FC Barcelona - SCC Napoli (4-0) HIGHLIGHTS

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

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    Ann Arbor, Michigan - For 47 minutes on Saturday at Michigan Stadium, it appeared that Napoli and Barça were headed for a scoreless draw. Then, in the blink of an eye, it was all over.

    Clinging to a 2-1 aggregate lead after Wednesday’s triumph in Miami, and with the second half barely underway, the Catalans scored four times in 15 minutes to run up a 6-1 aggregate lead over Napoli, for all intents and purposes clinching the La Liga Serie A Cup with over 25 minutes to play.

    Luis Suárez opened the scoring in the 48th when he set Antoine Griezmann free on a give-and-go, only to see Griezmann’s shot saved before Suárez swooped in to stash home the rebound.

    Eight minutes later, in the 56th, Griezmann notched his first Barça goal from the doorstep following an assist from Jordi Alba.

    Just two more minutes went by when Suárez scored his team-leading third goal of the preseason in the 58th, providing a clinical finish with a one-time shot from just outside the area that curled past the outstretched arms of the goalkeeper and into the upper right corner.

    Ousmane Dembélé rounded out the onslaught in the 63rd, finishing with a low shot from the right edge of the area, back across the box and into the lower left corner.

    It was a remarkable quarter-hour for FC Barcelona, which for the first time this preseason did not make any substitutions at the half, as manager Ernesto Valverde chose to keep his starting XI on the field in their final match before Friday’s La Liga opener at Athletic Club Bilbao.


    The win over Napoli was consummated at the biggest stadium Barça has ever played in. Michigan Stadium, on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, has a capacity for 107,601, and is the biggest stadium in the United States - and the second biggest in the world.

    Attendance here on Saturday was announced as 60,043. With fans dispersed throughout the cavernous seating bowl, one of the game’s most curious moments came midway through the first half, when during a water break match officials posted a message on the Michigan Stadium jumbotrons encouraging fans to “feel free to move down closer to the field and fill in any empty seats.” Within seconds, thousands of fans began percolating down the stands, making for a more energetic atmosphere throughout the rest of the match.
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    1. taku NN

      The pass from De Jong to Dembele was insane.

      1. SIMO LAK


      2. sixdroid0302 //

        for me it's a normal pass

      3. taku NN

        @Kristian Juul look at the spin and curvature of that ball.

      4. taku NN

        @Kristian Juul you cant pass like that even if you tried.

      5. Kristian Juul

        Pretty ordinary pass lol

    2. Henry Windsor Rurikovich

      Qué emocionante partido y goles , forza Barca 💓 felicidades por la copa 💓

    3. Səfər 081

      ❤️ Força Barça ❤️

    4. Sultan Haidary

      Proudly I can say, I was there in that stadium to watch this game! It was such an awesome place to be!!!!🤗

      1. LL Super K


      2. Sultan Haidary

        @CJW1heyyy!! Nice what a day man

      3. CJW1

        I mean I was at the game

      4. CJW1

        Sultan Haidary I was toooooo

    5. Henriq Hoffman nogueira

      Que hermoso partido...que hermoso futbol jugo Barcelona

    6. taku NN

      Dembele is now doing a lot less dribbling and is now making the right decisions. Which is what we all wanted to see. He has slowly earned his place as one of the most impressive players on pre season.

      1. Géoffroy Wilson BOKO

        luv Dembele

      2. Jonathan Ohin

        @Kobe Jordan I guarantee if he's a guarantee starter and is allow to fully express himself, je will be more consistent and more clinical

      3. Kobe Jordan

        Reminds me of how cristiano ronaldo used to be that type of player but changed to be more decisive

      4. Kinz581 E

        @Dagmawi Haile A goal and an Assist 😍

      5. Jonathan Ohin

        @Dagmawi Haile true that

    7. Asier Alonso

      Qué modo de juego tan bello tiene el Barcelona ❤🔥

    8. Anonymous

      Imagine if Messi was in that game 🔥🔥

    9. Abidoye Samuel Abolaji

      The third goal against Napoli was the best, De Jong's composure Alena's vision Dembele's pace Suarez's near perfect placement.......EPIC

