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FC Barcelona

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    Despite losing to Real Madrid on Wednesday, the FC Barcelona president stressed how proud he was of the team's performance

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    1. FC Barcelona

      PROUD 💙❤

      1. Abbes Rz

        You will never win Any trophy if you still trusting Alba and busquets

      2. zeyzey

        Solution for Barca sell useless player like Sergi Roberto, lenglet, umtiti etc.

      3. Ayon Jayed


      4. Salome Kakhoberashvili

        Of course we curlers are so proud!!! It was best game!! ❤💙❤💙❤👏👏👏😌😌🌟🌟🌟🔝

      5. FIFA MOBILE 21

        Proud? U guys just lost

    2. lol

      Proud of this team 🔴🔵

      1. Qwesi Plus

        Orgullós d'aquest equip❤️💙

    3. AnKa Culer

      Can't describe how much I love Araujo. He'll literally give his everything for this club 💙❤️

      1. extcamping

        Time to give him a new contract ASAP as soon as someone leaves. IF he leaves for 30m I'm giving up

      2. YT-Xrayy

        @NJ 430 Who was the player of the month last month? It was Militaõ. If Aruajo was a better player they gived it to him but he's not so Militaõ took it and he is known now as the best defender in la liga for winning the player of the month

      3. La Casa Blanca

        @tchateur72 Camavinga

      4. Ansh Agarwal

        He can become a true leader and captain of this side

      5. Mrinal Gupta

        Araujo is a true cule

    4. himanshu patkeshwar

      Yes it was a great game doesn't matter if we lost,we fought till end Well played Barca 💙❤️

    5. Luis Preval

      Jugando así, podemos quedar entre los cuatro primeros de LaLiga y podemos ganarle a cualquiera. Vamos Barca!!!

      1. jairo acosta

        Osii jajajajajaj 😂😂jajajaja

      2. Memphis Depay

        No tiene lógica tu comentario, primero dices "podemos quedar entre los cuatro primeros de La liga" pero después procedes a decir "podemos ganarle a cualquiera" & es como ¿cómo vas a ganar a cualquiera estando en 4ta posición o como vas a estar en 4ta posición cuando según ganas a cualquiera" 😂😂😂😂

      3. Venticalo


      4. Soccer Dude

        No chance

      5. M3dina_310

        @Andrei Carranza 🤡

    6. thibault

      Even in the victories or the defeats we will always support Barça 💙❤ So happy for the returns of Fati and Pedri

      1. Alejandro Corona

        @Berto de los santos Luk De Yong Guas Beder Tan Ferran Torres Luuk De Jong Fue Mejor Que Ferran Torres

      2. Alejandro Corona

        @GgSinkon Jaja Chistoso Me Reí 🤯😐🐐

      3. Berto de los santos

        Luuk de Jong was better then Feran Torres

      4. GgSinkon

        @Alejandro Corona I can speak Spanish😏 See, Spanish!!

      5. reality

        @Alejandro Corona no u

    7. Raquel Culé


      1. Rishikumar Potshangbam

        Luv U from India

      2. B2RÇ6

        @hola mañana con mucho gusto crack

      3. Luis Alberto Vidaurre Vargas

        Piqué out

      4. _ImSlimeh_

        @danlayal No seas Virgen

      5. hola

        @B2RÇ6 Escribe bien

    8. RPG_BlackRock

      I'm proud of all of team especially Pedri and Ansu Fati , " WE ARE COMING BACK"

      1. Amugus Gaymer 69

        @KillerWolf316 bruh when did I say I dont appreciate the others?! I love barca as a team not only pedri. And why hate if others praise him or ansu? And he made so many key passes but barca couldn't make it count. If u r asking my opinion on Jutgla, Nico or gavi or even riqui puig then bruh I love them! They are the future of barca. Trash talk them pffff u r the one trash talking here bruh fake barca fans??! Look at the mirror first. Every single comment here where the people praises pedri u r trashtalking there. Get a life are u even a barca fan? Ig not so dont put your noses where u dont belong

