resultado del partido, los héroes fueron todos, el triunfo es de todos.

      1. Los Hijos De Cruyff

        Gracias Kong, aparte de que eres mi Monstruo favorito tambien apoyas al Barcelona, más motivos para que seas mi favorito!

      2. Los Hijos De Cruyff

        @Javier SnoW y quien lo decide?

      3. Mairely Lopez


      4. DAN

        @Javier SnoW vardridistas ardido?

      5. DAN

        Haci tienes que luchar contra godzilla, dale Kong con todo pa'

    87. Samuel Kituu

      Dembele might have scored, but I will always say that he has a problem with his shots, 80% are always off target

    88. Obesse


    89. Quist Science Station

      What is Barça without Ter Stegen in goal, Dembele and Messi up front and Piqué in defence? The final is at hand!

    90. Adrián Ruiz

      Dembele is incredible

    91. thatboym110

      Bro us Barca fans aren’t gonna make it past the age of 30 because of all the heart attacks this team gives us 😭💀

      1. S_Face

        You should try being an Arsenal fan...

      2. Cole Lind

        @Pedro Every major team has supporter's all around the world. They wouldn't be able to compete financially with the rest of the big clubs if they only had their 'local' fans. Also, if you live in a town/city without a team, what difference does it make if you support a team from an area of your own country you have no connection to, or from a city you may enjoy traveling to in a different country?

      3. Trickster99

        we are*

      4. Avi Green

        Wdym 3-0?

      5. PhiStol TV

        @Pedro it's a global club for a reason don't be thinking like a Nazi noe

    92. Luan Lima

      Vamossssss. What a remontadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🔴🔵

    93. YtCoding

      wow what a comback!!!

    94. JustAKHype11

      not gonna lie, I'm glad we've had football this quiet. I mean it's certainly an experience tbh, like this could literally just be a training game, couldn't it? We never would've dreamt of having a crowd-less football season (almost)

    95. Martin Braithwaite

      Vamos equipo💙❤

    96. Uncle Knox

      Pique deserved that goal so much after all hes been through lately

      1. De Jong The Goat

        @Eedeat Likkle 😳😳

      2. Eedeat Likkle

        He goes home to Shakira so he’ll be fine

      3. X_3MP3ROR-_-XD

        U came here from that GOOD MORNING link?

    97. •Always Barcelona•

      What a game 😍😍😍

    98. Yusuf Azzam

      Increadible teamm 🔥🔥

    99. Rain

      Que venga este PSG tuyo! - Martin Goatwaite