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FC Barcelona

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    The first team flies to Saudi Arabia where they will face Real Madrid in the Spanish Supercup Semifinal.

    Xavi Hernández named a 24 man list for the competition: Ter Stegen, Dest, Piqué, R. Araujo, Sergio, Riqui Puig, O. Dembélé, Dani Alves, Memphis, Ansu Fati, Neto, Lenglet, L. De Jong, Jordi Alba, F. De Jong, O. Mingueza, Umtiti, Iñaki Peña, Nico, Jutglà, Gavi, Balde, Ez Abde and Álvaro Sanz

    Despite being in the squad Araujo, Ansu Fati and Frenkie de Jong make the trip without having been declared fit.

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    1. FC Barcelona

      Follow tomorrow's LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE ahead of Wednesday's Clasico: kzsection.info/green/bejne/s32jpaGLnYdupaM.html

      1. Bots_Revenge

        why is this being played in saudi Arabia

      2. Simo Zbir


      3. Anon Anon

        Another lose

      4. Michael Nikonos

        The Clasico in Saudi Arabia? Sorry, but that's definitely the stupidest thing I've ever seen. The whole world is talking about climate change and we are flying to the Bedouins to play football. That's just gross, really. Football is becoming more and more of a farce. 😡😠😡

      5. Futebol Art Clésio dcs

        Contratem o ANTONY do Ajax seria muito bom para o nosso Barcelona

    2. Jeff Magnato

      Memphis is such a cool dude. He's always smiling and making others feel good. Alves and him should be great friends.

      1. Clarity with Teekay podcast

        Won’t be around for too long unfortunately

      2. LexasYT

        @Jeff Magnato doesn’t matter innocent mistake

      3. Jeff Magnato

        @LexasYT yes, I'm sorry

      4. LexasYT

        @Jeff Magnato hes dutch

      5. Jeff Magnato

        @LexasYT yeah. After all, I'm grateful of Memphis for coming to our aid when we had nothing.

    3. Raheemy42

      With the debut of Ferran torres, I'm expecting a strong performance

      1. Abdullah Faisal

        @Petrit Gjeraku yeah

      2. Petrit Gjeraku

        @Milton Who, Grealish?

      3. ben ban

        They are about to be hammered.

      4. Milton

        He's an overrated Man City bench player

      5. D L

        He wont play

    4. lol

      Visca Barca go get that win vamos!💙❤️💪🏼🔥

      1. Raul Lezama

        You will suffer tomorrow

      2. DJ GaMeR DIKPAL

        Next level jai hoo

      3. Danttuw


      4. Someone That does something

        More like good luck cus you will need A LOT of it

    5. Wayward Winchester

      Viva Barca!

      1. Filip Vasile

        Hey did not expected you to be a Barça fan😂

    6. Cavalinhos do Brasileirão Série B

      Daqui do brasil torcendo pro Barcelona 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇪🇸🇪🇸

      1. CDE CHEFÃO

        Vamoooo Barça ❤️

      2. Ruan Silva


      3. Laura Rocha Ribeiro Souto

        Tbm vai Barçaaaaaaaa 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💙❤️

      4. LOS EDTIS


    7. Renacuajo

      Muy feliz, además con la noticia que Ferran y Pedri también irán a Arabia 🤟😎

    8. Fad3nHD

      Vamos Barca!

      1. janasevakendra ply


      2. Velxed

        Let’s go boat lol

      3. Fenerbahçeli2738

        We wil win

      4. Mustafa Islam

        Yeah let's go boat!

