FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

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    With just two minutes to play, Barça looked to be heading out of the cup when the blaugrana pressure finally paid off, the away side scoring two late goals to take the game into extra time. In the additional 30 minutes, Ronald Koeman's side secured their place in the semi-finals with goals from Griezmann, De Jong and Jordi Alba to seal victory! Check out the highlights!

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    1. FC Barcelona

      This team NEVER GIVES UP! 🔥💪🔵🔴😍

      1. Chappu Saaf


      2. Mercy Joseph

        We Need Inistiea

      3. RSC


      4. Baruk Pj

        Best and the greatest team around the world... I'm a massive FAN

      5. Ibnu Septy

        Cooo, oo

    2. Dokterpedia.net

      *GRIEZMAN ALBA MESSI* ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Richard Junior

        Lah kok Mimin kesini? 😂

      2. FCBlack

        GAM 😂


        Dokter bola😄

      4. Aldit Mahardika

        Mbak dokter suka bola juga ternyata 😅

      5. stsetia mulato

        Bu, kita suka 1 team yg sama. Artinya apa ya bu yaa? 😂

    3. frank kiboye

      I love Messi's work rate in this game. He went deep to get the passes for the first two goals. A true captain's performance

      1. Arvind Kugan

        Lot unlucky he deserved one or two himself.

    4. •Always Barcelona•

      *He's the one and only GOAT!* M: Magic E: Extraordinary S: Spectacular S: Special I: Incredible

    5. youtuber

      I love how everyone hated Griezmann before this game, now he is loved.

      1. Fire Stick


      2. Ariel Jupiter

        @Joseluis Lopez griezmann literally the reason why pique scored the last min goal against Sevilla

      3. Lillihamer_75 Les puy

        @Xotic Gamers say that again 😂

      4. Xotic Gamers

        @Joseluis Lopez What type of drugs do you take?

      5. Joseluis Lopez

        Mans still been a big dissapointed for barcelona lol barca got too thirsty thinking they could buy the champions league. Now they hurting 💰

    6. Arnav Chinchankar

      Who is here after comeback against sevilla😂❤💙

      1. Aristocratic_Democratic


      2. Adam Rayyan Gamers


      3. Adam Rayyan Gamers


      4. juan

        @Aditya Rajan yessss

      5. Aditya Rajan

        Im here after we won copa del rey🔥

    7. Rajwant Kaur

      What a great form griezmann is in . He scored 2 goals and 2 assists in a single game . That's incredible

      1. Lorina

        He's great 💙👑

      2. Shivam Pawar

        @LeonelBeasty please wait some more time..

      3. amador flores

        Mi idolo

      4. ARTIFICE

        @Ayu Safitri its not that bad now ..umtiti just miss passed...araujo and mingueza are amazing

      5. Navin Mishra

        Absolutely very true

    8. NADPost

      Kena Comeback... Uhuiiii.... Balpalé balpalé... balébalé..... Granada...

      1. Danang Bayu

        Gabisa basa inggres

      2. mahira gibran

        Orang indo anjir

      3. entrando dalla finestra ci sto

        sacred babbelè umtitti nigga power

      4. Pesantren17

        Stadiumnya rame ya

      5. Hafid H

        Gw kira mau tiktokan

    9. GOAT

      1:17 he felt the FULL wrath of Messi 💀💀

      1. Daniel Rodrigues


      2. alessandro

        @Prodigee haha 🤣

      3. Prodigee

        Lmaoo i felt that hit from here

    10. Omar Camara

      2:37 I like how Jordi Alba didn't care about the pain of the kick on his face while he was scoring the goal and celebrated the goal happily with his team.

    11. Hail To The King

      Um dos jogos mais incríveis que já vi!! Um espetáculo 😍😍😍


      This is the Griezmann we were waiting for sooo long to see. 7 goals and 6 assists in last 10 matches 🥰😍❤️

      1. ok

        @Adhiraj rathore LOL

      2. MattMuscle 2019

        What are you on about now? 13 goals from Greizmann so far. Second biggest contribution to a team in la liga. Gets in all the areas a top class player needs to and that none of our others except messi does. He’s also further forward than messi is. And he plays others in like he played in Alba. Bagged a brace in the super cup. He’s been good for three months you just haven’t been watching. It’s not up to Greizmann and messi and Alba to save our asses every time! It’s up to the other players to not wreck it! Which they nearly did yesterday!