      2. KillerWolf316

        @Amugus Gaymer 69 how did he give so many key passes but we only scored 2 goals?? And two goals in which the first one happened in the first half when Pedri wasn’t even in the match yet. The corner which Alba gave for Fati to score, wasn’t a pass from Pedri. What pedri did was give key passes away and let important possession be lost. Honestly I’m done arguing with you fake ass optimistic ass supposed “Barcelona fans” a real fan would notice the good and the bad of each player and you guys love to focus on what you guys believe is good because the media says it’s good. What’s your opinion on Jutgla? Or Nico? Or Gavi? Or best yet, what do you guys think of Riqui Puig? I bet you guys love to trash talk them. But why? Because nobody shows them the same amount of attention that Fati and Pedri get from the media. In my opinion, Jutgla should’ve started the match or at least come in at second half while Dembele is on, and probably try to push Pedri in there too. Bousquets caused the match because he delayed many plays by slowing them down or returning the ball back to Ter Stegen to start the play all over. There was no attack as well as middle because De Jong was nowhere to be seen, Gavi had a rough match and like I already said, Bousquets does not fit that Center Midfield role. And pedri coming in did not resolve anything. I don’t have anything against pedri but I hate it when people praise him and swear that they see hella football on the guy when he couldn’t even make 3 crucial passes to create goal scoring opportunities

      3. Amugus Gaymer 69

        @KillerWolf316 bruh watch the match again he did make some bad passes but look at his game he gave so many key passes that game

      4. Leo Messi

        @KillerWolf316 who cares about my profiles accept you??nobody right so stop complaining about my profile and try to be mature🤦🏻‍♂️didn’t even use your common sense

      5. KillerWolf316

        @Leo Messi you’re calling me a kid yet you have Lionel Messi as your profile and his name as your username... you’re so optimistic. Why don’t you try to mature and be realistic

    9. Rohan Basur

      I'm so happy Pedri is back, almost forgot how magical the young boy is 🌟

      1. Leonel Padrón

        @Jordan Chuchu Mike look, if you really want to check out who had a good match without scoring or assisting. And if you really like football, check out Ferland Mendy vs Barcelona. Quietly, without so much fuss and marketing, this guy had an AMAZING game!!! Just check him out!!! Again, nothing against Pedri but he was just an average player in this game!

      2. Leonel Padrón

        @Jordan Chuchu Mike 😂 Not sure why you got triggered. :) I'm aware that Pedri has been out for month!!! And it SHOWED!!! That was my point! I'm sure he can be better than that, I've seen him played in top form but he was far from it! And that IS my POINT!

      3. Jordan Chuchu Mike

        @Nom Nom Nom pedri

      4. Jordan Chuchu Mike

        @Leonel Padrón stfu dude hasn’t played soccer In over 5 months came back and had to play against one of the best midfield in football and had a good game , you didn’t see the game


        @KillerWolf316 lmaoo u replied everyone who praise pedri. Hope u have happy life don’t to be bitter person

    10. Willian Guimaraes

      Acho Que Foi Uma Das Melhores Partidas Do Barcelona Nas 3 Últimas Temporadas Apesar Da Derrota

      1. Sebastião Nkenda

        Concordo plenamente contigo. Perdemos mas estivemos muito bem...

      2. Lolo

        @Alejandro Corona Ahora está mal tirar centros? jaja las excusas madridistas dan risa. Vosotros solo sabéis jugar al contragolpe, y nosotros decimos algo? No, está perfecto

      3. Izanar

        Top 3 partidus maus epicous de la temporada

    11. zw. rk

      So proud of the team ☺️ Visca Barca ❤️💙

      1. Азизбек Худоиев

        реал карол

    12. MMAKH01

      Proud of this team 🔴🔵

    13. Aj

      I’m so proud what Barcelona did yesterday y’all did good I hope y’all keep doing it Ik you guys lost but they way y’all played was unbelievable 👏👏

      1. Berto de los santos

        @Hog Rider reality bites!

      2. Aj

        @Hog Rider wait what I’m not of proud of losing

      3. Hog Rider

        @Berto de los santos this is what u call a fake fan of football.