    10. ItsmeMariya

      The best club ever for me😍😍my dream is to play in this team and to be a legend of the club!!!força Barça 💪🏾

      1. ItsmeMariya

        I Hope Barça win champions league in 2020

    11. Lionel Messigician

      Glad to see Griezmann score and and Frenkie's assist to Dembele was amazing🔥🔥

      1. Gaminglegends12


      2. Alexis Papageorgiou

        @duca And we got the other two to make up for the injustice

      3. Omar Omar Ahmed

        De Jong best AssisT to dembele

      4. Rashed Ramzi

        lucijan zitko do you expect him to subscribe to you? He won’t sub for no reason typical 9 year old

      5. Anna Åberg

        Nothing special

    12. Saiful Islam

      4:34 This the time when griezmann understands how strong dembele is

    13. Kris Snook

      I was at this game it was amazing!!! Go Barcelona

    14. Janai Smit

      The game was so fun to watch at Michigan Stadium I loved it

    15. Rahul Toy

      That second goal from Saurez was🔥🔥🔥

    16. Isura Malinda

      Aleña and De Jong combination is really great to watch and Ousmane is electric ⚡️

      1. Isura Malinda

        João Campos agreed 💯

      2. João Campos

        De Jong + Arthur + Aleña = Perfect midfield!

      3. Seydou Sow

        Gia hai ragione

    17. Andrés Morales

      El mejor dembelé que he visto, me encanta ver a ese crack en su mejor nivel espero no sufra lesiones esta temporada

    18. cornbreadfriedchkn

      That emotional trophy celebration 😂😂😂

    19. MD Chefe Da Uruguaiana

      No primeiro gol, griezmann estava claramente adiantado

    20. Angel Ballo

      I was there at that game. Please take me back Barca!!!🥺🥺

    21. Prince Girish

      What a beautiful curve pass from de jong to setup for Dembele ❤️

      1. TRung Nghia Le

        Even FRED can do the same ;)

      2. SpeedEpitomised

        Outside of the foot too. His passing and vision is insane, this is the sort of player that will bring us back up to the standard of our tiki-taka football under Guardiola.

      3. Rami Ghostin

        @Vijay Kumar first,inesta use his wesk foot for pasing.second,nobody is like inesta

      4. Elementar Wichtig

        The two most beautiful goals for me were from Dembele and Griezmann. Griezmanns goal was created by the Tiki Taka game, for which we know Barca. The goal of Dembele is a sign of two great players. De Jong trusts Dembele and you can tell how it's good for the game .. This goal has shown how much quality they both have and that Barca does not have to worry about their future.

      5. What are u up to?

        duca Only Griezzman in the first one was offside, none of the others was.

    22. Rocinante_21

      Amor a este equipo 💕🔵🔴

    23. Asep Eka Nur Hidayat

      G: Griezmann O: Ousmane Dembele L: Luis Suarez

      1. rezhawa jumamichi

        I miss M S N SO much

      2. NB'S GAMING

        G:Griezmann O: Ousmane Dembele L: Luis Suarez E:Ernesto Valverde

      3. Rey el perro vago


      4. Lizzy J

        G:Griezmann O:Ousmane L:Leo S:Suarez

      5. Faris Alqubaisi

        O=Ousmane dembele M=Messi S=Suarez G=Griezman

    24. Michaelangelo

      The footwork leading up to griezman's goal was stunning

    25. smart lock

      Amazing performance ♥️♥️

    26. DJ D!TCH

      That assist from De Jong on Dembele.. Pure class

      1. Technical Insurance


      2. RodriNico 25

        Los 2 jóvenes pura clase :v

      3. Ivan Perisic

        Nothing special. There was so much Space...

      4. John Michaels

        Barça Herb. He isn’t the best midfielder in the World at all 😂. I support Barcelona and De Jong is a fantastic player but some of you so called fans are deluded to hell. Try watching properly and being realistic instead of having zero understanding of the team, players and the game at all 👍🏻

      5. kush m

        that ball stop from de jong, then the pass! key scene

    27. victor Mauricio

      Cara , com esse trio e o Dembelé voando o Neymar só iria esquentar o banco ou causar desavenças dentro e fora do campo por estrelismo .