      5. BARCELONA

        Let, goooo

    9. Jordan Chuchu Mike

      I think arajuo and Fati are really close , always together even at training

    10. Mr. Incredible

      Feeling so happy when saw Fati in training session .. After Messi this man will lead barca to its glory ❤❤

      1. Ali Fatima

        he need protect many la liga club have no shameful for harm barc future player like pedri fati soon Spanish FA will blame perez tebas many spain club for lots damage spain national in the world cup upcoming

    11. الزعيم العالمي

      🇸🇦ojala ganes el supercampeonato, que te bendiga en tu segundo pais

      1. TiKToK bro


      2. الزعيم العالمي

        @خالد علي عنيزي اي والله 😂

      3. خالد علي  عنيزي

        انشالله نفوز مازمن مافزنا على ريال مدريد

    12. Fernaris Mazo Diaz

      A por ellos mi equipo 💙❤️

    13. Miguel L

      Dembele is like the cool kid at school that you always wanna sit next to but he always gets you in trouble lol

    14. MARIO Forsberg

      Memphis and Dani seem to be on the same frequency, this is going to be a great friendship

      1. Edilberto Medina Jr.

        @Singh Ranjeet I agree, Memphis is one of our better crossers of the ball, he’s played Left Wing a lot too in Lyon

      2. Stommy Shabir

        Pray that Vinicius doesn't take us down 🙏 with its current form…😬

      3. Stommy Shabir

        @Singh Ranjeet i do not think so. In the left wing there should be an attacker who dribbles and collides like Fati.

      4. Singh Ranjeet

        Memphis should play on left wing

      5. Stommy Shabir

        not for a long time

    15. King Ray

      As a PSG fan I love most of the players Memphis Dembele Fati but the fact that they’re not giving good results makes it very sad!!

    16. Thony John Jr.

      Go Barça for the Clasic.❤💙

    17. @CFCMoi11

      Hope Ferran gets his first goal in this game

      1. ben ban

        Lol. Militao and Alaba will stop him.

      2. Petrit Gjeraku

        He probably won't perform that good given that he hasn't played in a long time and it's the first match with new players add covid to that too. Same with pedri, he usually doesn't have a great game against big teams and hasn't played for months as well. I hope I'm wrong but I don't see how the hype for those two is worthy at least for two weeks till they gain rhythm.


      Memphis is such a cool dude. He's always smiling and making others feel good. Alves and him should be great friends.

    19. Hrauft

      Super Copa should be played in Spain I like this series too to see how the players travel

    20. Liiban Boojo

      Cannot wait ferran and pedri in the squad😍

      1. mulfandom ships

        @Adhiraj Rathore they had covid19. (after that they tested and the result was negative) soon they'll arrive at the airport tho

      2. Adhiraj Rathore

        @mulfandom ships but they were not in the convo list on instagram

      3. mulfandom ships

        @Adhiraj Rathore yes both of them

      4. Adhiraj Rathore

        will he play?

      5. Petrit Gjeraku

        @Haziri 🤞

    21. Magic Dark

      Vamos con todo a por la victoria que somos el Barça ,Força Barça! 🔴 🔵

    22. claudio montoya

      Que bueno volver a ver a Georgina en el canal 👏👏

    23. Nata Li

      ¡La victoria es tuya, Barça! ✊✌️🙏🙂

    24. اسامه العتيبي

      Welcome to Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 💚

    25. Alex Kotanow

      Visca Barca go get that win vamos!💙❤️💪🏼🔥

    26. Het Darji

      Looking forward to this game! 😌💙❤️

      1. ben ban

        They'd definitely be beaten up real good.

    27. Abisai Aguilar

      Man imagine just working for FCB. Love this Team.❤️

    28. Issame Mehnoune

      Pedri is back ❤️

    29. Argentina 🇦🇷

      Todos estamos contigo, confiamos en ti, te deseamos victoria y éxito, cree en ti y podrás vencer (Vesca Barsa Visca Catalunya 💙❤️)

    30. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    31. Zenaldinho

      Glad to see player recovering now quick so glad 💙❤️

    32. Favour Ifebunandu

      Why is dembouz smiling, I feel it's a good feeling that he's gonna renew. Forca Barca 💪💪💪