      4. Berto de los santos

        Proud of losing?

    14. MPPM

      So proud of this team and big thank you to Xavi. That was first time in my life, when i wasnt angry about lost againts Real. You showed you can play with one of the best team in the world. This team has big future and i cant wait to another matches and years of this club :) 💙❤

    15. KENSON FC

      Sin duda alguna el Barcelona es y seguirá siendo el mejor club de la historia del futbol.💪🏆💪

    16. Andrés Alonso

      Amo a Laporta enserio jajaja el discurso del final fue un gran gesto para todos los jugadores, es un presidente que está muy involucrado con sus equipo y eso me gusta

    17. Andres PS

      Que orgullo me dan muchachos, lo dieron todo lastima que se perdio la verdad, nosotros los cules nunca nos bajaremos de este barco, VISCA BARCA💙❤

    18. Malte Niehues

      Proud of this Team and excited for the Future! If Haaland joins us in Summer, nobody can stop us From winning titles!👊 Visca Barca ❤️💙

    19. HeRo 22

      Visça el Barça more than ever 💙♥️

    20. Melo Madian

      Love for ever ♥️ this is my club . Thank you Xavi for this change . I’m so proud of my team 🙏🏽

    21. Mohannad M

      WOW, so proud of this president

    22. AnKa Culer

      We played amazing and deserved to win. I'm very proud of my team 💙❤️

    23. Abdoulrahman Salma


    24. n u

      Los barceloneses siempre decimos que es mejor perder con una buena actuación que ganar con una mala actuación💙❤

    25. Elton Babayev

      I love this club, proud of the team

    26. Cesar Fregoso

      Así si equipo, vamos adelante 💙❤️

    27. Daniel Lema

      Me gusta la positividad que hay en el barcelonismo 💙❤️

    28. Franklin Terziyski

      I am proud to be a Barça fan. We played men and I am sure that the efforts will be rewarded. Great club, great players, great coach, great president. Respect and pride. Més que un club

    29. Stunna girl

      You can just see the mood of the barca players . Thanks laporta for that speech. Hopefully it will motivate our players

    30. Dennis Flores

      Ya es momento de no solo intentarlo sino lograrlo 💪 somos el Barca Mes que un club ❤️💙

      1. Lolo

        Bueno, con 6 jugadores volviendo de lesión es un poquito difícil, sabes.. dales tiempo

    31. Yoel Arokeum

      Mi equipo de corazòn 💙❤️

    32. yeRiKHo PaNe

      Pedri will be a big star with other young players if there are no injury barriers

    33. ᴛʜᴀʀᴇꜱʜ 10

      So proud of seeing it 😍 Let's play like this in every game 😍😍 Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    34. Edumex Mendex

      puede que hayamos perdido pero en mi opinión esto fue lo mejor El juego del Barcelona en lo que va de temporada los jugadores jugaron sin miedo y eso le gusta a la afición, poco a poco vamos mejorando

    35. Señor Futbol

      Partidazo que nos brindó este clásico 👏👏

    36. RedKingPerfect 19

      Orgullo puro!!! Con este proyecto volveremos a lo más alto muy pronto!!! 🔴 🔵 VISCA EL BARSA 🔴 🔵 🔥

    37. Slikhaar Games

      I was surprised by the performance. Really happy despite the loss we have a promising team with many young players. Hopefully next season we achieve bigger things.

    38. Jonathan Muteba

      Força Barça Strong attitude 💪

    39. Sebastião Nkenda

      Dembele jogou muito mas muito mesmo.👏👏👏👏

    40. Celia 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е

      Can't describe how much I love Araujo. He'll literally give his everything for this club

      1. Sonia Greco

        fuera spammer

    41. Cruyffista De Corazón

      Gracias mi barçita ayer jugaron con orgullo eso se agradece por favor cada partido que sea así viska barça ♥️💙

    42. Alonsso!!

      Orgulloso de este grupo ❤ 💙

    43. Top Football

      Its sad we lost but, the team played amazing, beautiful football and brought back the barca spirit. Mes un que club💙❤💙❤

    44. Bille

      There is so much promise in this Barça squad. You can't watch a game like that and not be optimistic about the future.