    28. Omaka Sammie

      This class of beastly beautiful football is what we need for a fiery season! Forca Barça

    29. Carlos Henrique Campi

      Um time com Grizerman. É quase imbativel so faltou o zagueiro do liverpool mattighs

    30. paulo domingos comandante

      Barça em forma profissional ,golaço de suarez

    31. Sam

      What a goals and what a team, Suarez and Griezman are perfect together, Dembele is great and De Jong just waow !

      1. epicon review

        Dio Brando no yes

      2. Leo MessiHD

        Everyday i see dembele play for barca i feel angry because the number 11 shirt just for neymar

      3. Eltinox

        @epicon review no u

      4. epicon review

        Le dislikeur de l'extrême you are bad

      5. PGamer

        Sam Run Dembele is bad

    32. Alexis Vargas

      Visca Barca siempre Hincha desde que tengo memoria gracias Barcelona por darnos tantas alegrias saludos desde Colombia...

    33. \FF/PILOTO DE FUGA {{Pi}}

      Griezman fez seu primeiro gol pelo clube Barcelona

    34. Forza Leones

      Wow. More offside isn‘t possible... 🤦🏼‍♂️

      1. mmoohhaa_970


      2. Mohammad Jaber

        That ref with the flag he doesn’t even know what to do

    35. Marco AF

      I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again, Rafinha is incredibly underrated

    36. Random guy

      When Dembele dribbles the ball it's just amazing to watch

      1. karim rebai

        @d25 no he is not no one other than god knows his future

      2. d25


      3. karim rebai

        @Nick James i love dembele but the problem here is he is only good at dribbiling his passing and shooting skills are as good as it should and with a manger like valverde i am 99% he is not going to improve and is is just going to remain as a raw unused talent that we are going to see go to another club and seccued there or fc barcalona and valverde are going to destroy his career before it starts and send him to china or russia like malcom

      4. Fahri

        Dembele will win ballon dor in future

      5. luis garcia

        Nick James dembeles two foot ability is outta this world, probably what makes his dribbling so unique and satisfying to watch

    37. Alejandro Benavent

      Como esta Dembele increíble!

    38. noxiproful

      De jong started the attack from the second goal. Pass to alena. The third was a rebound. Ball he captured and he started the rebound. The last goal was a direct assist, and a legendary one. He will be the playmaker for Barca. Love that dude already

      1. 1saiah

        noxiproful 🥰🥰

    39. Jerome&Lydia

      Dembele was on fire 🔥

    40. Victor ROBINSON

      Greizman y el lucho Suárez hacen buena dupla parece q con dembele sés tridente puede funcionar y con Messi será un barca imparable esperamos q en esta temporada jueguen así 💪💪💪💪💪💪👍👍

    41. Teufel Hunden

      De Jong amazing composure. Suarez looking in shape and in form. Griezmann has good team chemistry. Dembele looking focused. Defense looks solid. Squad has depth and experience. Looks like a fun season ahead!

      1. Paolo Walters

        Will be an interesting season.. but im still looking forward to watch Joao Felix from Atletico that kid is something and i thought Barca would sign him but it looks like he fits well in Atletico

      2. 24K Studio

        It's even funnier when you see how Valverde going to ruin this team..

      3. Shubham Joshi

        Even Alena should be appreciated, it was a brilliant through ball

      4. Sakib Hossain

        Everything is good until we get a 3 goal lead in champions league😂

      5. lokananta wibisono

        don't forget alena

    42. Kevin Shema

      I don't know if you all realize how Griezmann's goal is. The way he escaped the defenders

    43. Joting

      Muy buen partido, no entiendo porque Messi está resentido con griezmann, parece un niño.

    44. Ashwin Antony

      As a Barca fan the most delightful moment for me is at 04:22 , that's a glimpse of pure class that we are about to witness from De Jong at Barca !!

    45. Abidoye Samuel Abolaji

      I feel like Dembele and Suarez must have been practicing the first time shot for a while. Did it twice, scored once with it

    46. Samuel Alngbm

      Glad to see Griezmann having fun and enjoying the match. He's adapting to Barca gameplay. Have a wonderful day ahead all of you :)

      1. ToxiCrew mv

        Audwill Dsouza first one was. But they were on fire.