    33. Arvind Kumar

      you should do more videos of the trips to different teams i find them really interesting

    34. Cheick Kévin Baziémo

      I just love this club so much!!!💙❤

    35. Leo Messi

      Vamos barca we should win this Clasico we haven’t win this for 2 years let make history in this el clasico,VISCA BARCA!!!!💙❤️

      1. Antony Joyal

        @Leo Messi yes.. The difference is we are the best and you guy's not even in top 5 in la liga and will play in europa leauge 😂😂😂

      2. Leo Messi

        @Antony Joyal another real fans🤣🤣🤮🤮

      3. Antony Joyal


      4. Modie030


    36. ProSoccerKing 10

      We got this win Barca!💙❤

    37. Jacob

      Dani Alves has been a breathe of fresh air for this squad. He will be a great influence on Memphis and Dembele especially.

    38. Susshi- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

      Memphis is such a cool dude. He's always smiling and making others feel good. Alves and him should be great friends.

    39. bassey samuel

      Great news on Fati, Pedri and Ferran.. Barca 💪

    40. Fxrce


    41. Miguel Sanchez

      Mes que un club ❤💙

    42. Nestor Mujica

      Vamos Barça y mucha suerte 🔴🔵♥️💙🔴🔵♥️💙⚽⚽⚽🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

      1. Henry Kojo

        Amen 🙏🏽 🙏🏽

    43. YW 1

      Fé y a darlo todo🙏🏻💙❤️

    44. Steelroy Free

      Quin fàstic foteu ja. Molt bons continguts. pero esque ni subtítols poseu! Appc. Article 6è Llengua pròpia La llengua pròpia del FC Barcelona és el català i, com a tal, és la que s’utilitza de manera normal i preferent en totes les activitats del Club.

    45. Fury Nitro

      I wish Depai can be at his prime like he was in Lyon in 2019 or when he first came to Barça before he gets released

    46. Manuel Johnson

      Força BARÇA we will comeback stronger 💪🏻 ♥ 💙

    47. Love begets Love

      I respect everyone who were involved in this, seriously the best piece that l' ve ever seen on youtube ,Hats of to well All! Love your videos

    48. Love begets Love

      I respect everyone who were involved in this, seriously the best piece that l' ve ever seen on youtube ,Hats of to well All! Love your videos

    49. RealTalk Barca

      Interesting to watch Memphis and Davi Alves… Also Umtiti and Dembele… wonder if Umtiti signing is a good sign for Dembele resigning? Really want to see Fati Memphis Dembele front three Also want to see Fati Torres Dembele And Dembele Fati Torres Fati Jutgla and Dembele So many combos

    50. Jonathan De La Peña

      Delantera: Ferran, Ansu y Dembele 🥵🔥💙❤️💙❤️

      1. ELOY

        @Juancho98ツ Se yo metería a Jutglà o Depay

      2. Juancho98ツ

        Dembele ofrece muy poco para lo que cobra

    51. Reda ATT

      Força barça ❤💛 vamooossss💪💪💪💪

    52. Pranam P

      No expectations only vibes 🙂

    53. Yagoh Caldas

      Vamos vencer 💪🏼🔥🚀

    54. Adan Suarez

      Always muy support to Barca!

    55. Oscar Martinez

      We want to see Barcelona win tomorrow Memphis please shine ✨ with your potential and goals give us the victory ✌️

    56. Xavi i

      We want to see everything… behind the scenes todoooo


        Just to find out there gona get wrecked I say just don't be surprised with tomorrow's result. It's going to be embarrassing

    57. VeGito Pubg

      First Clásico for Xavi as a coach 🥺🇪🇸🥺

    58. PES 2021 SKILLS

      Memphis and Dani 🥰

    59. Gus Tavo

      Is the inside of that hotel made out of gold!! Jeeeeshh!! Let’s go Barça 💙❤️ 🏆 !!!

