FC Barcelona - Bubble football at St. Georges Park

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

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    The evening session was a combination of sport and leisure activities: there were a bit of fun and games on display, without ignoring the need for the physical preparation.

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    1. FC Barcelona

      More fun videos 👉 www.youtube.com/user/fcbarcelona?sub_confirmation=1

      1. Who Are you

        @Football strike that's actually the opposite


        Is there a FC Barcelona academy in Canada if yes which city of Canada Is there a FC Barcelona academy in Canada if yes which city of Canada


        Is there a FC Barcelona academy in Canada if yes which city of Canada

      4. MUHIP GAMER

        love F C B

      5. ملك عباس عصام


    2. Zakkariyah Omar

      When Messi enjoyed being at Barcelona

      1. unknown

        @Provocunt ! tf :l

      2. ligth Yagami fusionado con Salah (no Otaku) perra

        @TSG LAVA vengo del futuro fue el psg


        He left

      4. Dheeraj

        @Provocunt ! He fucked 😂

      5. Akshaan Mehra

        @Provocunt ! U have parents?? Cause i highly doubt that 😂

    3. Fer

      Te extrañaremos en el Barca Messi😔❤️💙

      1. David Barca

        @Cristo Rey llo soi fan de dabid Valderanas

      2. leonard blanco


      3. Fadil Rafeeq


      4. Flamengo Forever•

        Sad but true 💔

      5. jose fernando contreras

        @Fer Agacha la cabeza virgo

    4. Alex Gomez

      Messi en ese momento: M E S S I R V E 😎

      1. Brandon Fútbol y Random

        Like 400 😎

      2. Gon Freecss

        @Gameplays con sentido ta bien

      3. Gameplays con sentido

        @Gon Freecss no, tu vieja

      4. Carlos David García Mendoza

        @Gon Freecss de donde eres?

      5. Gon Freecss

        @Carlos David García Mendoza quien vos?

    5. RealAnonymousA

      When Barca was actually having fun

    6. Rubro Negro •

      Saudades do Messi, Iniesta, Súarez, Neymar. Bons tempos 😔

    7. K

      Just look at the thumbnail,Messi looks a cute kid at an amusement park, how sweeet

      1. TURTLE

        @I am under the ground please help me too much dirt 😭

      2. I am under the ground please help me too much dirt

        @Roz257 😭 now he leave barca

      3. Roz257

        I wish he was like that today

    8. Goatnawaf ll

      When you see this in 2021 it hurts a lot . The G(old)en days 💔.

      1. JENERIK FF


    9. ariel sigüenza

      Que vuelva este tiempo en el que estaba Messi en el barca feliz :c

    10. Megh Banerjee

      I remember whenever we did this at school I would always sit out and just watch 😂

    11. Webb

      It’s amazing how something so simple and childish can literally bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

    12. Farhad Hossain

      Happy birthday my club! Seeing this made me so emotional. MSN with Enrique, Messi was still a barca player. He was blond man! Everyone was laughing. Genuine happiness. Life is hard.

    13. JUAN YT

      Jajaja que entrenamiento tan divertido ojala en mi escuela de fútbol fueran asi👌🏾😁🇨🇴

    14. Genildo Sousa

      Nós éramos felizes nessa época e não sabíamos!! MSN💔

      1. Un Tipo que salió del Bugatti

        Messi melhor da historia 😔💕💔

    15. Warden Gaming

      I'm missing those happy days more than ever💔😢

    16. TvitDavita

      sad fact: messi and suarez are leaving😔 edit: thanks for 1k

      1. Fantom 10

        Now both have left

      2. Bruciamo i francesi

        Sad fact: they leave

      3. Christopher Marturia Koinonia

        @DrawKheR for psg and atletico bro

      4. Emil Jova

        @Nebeprisikiškiakopūstėliaudamas say that again

      5. Knuftung

        @Furgan Siyahov what the fuck how you knew

    17. kian irane

      Hi Messi, you are wonderful. We are proud of your presence in Barcelona, ​​but know that sometimes someone is unlucky, so do not leave your team because of bad luck. Anyway you are the best. We know you as the champion of Barcelona. I'm a little girl who dreams of playing in Barcelona

    18. R

      Cuando todo era felicidad..... que tiempos

    19. Soumyajit Roy

      Wish I could go back to that time....Messi was brilliant......