    45. Sandwich

      I'm proud of this Barça, even if they do not get us the results we expect, I'm happy we fought until the end. We can compete for top 4 and win trophies under Xavi. Visca El Barça, Visca El Catalunya🔵🔴🔵🔴🔥

    46. مريم❤⚽️

      Orgulloso de este gran equipo y gran partido👏🏻 ViSCa elbarca💙❤🇮🇶

    47. AnKa Culer

      So Proud Of My Team 💙❤️

    48. Joseph Arias

      Orgulloso de ser Culé💙❤️💙❤️ "VISCA EL BARÇA"

    49. Neha

      I'm proud of my team 💙❤️💪

    50. Tarun Mungurah

      Been watching Laporta's speech again and again. Proud. ❤💙 Visca Barca Love from Mauritius 🇲🇺

    51. MSN

      Love this team proud to be Barca fan we will bounce back soon visca elbarca ❤️💙

    52. S Villeda

      Laporta ❤️💯 se nota que le importa mucho el club, es tarea del técnico dar esas palabras de aliento y sin embargo es de los pocos presidentes qué habla con la platilla

    53. sleevedh22

      SO proud of these guys, SO VERY PROUD! ... Barca fan for life!!! OrgulloSISIMO de estos chicos! Un fan de por vida!!!

    54. To ReĐa

      From iraq with love 🇮🇶💟 *Vamos Barça 🔵🔴*

      1. To ReĐa

        @zw. rk ♥️⚘

      2. zw. rk


    55. J. almadhaji

      Yesterday's match brought our spirit back .. good job 👏

    56. 西本和矢

      Força Barça❤️💙

    57. Aldair Hidalgo

      😎❤️💙 Visca Barça. Orgulloso del equipo. Un equipo que juega con amor a la camiseta. @FC Barcelona gracias por devolver la ilusión, vamos juntos en este gran camino ❤️💙

    58. Joshua Adebanjo

      I'm so proud of you guys.. you all gave a good fight 👏 💪 ❤

    59. Samuel Francs

      Great ball played by the team❤️💙 visca el Barca

    60. Xasan Cadde

      I'm so happy pedri and fati is back they are good players ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    61. ashercollindias

      So Proud of this team. Presidente is absolutely right that this is the right way that we are on! We look forward! Visca Barça! ❤️💙

    62. Hui 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me

      Acho Que Foi Uma Das Melhores Partidas Do Barcelona Nas 3 Últimas Temporadas Apesar Da Derrota

    63. [HENAH] H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve

      Acho Que Foi Uma Das Melhores Partidas Do Barcelona Nas 3 Últimas Temporadas Apesar Da Derrota

    64. José Humberto García Pacheco

      Feliz de acompañar a este equipo ☺️😍❤️

    65. FRQ MEDIA

      PROUD💙❤️ We’re gradually getting back on track. Visca el Barça 💙❤️

    66. Prabakaran Mariyappan

      Proud of this club 💙 ❤

    67. Sebastian Rosales

      Jugando así ,es que estamos muy orgullosos. Este es el camino y ojalá pronto veamos al mejor barça posible. :)

    68. Nofa Jr

      I was at the stadium and you made me so proud and made everyone go silent, I will never stop supporting you no matter what 🥺💙♥️

    69. Arthur Andrew

      @5:41 a trademark of a true striker is being there at the right place at the right time to score that goal - Grande Luuk! ⚽

    70. Elliot Diaz

      Very proud of the team we will fight till the end 💙❤ and for the return of pedri and fati

    71. Kevenson Jeanpierre

      Este equipo tiene mucho futuro ❤️💙 visca barca💪🔥💪

    72. GOKUL VS

      We Are Proud to be a Barca Fans.... Best Performance in El Classico Here we go,... We Can Win 💙❤️

    73. el kuka hernandez

      Joder me emocionao con Laporta y los chavales vamos chicos estamos orgullosos 💪🏻 pronto estaréis en lo más alto que dios os bendiga

    74. John Hunter

      Proud of the team! VISÇA BARÇA💙❤️

    75. Rafael Vasquez

      💙❤ Força Barça 💙❤

    76. Rodrigo Leal Ontiveros

      Siempre positivo y a seguir luchando Visca Barça y visca Cataluña , vamos Barça!!!!! ❤️❤️💙💙🔥🏆...