      3. Adhiraj rathore

        nice profile pic

      4. Adhiraj rathore

        you are right omparakash gupta

    13. Rubro Negro •

      Jogo maravilhoso, da arrepios 😍😍😍

    14. greylon junior

      Messi is a beast he had the game right here

    15. R2406 playz

      If Griezmann keeps up his recent performances and our defence are so good, we would win every trophy. I love Barcelona

    16. Manoj Chhetri

      Winning game with a epic comeback,never giving up This is real Barcelona❤🔥

    17. Natalie Johnson

      This is the Griezmann we wanna see every week, that was class.

      1. Kevin Ethan


      2. Bailey Bigham

        @Fotune I know setien sucked and I'm glad he got sacked but also greizo needed time to get on messi and the teams good side

      3. Iracema Silva


      4. Fotune

        @Bailey Bigham it wasnt simple for him to join the time cause he didnt played his position then setien destroyed him with allways bench him or early out its normal you lose ure confidence now he have it back and is on fire

      5. Bailey Bigham

        He needed time to become a great player for barca

    18. Abinav Dev

      Do you see almost messi built every goal in the match

      1. Fakrul Azam

        Thats the fact bro..but got some idiot just only care who is score,..they only know,who has score more goals,then he is best player..but the fact is,they dont know how much important messi in the team...

      2. Abinav Dev

        Yeah that's why he is the goat

      3. Fawaz Muhammed

        @Abinav Dev yeah broo...1st and 2nd goal from Messi's long balls and next Messi's cross deflected which reached free Alba and easily crosses to Griezman and scores 4th goal from rebound of Messi's shot 5th goal came from the Messi's build up at start ......Our Playmaker❤💙

      4. Abinav Dev

        Am I right???

    19. Freddy Vilchez

      Bellos momentos de la temporada pasada se nota que sin messi no es lo mismo

    20. youtuber

      This is the Barcelona I like, what a comeback. PSG vibes in this place.

    21. Bradley Fynn

      Koeman really gave us amazing moments, Respect to the legend

    22. Mostafa Azadegan ꪜ

      18 corners, 36 shots, 20 on target. 5 amazing goals WHAT A GAME!!!!

      1. ronistar

        @safron yes

      2. safron

        @ronistar 1061 that's crazy

      3. 18_Muhammad Danah Izdihar Javier

        3 cross bar

      4. ronistar

        You see the the ball pass how many

    23. Kwabena Boateng

      Granada keeper made a brilliant save from Griezmann's over headn kick

    24. Park Chaeyoung

      Griezamnn improving day by day.....so impressed to see him play like that!😘

    25. Bethel Francis

      We came back to win the Trophy, Congratulations FC Barcelona

    26. ميدان التحرير

      Forçaaaaa Barçaaa 🔴🔵

    27. para adapted

      This is the griezman that we wanted to see👏🖤🖤🖤

      1. Nischal Tiwari

        only against grandam...not week and week out

      2. Padli Moch Channel


      3. Park Chaeyoung

        Really True!!!

      4. 56 Risav Chakraborty 12 sc

        @Nathaniel Benedict every cup game is big ...ir logic is like ...against granada isnt big Bt against lyon or ajax or hoffenheim or apoel is big ..cause its UCL

      5. Stone age streamer

        @Nathaniel Benedict he is lethal since last 9 matches..blind duck

    28. Thái Hoàng My

      the last goal, the pass from Grizi and the shoot by Alba really turned me on 😍

      1. Anouar dz

        Sure it did

    29. Goku FF


      1. Nava

        Messi fan aano da

      2. JANAK

        Ivideyum inda 😍🤧

      3. KING LEO⚡️

        മെസ്സി ഫാൻ ആണോ 😁

      4. Mundiru Kun~

        Chrono tod

      5. Mundiru Kun~

        @rie ganz wkwkw

    30. Avyam kukreja

      Watched it for like 10 times but every time I’m so excited to watch it again An insane comeback !! Forca barca

    31. Mark Loh

      Great comeback! Can we have the time of the goals scored in future clips? Thanks for the great summaries of the games!

    32. Eusebio Antony

      This was the best Barcelona match I've watched in the past 2 years...those last 33 minutes were legendary 🔥🔥🔥

      1. B Foh Bishal

        @Mark Safa 😅😅🤦🏻 Typo

      2. Tesla Raflas

        Yes after that villareal comeback in 18/19

      3. Mark Safa

        @B Foh Bishal Kormans hehe

      4. B Foh Bishal

        We have been doing well in away games under Koeman’s management.