    20. mohmmed ameer


    21. Angel Alban

      Buenos momentos ;')

      1. JOE MAMA


    22. Oliver Munro

      it's nice to see the players in a more relaxed way having fun

    23. Joselino

      Messi and his other teammates playing Bubble Football 24M Audience : iNteReStInG

      1. Holy Roman Empire

        @pain true

      2. pain

        It's actually interesting

    24. Memide25CM

      2021 viendo al barca de messi uno de los mejores tiempos

    25. Enzo

      Que lindo ver felíz a Messi


      Sou fã do Messi

    27. priyam singh

      Seeing this in Dec 2021 gives all new nostalgia 🥺

    28. Jonatham Martines

      Como queria estar aí

    29. Hail to the King

      Good times 💙💙💙

    30. Mohsin M

      Imagine seeing Messi playing football like this 🤣😂

    31. Cultured

      Trainer: Control the ball or be the ball Player: Man, we're still getting paid😌

    32. ShabaN

      Es extraño ver a Messi feliz con la camisa del barça :/

    33. Muhammad Hassan

      when messi actually enjoyed barca now hes gone sad

    34. Elizabeth Winch

      *Més que un club* ❤❤❤ I love you Barcelona

    35. Hector Manuel Argueta Albal

      Éramos tan felices y no lo sabíamos :)

    36. Mugen∞無限

      This is the barca i love, hopefully with xavi everything will look brighter and the team will be be a strong as what a FCB team should be, but more importantly as happy

    37. Ryuzaki

      Now I want to see Lenglet in these because I can't seem to imagine him being goofy😂😂

    38. Nasif Ali

      Nice training 😁👍

    39. Prajwal Sharma

      With no Messi and Suarez in this team, it will never be same again

    40. Master Kirby

      1:15 *F For Messi*

      1. Fadhna Al

        @Samurai Jack that's him bro, tattoos and blue shoes

      2. Master Kirby

        @Samurai Jack Actually if it's him look at the shoes he wears are blue like this minute: 0:13

      3. Master Kirby

        @Alexis Ramos Actually if it's him look at the shoes he wears are blue like this minute: 0:13

      4. Alexis Ramos

        El que se callo no es Messi :v

    41. Joandroid

      Como cuando Messi era feliz.

    42. Mushfiqul Karim

      Yes this was my BARCA!! NOSTALGIC

    43. dahom plays

      It's been a great journey bois. And not matter how hard it is to say but all good things comes to an end someday.

    44. Amna Belhadj

      Dude I miss these days..😭

    45. Pedro Alejandro Lopez

      Messi and Suarez were always together like best friends. :'')

      1. Pedro Alejandro Lopez

        @Lionel messi Messi, no digas eso... 😳

    46. CTalk 010

      this training course is the reason why Messi moved to PSG!

    47. Stefanella Sizzarettia

      Here we see wild football players in their natural habitat. Good lord aren’t they majestic 🙌

      1. Simple Username

        T Epic enlighten him and tell him how you’re gonna drive him into insanity.

      2. PIK4 GAM1N6

        👍 Okay but they are better then you

      3. Matt Gillet

        Yes yes they brings tears to my eyes

    48. Master Yoda

      This was 4 years ago?! Time flies

    49. Ronald Sánchez Roncal

      Cuando todo era felicidad en el Barca...

    50. 『DBZ』 Ema10ツ

      Ahora solo es un recuerdo 💔🥲😔

    51. Eliel Novais

      Legal ,eu gosto muito do Messi

    52. RichHomieTom

      I can't stop laughing! ! Great Video, Gotta love Barça 😂😂😂

    53. Lenovov Gt

      Süper bir an. Alkışlar size.

    54. Iracema Silva

      Awesome kkk 🇧🇷❤❤❤❤

    55. Hector yt

      Messi te extrañaremos 😔😔

    56. vasu annan

      Time when barcelona was one of the best clubs in the world

    57. ● It Pennywise

      Good times ❤❤❤😢

    58. Pedro

      Um simples sorriso se desaba e se parti em um 8x2!

      1. Samuel Henrique


    59. Timofey Trautskyi

      Literally how to protect your self from coronavirus in the game

    60. Vagif Akhmad

      Ohh good old days 😔

    61. Bruno Guzman

      Este era un buen grupo...