    77. Mohamed Amine Jmal

      as a barça fan I'm proud of these player❤️💙

    78. Pepe Rodriguez

      I love this we are coming back, VISCA BARÇA ❤️💙

    79. mm. hellboy

      Dembele my man tried his best ❤️💙

    80. chrstian martinez

      Dembele had a great performance, but he really needs to work on his finishing.

    81. AlonsoG M

      🗣️Siempre juntos Barça 💖💙

    82. BeaT ShooT

      Thank you Sir, for telling the players what i wanted them to say. Visca El Barca!

    83. Gabriel Alvarado

      En la vida todo es posible vamos barça si se puedo a trabajar duro y demostrar quien son ustedes el mejor equipo del mundo 💙❤

    84. manoj Manoj

      Until My Last Breath Visça Barça ❤️💙

    85. Pinki De Sarkar

      I am so proud to be a Barca fan but still going forward we hope that barca will be doing at his level best so as always ViscaelBarca

    86. John Dillinger

      It really made fun watching them again, very optimistic for the future. 💙❤ visca barca

    87. Fabio Luizaga Sandoval


    88. Dhyey Desai

      The way Gavi played,, fearlessly in the 1st half ,,🔥

    89. Walid04

      El millór club del mon 💙❤️ saludos de Alemania 💙❤️ schöne Grüße 🇩🇪

    90. Lisandro Estrella

      Es muy lindo y la gente del Barcelona se tiene que sentir orgulloso por qué su equipo lo a dado todo y me gusta estos vídeos en que el presidente habla con los jugadores y les agradece por el partido que hicieron los jugadores me gustaría que mi presidente haga lo mismo con los jugadores de boca cuando hagan un partido así Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷 a la gente de España

    91. Diaz Astovilca Dither David

      Ayer miré al Barcelona que tanto extrañaba es el inicio del cambio, ahora a ganar todo muchachos.

    92. El Marselo

      Ojalá se quede dembele hizo un partidazo y es muy bueno y le vi comprometido ojalá se quede.

    93. Steven663

      This is all we were asking for . even if we lose its okay we just want some passion and heart in the field and they gave us just that . Results will come buy first we needed passion and I slowly see that coming to the team

    94. Andy T

      Apesar de la derrota, vaya orgullo que me hacen sentir estos chavales! Hace largo rato no me sentia de la forma que me senti ayer, viendo un partido del Barca. Ayer se jugaron un muy buen partido, con caracter y con corazon! Esta claro que hay cosas que se pueden mejorar y con mucho trabajo y compromiso se lograra, pero este es el camino y mas que nada, esta es la actitud. Animo chavales, con cavezas en alto! A seguir trabajando, porque todos estamos en este barco y aqui remamos todos juntos. Confio en Laporta y confio en Xavi. Se que vienen cosas grandes para nuestro equipo! Visca El Barça! ❤️💙❤️

    95. Jose Ss

      We saw the old barca in yesterday match. Very proud of their attitude, Visca Barca!!

    96. zehwa zahoor

      Our Golden Boy Pedri & Ansu missed them so much, glad they're back.

    97. AniMozz

      Video downloaded ✅ Will come back to this the day we win titles just to remember the hard times the team has gone through

    98. Lynden Nettey

      The best match of the season by far. 🔴🔵

    99. Liban Abdi weli

      Barca will always be in our heart we did well in the classico i'm very proud of our upcoming generation let's keep fight i'm sure the win is ine way forca❤barcaa❤💯

    100. Beqa Beraia

      Proud of ya guys🔵🔴✊