      2. Audwill Dsouza

        the first two goals were clear offside

      3. Felix5

        @Alif Arsyad Masykuri i think only the first

      4. Alif Arsyad Masykuri

        What a good play from barcelona.. But i think the first two goals were offside..

      5. Rahul Upadhyay

        @rebecca kaile messi can play as a rolling player

    47. tHe Silver

      el primer gol es un fuera de juego claro pero los otros tres son perfectos

    48. Cecilia Zúñiga

      Grande Lucho!! Dos golazos!!

    49. Hamza Orakzai

      Look at all the space that Griezmann has to operate and play the way he likes when Messi isn't playing.

    50. Best Of Football

      Griezmann and Dembele. That chemistry is 🔥

    51. 23crypto

      De Jong appears to be Barca's best signing since Neymar. This dude is the real deal.

      1. Anonymous

        @GP He does but winning CL is a big deal. Liverpool were consistent in the EPL. And won the CL. VD had a lot to do with that more than Sane, Firmini or Salah. Messi had a great year and he is the best. But bdors are basically 98% winning the CL.

      2. GP

        @Anonymous wtf why? La liga top scorer,European top scorer,cl top scorer.i don't even wanna discuss playmaking stats. Yet you think he doesn't deserve b dor? Ffs

      3. Anonymous

        @GP Bdor has to go to Van Dyjk

      4. GP

        @Anonymous unfortunately yes we are.

      5. GP

        @Anonymous ikr,you think as a Barca fan im not happy about seeing a player like de Jong? He's good. But I am affraid we aren't going to win cl again. Cl is the deal these days,look how Messi's year long hard work was ruined in 90 mins,had a great season ,gave it all year they are going to award some Liverpool player with bdor which sucks. No matter how well Messi or de Jong play another cl exit is coming is what I said.

    52. Simón Ochoa Arias

      Que bien esta jugando Dembelé , ojalá mantenga ese buen ritmo.

    53. Gomes Cristo

      Barca eu amo este clube a partir de Angola

    54. David De Martín Sant

      Colombia tiene muy buenos jugadores! (Y)

    55. Heleg Julián Rivera Murillo

      Messi me parece el mejor jugador que yo haya visto pero creo que el Barcelona juega mejor sin él, ya que cuando él juega todos juegan para él y dejan de ser un equipo.

    56. Ch ûm

      de jong is just pure class how he dominated the midfield especially the first 30 mins on his own was insane! valverde if this genius isnt a starter this season i will find your house!

      1. Husnawadi Husnawadi

        I love the last sentence.

      2. اصطوره القيمرز ٤٤

        恶化热跟OM们 de jong doesnt know how to play

      3. Jorge408

        You ain't gonna find no one dumb ass

      4. cruel deep in

        De jong is a excellent anchor but we have busquets i dont think de jong can be at his best in the other middlefielder position

    57. jackson swette

      I was doing a summer economics program at university of Michigan, it was my last day there, so me and the friends I made at the program discovered that this game was happening minutes before. We decided if we got in to this game it would cap off a great week at the university. We ran down to the stadium and scalped tickets for $18, yes, $18 a ticket. None of us being huge soccer fans, it was such a fun experience and the atmosphere was amazing. Definitely one of the highlights of my summer.

    58. Marlie Athis

      im happy only for Griezzman ,he comes to arrive and already champions,the best team forca Barca

    59. Ibrahim Permana

      Woah that assist from de jong 😍

    60. peak

      Suarez é monstruoso

    61. FayZeN En Y

      La complicité entre suarez et Griezmann est fantastique 😱👍

      1. AH Grancha

        ESMERALDA TRONCO MONREAL It’s a joke. Griezmann loves Uruguay

      2. AH Grancha

        Uru inSec 🤣

      3. Uru inSec

        @ESMERALDA TRONCO MONREAL Ah no me digas

      4. adrian cocococococollado

        @Uru inSec No me duele lo del mundial, no tengo mucha hambre ahora y... Aguante Macri(?

      5. Uru inSec

        @ESMERALDA TRONCO MONREAL Tiene el corazón y los huevos de un Uruguayo, pero entre pechos fríos nunca van a entender

    62. Jose Cruz

      Glad to say I was there 💙❤️

    63. David Lionheart

      The first goal of Griezmann in Barcelona.