    33. Steven Regars

      Y pensar qué hay personas que quieren a Griezmann fuera del Barça. Esta temporada fue una parte fundamental para lograr esta copa

    34. Michael Ngecha

      that 112 min alba goal still gives me goosebumps till now

    35. Abhishek Ramachandran

      That final assist 🍃 & goal 🚀 🔥🔥

    36. Lerf

      - *GOLES* - GRA 1-0 BAR - Gol de Kenedy: 0:29 GRA 2-0 BAR - Gol de Roberto Soldado: 0:50 GRA 2-1 BAR - Gol de Antoine Griezmann: 1:57 GRA 2-2 BAR - Golazo in-extremis de Jordi Alba: 2:34 GRA 2-3 BAR - Doblete de Griezmann: 3:08 GRA 3-3 BAR - Gol de Fede Vico (P): 3:33 GRA 3-4 BAR - Gol de Frenkie de Jong: 3:46 GRA 3-5 BAR - Golazo de volea y doblete de Jordi Alba: 4:10

    37. Alex Lowe

      Let’s just appreciate the determination shown by our team to come back like that. Incredible performances from griezman and Alba

      1. Saurav Kashyap

        @56 Risav Chakraborty 12 sc 🔵🔴

      2. 56 Risav Chakraborty 12 sc

        @Saurav Kashyap u r right ..bt as i said some fans use this as a way to insult messi saying he didnt do anything ... Bt whereas he was the prime iniesta xavi today .. although i believe griez was great ❤️❤️❤️ cheers mate we can ..forca barca

      3. Saurav Kashyap

        @Lamborgini Bukati ✌🏽

      4. Saurav Kashyap

        @Nikola Tesla Ohh... Just reverse the case and imagine, if Messi scored all the goals and Griez, Alba, De Jong assisted him... Almost every single guy like u would come out saying - "Oh Messi still carries Barça" , "this club is dead without Messi", and all other blatant stuff... U said, "Because he didn't score, u can't go unnoticed of him". But ppl like u will be the first ones to forget this thing when the reverse case as I mentioned happens.

      5. Lamborgini Bukati

        @Saurav Kashyap absolutely true

    38. Arbaz Khan

      Griezman is looking great this year, great to see this team coming up again

    39. محمد اليافعي

      Every attack the team leads always starts with Lionel Messi I miss Messi 😭💔

    40. Sachindra Kshetrimayum

      The quality of that last volley....sublime ❤️

    41. Tandaon Sitanggang

      Thanks Grizman, Messi and Alba. Epic come back 💪💪

    42. MrBeaming

      Griezmann has improved so much, he’s turning into the Atleti Griezmann.

      1. Vijay Kumar

        You know it's a Atleti Griezmann when he attempts a bicycle kick and also he rises up on the big occasions.

      2. sadbirthdays!

        Lets stop hoping for Atleti Grizzy, this is the Barca Griezmaaannn.

      3. faraj s

        He is gaining the momentum but not as a atleti griezzy but as a barca griezzy 🔥

      4. Zidir Kran

        MrBeaming World champions first classe ⭐️🇫🇷❤️


      griezmann was amazing 2 goals 2 assists

    44. ADARSH K S

      The greatest comeback 🔥🔥

    45. Mário O Génio Bué Fixe


    46. Afif Harist 2005

      Line Up Granada A. Escandell 13 (GK) V. Diaz 16 D. Duarte 22 G. Sanchez 6 Carlos Neva 15 Y. Eteki 8 Angel Montoro 19 Antonio Puertas 10 A. Soro 26 Kenedy 24 Roberto Soldado 9 Barcelona M. ter Stegen 1 (GK) S. Roberto 20 R. Araujo 4 S. Umtiti 23 J. Alba 18 F. de Jong 21 S. Busquets 5 Pedri 16 Francisco Trincao 17 L. Messi 10 A. Griezmann 7

    47. Aditya Arya

      This was not the grizemann at the start of his barcelona career. Confidence matters so much. Wow. A big lesson to us that confidence can literally do anything to anyone. Incredible 🙌👍👏👏

      1. A Demosthenes

        @Aditya Arya Let me explain something because it seem you are very ignorant, you are partially right, a good player need everything, from confidence, to hard work, to talent, but nothing, absolutely nothing can substitute talent, you can be the hardest worker in the world, without talent it will take you just so far, maybe you will be the best player in your weekend league but never make it to the pro level, about the confidence part, of course genius you need it, but like i said in my previous statements the experts and plenty of people here make it sound as if Griezmann in this particular case can go from an amazingly confident player when he plays with his national team to someone without any at all when he plays with Barcelona, and now because he scored (the rest of his game have been really good to me) suddenly he have confidence again, i honestly hope you understand it now because i can't make it more simple.