    60. ImBsH

      El mejor club del mundo es el Barça.💪💪


        @ImBsH de que tu club esta valiendo verga en estos momentos..

      2. ImBsH

        @TOONSAVAGE ¿De qué estás hablando?😑


        🤣 nomames te la jalastes oh hablas en serio ..

      4. kronic turbo


    61. Simmy- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞

      Daqui do brasil torcendo pro Barcelona

    62. Joyal Joseph

      Am waiting at Riyad to see this match live 😘😀❤️

    63. Mau 10

      Let’s try and get this dub Barca 👍💪

    64. Jorge Cardona

      Vamos Equipo!!

    65. 🌧️🌧️ pluie pour dormir

      Força Barca visca Barca💙❤️

    66. Tomas Serna ospina

      ¡Visca el Barça! 💙❤💙❤💙

    67. Messianic Gaming

      Vamos Barca.... 💕❤

    68. Neil Menezes

      If you're traveling with Dani Alves and Memphis Depay.. You're never going to be bored

    69. Eh Mec

      Vamos chicos vamosssss y visca barca ❤️💙🔥

    70. AnKa Culer

      I missed Braithwaite a lot 💙❤️

    71. Stommy Shabir

      I really like this club ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Stommy Shabir

        @Mikelkaka Mikel cuerda dus het is cool 👍🏽

      2. Mikelkaka Mikel cuerda

        Ik hou ook Van barcelona ik ben super verliefd op barcelona

    72. Miguel Angel

      Vamos equipo💙❤️💙❤️

    73. Xavier Cuevas

      Vamos chicos a la finar. ♥️💙💪

    74. M

      Iwould like that in the future that you change your game tactics, stay well behind and wait for the team to come to you, you will have a lot of chance to score goals, better defend to better attack visca Barça

    75. Soccer Editor M.

      Man xavi is gonna make the best squad

    76. Nima Sichani

      Visca El Barca 🙏🏽💙❤️💙❤️

    77. Anshul Sharma

      Ferran and Pedri are coming to Riyadh 😍🍾

    78. kevin david

      Subtitulos en español porfa

    79. 👉NHS👈

      Welcome to Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

    80. Zoe Mirabal

      Maravilloso barca les deseo lo mejor mucha confianza diosito los acompaña

    81. Bakare Christopher

      Bring the trophy to camp nou 💯🤩😘 luck

    82. Omar Naguib

      Visca barca Mes que un club 💙 👏

    83. Faxi Ahmedov

      Memphis depay 🖤🥇

    84. Ariel Oliveros

      Visça Barça 🟣🔴🟣🔴🟣🔴🟣🔴

    85. Kshyanaprava Samal

      I love barcelona.Thank you Xavi and team

    86. kagebunshino

      Lets get that win and revenge boys! VAMOS ! Visca Barca💙❤️

    87. Marlon Brown

      Dani's character is always positive

    88. Afraz Maazi

      Classico right around the corner 👀😋


      Vamos BARCELONA 💙💗Todos juntos

    90. wedi negede Negede

      Good luck Barcelona ❤❤

    91. Ari Ervandi

      Welcome to Riyadh. 👏👏👏

    92. 19_060 Delpiero Agustino

      Dembele's smile makes me happy

    93. ꜻᴌΊ ᶳʰʰꜻᵈꜻţ

      الله يقويكم بدنا نقلب الطاولة يا رجال 😎🇸🇾

    94. 西本和矢


    95. عبد الله

      المملكة جميلة جدا ومفعمة بالنشاط تبارك الله فييسكا بارصا

    96. _,aktep_ gg

      Только победа!

    97. Abushkara_Luka

      Visca El Barca Vamossssssssssssssss Barca 💙❤️💙

    98. adikaputra

      i wonder what language do the players speak with each other from a different country like memphis to alves or else who speak spanish to dest which is dest from america

    99. Chris

      More Memphis, please

    100. Osama Awwad

      Forca barca forever ♾️