    64. Hector Hiram Miranda Flores

      Guys Dembele almost killed Griezmann on that celebration jump

    65. Ank an

      Dembele almost injured Griezman on the celebration

      1. Samo


      2. 1Messi10

        Ank an I think Dembele injured himself by doing that...

    66. Emil Jaison

      Soo good without Messi, imagine how good the team will be with Messi. I hope everyone doesn't depend too much on Messi like the last few years.

      1. Emil Jaison

        @Evan Martinez5071 dude you are so wrong. I am a die hard Messi fan but I feel like everyone in the team depends too much on Messi. Sometimes others have to step up. Football is not a one man game. I felt that Messi had to do all the work last season.

      2. Dead Shot

        Spanish media = lies

      3. Mohammed Hashim


      4. Evan Martinez5071

        Emil Jaison I feel like your just a messi hater, Messi has won Copa del Ray Top UCL scorer Top Europe scorer Top scorer in Spain 5x player of the week for UCL 6th golden boot Most assists in Europe Most hat tricks in Europe Most free kick goals La Liga Winner Won super Copa de España Got his team to the semi final of UCL Most shots taken, shots on target, and most chances created All in 2019

      5. Tyracriz 254

        Messi is getting older The younger messi was fire

    67. Kreative Speedstv

      Coutinho knows he’s leaving after that shot 😂😂

    68. Wieslaw Sobocinski

      Griezmann & Suarez przewyzszaja wszystkich pod kazdym wzgledem

    69. Girl in Yellow

      I got to go to this game best day of my life!!!!!

    70. Dark Hùng

      Suarez's finishing skill is incredible

    71. Jordon Jackson

      As a Barcelona fan I miss Leo but I'm glad that Barcelona is performing this well without him... Keep up the good work BARCA (Also congrats on Griezman first goal and I love how dembele playing keep it up... As usual Suarez is awesome) 🔥🔥

      1. Ed's ASMR

        @Vladimir Herbilla - no, he was transfered to a club in Argentina

      2. Castro 21

        Vladimir Herbilla you sound stupid

      3. Jordon Jackson

        @Vladimir Herbilla Injured

      4. Vladimir Herbilla

        Why Messi isn't playing?what is the reason is he retired?

    72. Prxnce Anime

      Suarez looks more serious and clinical this season

      1. Francisco Viega


      2. Trueteller My

        No doubt about it. Still admire him since Liverpool time. Happy for him when he joined Barca from Liverpool. Luckily he reject Arsenal nightmare offer (42Million+ £1) that time before.

      3. alex kanyima

        @Frederick Rodriguez indeed

      4. Frederick Rodriguez

        it's only preseason but he looks thinner and fitter which is a good sign

      5. alex kanyima

        For sure

    73. Abdul Hadi

      Alena and de jong's passes and that front 3 😍❤❤❤

    74. William Hermandez

      Hay que reconocer que el portero del Napoli topó muy buenos tiros si no uviera sido por el quizás mete más el barca

    75. Rampigod

      Vamos Barçaa!!!!

    76. Nabil Amin

      4:24 De Jong's pass😲😲💪🔥🔥 Absolutely masterclass.Barca will fire in this season.Forca Barca💜👍

      1. aleksandar petrov

        @Indian Superstar fair

      2. Nacero Beta

        2 offside 2 legal

      3. Zonsah Naveed

        I thing barca can win the champions league and laliga with this outstanding combination

      4. Indian Superstar

        @aleksandar petrov as a pool fan i agree, city have a far better squad, but our team is the only thing city are scared of in england and we will fight till the end of the season

      5. aleksandar petrov

        @Indian Superstar still are, I mean they already got 3 prizes in this season, may be small prizes but they still are. And Liverpool lost to city in the community shield.. Yikes. Ending one point behind city for the league and then losing again to city. It's clear which team is the better one.

    77. Melqui López Abadie

      El estilo de juego del barça en este encuentro se ne hace parecido al estilo de la Premier League. Les da esa sensación?

    78. arca

      I was there it was a very good game!