    62. MukulX

      I miss you Messi ❤️❤️❤️

    63. Max Rozario

      those days 😭

    64. Vemptron

      Good old days 🥺

    65. Arnav mathur

      Thats actually a safe from suarez bite😂

      1. Paul Blart

        @TxG CODM 😳

      2. Yazan Majdalawi

        @《arhapy play》 مرحبا :)

      3. D3RIVED

        Your 1k like

      4. Kassidy Garcia


      5. Kingsley Kyeremeh


    66. RoyFeli

      Ver a messi feliz nos pone felices a todos

    67. Michael Putra

      goodbye Messi, you are everyone's idol (10)

    68. Marwan

      I really miss all of this

    69. Mirko Farris

      1:11,messi is savege

      1. Front Runner

        Lol copied comment

    70. Andres Garzon

      Eramos felices y no lo sabíamos :(

      1. 𝒄𝒐𝒑𝒚 𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒋𝒂

        Hey Itachi 😀

      2. zns🕋

        yo sabía '-'

    71. Mohamed Abdullahinur

      Happy 😊 fact :Messi is staying ❤️

    72. The MatrixMaster

      This is why they’re the best team

    73. Usman Khan

      Beautiful ❤️🖤🖤

    74. Tobechukwu Metu

      1:10. The way they laughed😂

      1. Moaner

        Yea it looks like they are watching kids

    75. Omkar Kshirsagar 9-C

      And KZsection recommending me this after Messi left Barca!

    76. ein FPS

      At that time, nobody thought about a move from Messi

    77. NINJ4 SOCCER

      Messi e foda

    78. juan gustavo zuñiga robles

      La reacción de lucho ufff

    79. UF KAK

      I like how play normal football like us with those ballons😂

    80. Jaadi&Nurin

      Who’s here after Messi is leaving!

      1. sandro_boss 1


      2. Ethan Sinclair

        not yet

      3. Njr 11

        No one

      4. M n

        @Tharsh 😂😂😂

      5. Tharsh

        @M n Messi has more ballon dors than your subscribers so stfu

    81. Aryan es

      Good old days😢

    82. Varanasi Rahul

      In the first scene.. everyone looks like kids coming to picnic from their school...😂😂

    83. Emź Revølution

      0:42 BRUTAL 😂😂😂

      1. -Epic-



        @Elias Acuña si jajaj

      3. Elias Acuña

        @XL gant B siiiiiiiiiieeeeeee

      4. XL  gant    B

        @Elias Acuña español por fin 😂👍

      5. Hassan Saeed

        Am i the only one whos looking for messi the whole time

    84. M Tegar Saputra

      I Miss Messi 😭


      Eramos felices y no lo sabiamos:(

    86. RatSmacker69

      Nothing like seeing grown men inside bubbles kicking a ball around

    87. Chatpon'n

      I want Barca to be great again.

    88. Ιασων Λουκας

      Old good days when Barcelona was the best of the best 😢😢😢😢😢

    89. Raphael Varane

      I miss old Barcelona 😔

    90. Culé 4Ever

      So nostalgic

    91. Indie Impact

      Dont leave messi we need you ...😭

    92. Jose Garcia

      1:11 messi is a savage

      1. Futbol_İst

        Angara Mezi sjsjsjjsjssj

      2. 🌶️رامبوRAMBO🌶️

        @منوعات ببجي موبايل ببجي موبايل ههه شلونك هل مت

      3. Elizabeth Winch

        Really cool 😂

      4. ergashev Ramziddin

        Jose Garcia

      5. an soom raee

        Always smart

    93. shadman hoque

      We Miss you messi😭

    94. Juan Ochoa

      Cuando Suárez estaba un poco en forma 🤭

    95. ZIKO KING

      🤣🤣 I love Barcelona

    96. Enzo Perez


    97. Lim Peiwen

      I love this team so much!!Barca forever!!

      1. manuorta

        Lim Peiwen h

      2. احمدهلوزز العبادي

        Lim Peiwen و

      3. Mr Yeet

        Lim Peiwen yup me to

      4. Mohamed Sherif

        o (∩ ω ∩) oo (∩ ω ∩) o

      5. Khan Hashem



      extraño este barca

    99. numby

      Messi it's so funny haha

    100. ZARDUDE

      0:03 the look at Suarez