      2. Aditya Arya

        @A Demosthenes I just stated that hard work is more important than talent what's stupid in this. I don't get it. Who ever disagrees @ me. Btw to be a good football player you need to have everything. Including confidence. If you don't have confidence, how will you show your true self to the world if you know your self inside your a coward

      3. A Demosthenes

        @Aditya Arya Read this genious. A Demosthenes 1 day ago @David Wan I think you didn't understand my comment, I have never say that a player don't need confidence, but the way the experts talk they make it sound as if confidence is something you have if you play well and don't if you don't, confidence is something people either have or don't, you can't make a mouse behave as a lion, a confident person may loose it over a long period of time and regained the same way, but here this people make it sound as if just because Griezmann have a good game suddenly he is confident again, is like when they talk about lets say Atletico, when they loose they have no style, they didn't have a heart and so many other stupid comments, when they win suddenly they have personality, they know how to suffer....it's just a way to sell and it works because many people believe it. And i have nothing to discuss with you, a person that put confidence or hard work, over talent don't know anything about futbol pendejo, funny thing, first it was confidence and now it is hard work, such an idiot.

      4. Aditya Arya

        Another thing watch talkfcb you clearly don't know much about grizemanns situation his a good yt who is a barcleona supporter I hope you get a thing or 2

      5. Aditya Arya

        @A Demosthenes You clearly stated "a player does not lose or gain confidence" can you recheck your comment before arguing

    48. 👑 King Kenzo Kwansa

      Defence is a bit leaky to my liking. You know we're a long way from being the force we once were. No real optimism with the dire situation the club is in right now and the Messi situation is adding oil to the fire. Let's hope and pray we get back to the level of our glorious past as quickly as possible. Starting with the presidential elections.

    49. Brandon Bello

      Who’s here after the Sevilla comeback 😎

    50. Cậu Lợn Lòi

      1:25 Maybe that was griezmann’s SUPER GOAL!

    51. Aritra Ray

      This just shows that when there is messi there is hope

    52. drink water

      18 corners, 36 shots, 20 on targets . We deserved to win.

      1. Gorka Pascual

        @NLE 2137 do you play in FC Bareclona? I've never seen you playing

      2. Shivam Pawar

        Bruh 18 corners and we didn't capitalize on a single one😓😓😓

      3. isaac ait.

        @Hansel Barret our attack wasn't good either

      4. Ravi Shrivastav

        Aroujo and umtiti both were sloppy unlike previous games otherwise we played pretty well

      5. Electro Gem

        They had one of the best defenders in the world we should have signed him, their goalpost

    53. Tathagata Bishayee

      Messi literally carrying the midfield😂

    54. Barça for Life ¤

      What a game. Miss you Messi 💔💔💔

    55. Daniel Calvin

      Those Messi Assists 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    56. Hernando Andrés Escobar

      todos los dias vengo a ver el partido para sentirme bien :3

    57. BarcaTPS

      Griezmann and Alba's chem was stronger than the periodic table!

      1. Al_x

        caught yo ass lacking in here

      2. jo an shir

        Ich bin Bayern-Fan

      3. это то

        Пари мач кидалы осторожно

      4. ZERO

        Nice u play tps

      5. Manithoi Konjengbam

        Their combination is dangerous than CORONA


      After the Champions League comeback against PSG in 2016/17, this was the 2nd best comeback ever in football history. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    59. Bootcamp king Suhail👑

      1:19 every man can feel his pain

    60. Aarush Deshpande

      You don't need to score all the goals for the team every time to be the best player. A great assist matters more :) Great work Barca!!

    61. Mthembi Seema

      Who's here after we claimed our 31st Copa Del Rey Trophy ? 🔵🔴🔥❤️

    62. Killshot

      Messi be like:- If you ain’t gonna lemme score, imma contribute to each and every goal.