    79. Natty

      De Jong🔥🔥 Great future for Barca

    80. Rosfita Ena

      Dembele First Goal in the New Season💙❤

    81. Mishad Morshed Zubayer

      De jong is the best thing happened to Barcelona in recent times. With Arthur-Dejong in midfield and messi-suarez-griezmann in front line. This Barca team looks ominous for opponent team in coming seasons. 🙏

      1. Rahul Upadhyay

        Obviously all of those comments were suppose to be troll, how obvious is that. just like to have fun with these triggered head dumb people. They react as if their world collapses... Lmao

      2. Rahul Upadhyay

        @Squidstone that's quite obvious isn't it, shit head

      3. Ansh Chhabra

        @Rahul Upadhyay lol another troll spotted with a chicken brain, maybe Valverde sucks you everyday because he's a chicken himself hahahahah

      4. Squidstone

        @Rahul Upadhyay Fuck yourself bitch Troll

      5. Aeras Ross

        What a troll...

    82. Call me Vedo

      Suarez and Grizemann were perfect

    83. jacobo plotnicoff

      Este partido me acuerda al Liverpool vs Barça (4-0)

    84. Sebastien Herve

      Que golasso de luis suarez


      The spirit continues to Barcelona

    86. Jos Guzz

      What a performance from dembele! I knew this guy had so much potential. We just have to let him be and support him. ❤️💙

      1. kush m

        i love dembele bro so happy that hes kind of into it again. happy also about griezman joining and bringing some joy into the team also umtiti is at it again.

      2. MrDowilkins

        His skills have never been in question, his sense of effort and his unhealthy habits plus injury prone body and irregular performances. But when he plays well....

      3. freaky banana

        He always had the potential. He just has to stay focused

      4. Oscar 24


    87. Luis Mata

      Ousmane Dembelé batalla mucho para pegarle bien al balón. Aunque es muy veloz.

    88. Xolisile Happy

      Dembele getting better and better with more minutes, needs to work on shooting and then we're in business.

    89. Muhammad Firas Andanawarih

      It’s ginna be Dembele’s season 👌🏼

    90. Nguyễn Anh

      De Jong played so well this game, btw congrats Griezmann

    91. Belen Servin

      Just look at Suarez one touch finish from outside the box Amazing🤩

      1. Honest Ronaldo Fan

        Belen Força Barça bullshit, lukaku's first touch is a trillion times better

      2. Fabrizio Roveda

        Oh wait...that was a fifa video....oooo

      3. Cecilia Zúñiga

        Belen Força Barça Grande Lucho!!

      4. Ronaldo ROKKETT!!!

        @Paul Isaac Init

      5. Paul Isaac

        He just makes it look so easy

    92. Kjh 272

      What a pass from griezmann to suarez 2:00 amazing

    93. chan seyha

      Dembele still the best for me

    94. Heleg Julián Rivera Murillo

      el Barcelona es un equipo que juega muy sabroso atacando pero que es desequilibrado, que cuando lo atacan también le llegan facilmente.

    95. ARGENTO 14

      golazo el de suarez 👏👏👏

    96. John arokiasamy

      De Jong is a brilliant midfielder .. the king is back ( Lionel Messi) 💞

    97. 1111 abonnés en 0 vidéo ?

      J'étais le seul qui à chaque ballon touché par griezmann me disait pourvu qu'il gère ^^? Et je suis plutôt satisfait :)

    98. Umesh Pandey

      Who's here after the draw 😊🤞😎😎

      1. Akmal Teshayev

        I'm here after 3 1😂

      2. MohGoat

        I’m here at 3-1

      3. My musical.ly

        Umesh Pandey im here to see barcelona winning in two hours

      4. MohGoat

        Umesh Pandey when it says 4 minutes ago 😁😁

    99. Jini Sunny

      It is difficult for a Barcelona goalkeeper to get into the frame in the highlights

    100. Gerardo Muniz

      Did anyone see Greizmann celebrate Suarez signuture celebration🤣

      1. محمد حسين علي احمود

        @ki yoon he never got there

      2. ki yoon

        @Grace B. He'd be laughing less when he'll be on the bench!!

      3. Grace B.

        Gerardo Muniz. Yes! And Suarez was laughing..

      4. Goodnews Moses

        Gerardo Muniz I saw that too