      1. Ramos Fransiskus

        True. All goals begin from his movement bro. Class

      2. pavan darshan

        @Pro-bot08 it is

      3. Pro-bot08

        @pavan darshan not

      4. Kevin Ethan

        @Pro-bot08 lol savage

      5. Kevin Ethan


    63. Dereck Marowa

      Lionel's involvement in the Goals 1,2 and 4 is phenomenal. He is a machine

    64. Elio Marquez

      Comenzamos Perdiendo, pero se voltio el marcador Visca Barça

    65. zuygj bnsv

      That Antoine Griezmann assist for the 5th goal! And how the hell does Ousmane Dembele shoot with both feet? And what is Lionel Messi made up of?

    66. Nabeel

      Imagine crowd being in the stadium 🔥

    67. ECE-21-Subhrajya Roy


      1. Lucas G

        @Common sense is not common are you slow? Guess you really do live up to your name

      2. Common sense is not common

        @Lucas G He is what?

      3. Lucas G

        @Common sense is not common cuz he is 🤡

      4. AJAY SINGH

        @Common sense is not common No one knows what god has decided for Barça...

      5. Common sense is not common

        @AJAY SINGH We will see Barca maybe back in la Liga but the UCL is a different beast

    68. minij hooi

      If Griezmann keeps up his recent performances and our defence are so good, we would win every trophy. I love Barcelona

    69. cedric Bossman

      I m here after the comeback vs sevilla

      1. Barca fan

        Me too

    70. Ligma

      What a show from Messi, kids in the future will never truly understand how good he is based on the numbers

    71. Nsovo Lovejoy Mnisi

      This game is the stuff of legends!!

    72. Undefound

      Barca after hitting the post 100 times: Enough practice, game on!

      1. Tsoi Mark


      2. Ayushman Mohanty

        20 shots on target ffs

      3. Undefound

        @Restu Wibawa yes 😅

      4. Kevin Ethan


      5. RAN IME


    73. Tahir Ali

      This match inspired us "NEVER GIVE UP"❤️❤️

    74. Renzo marin

      Partidazo de griezmann 2 goles y 2 asistencias

    75. Zulkifli jamaludin

      What A team... THIS IS Barca that I always love!

    76. Gather Ye Rosebuds

      Wow griezman really shone in this one ☝️ that’s last goal was phenomenally set up 😧

    77. Paul Tony

      Griezmans last assist was out of this world what a class 😱

      1. Crayon Writer

        @Jubaer Khan gotcha, yeah the volley goal was superb

      2. Jubaer Khan

        Think the original comment is on about Griezman's outside the boot assist for Alba's volley, you know, his last assist?

      3. Crayon Writer

        @MAK GAMING 2.O it was a pass from Messi and a headed pass from Griezmann to Alba it's all obvious, and on camera for fucksake.

      4. MAK GAMING 2.O

        "Don't lie who else is a FAN of Barcelona for more than a dày?" *(Barcelona Just Commented on my newest Video Thanks!)*

      5. Amisha

        2 goals🔥 2 Assists🔥

    78. Polock gaming

      watching this again after the comeback against sevilla

    79. Jordan Faubun

      Last goal is incredible 🔥

    80. SRares


      1. Banana Duck

        Both ways. PSG, this copa del Rey, but also Roma+Liverpool against us

    81. Atharv

      i actually like these type of matches . less fans no commentary and you can hear them play

    82. Fraser Morgan

      It’s great to see Griezmann finally getting his confidence back and playing really well atm

      1. Vivek Singh Singh

        @Abian Morina with all due respect to him, he isnt good enough for Barca and will cost us in big games .

      2. Ayu Safitri

        The defense of barca so bad, yo can to repair it on next match....

      3. Q & A Football

        that header was against three players 🤯

      4. Abian Morina

        Time for braithwaite to get confidence!

      5. Sarang Harish

        Yeah.. so nice 💪💪

    83. KenManoR m

      I honestly just find it sad that this Barca has had such a bad time defeating Granada.

    84. Anubhav Ghosh

      The Trivela pass from F. De Jong for th last goal , is just miraculous

    85. Hesham Farrag

      I really miss Messi the GOAT

    86. Wealth Chidi

      This is what I called TEAM WORK.👏👏👏👏

    87. Animesh Pande

      This is what seperates Messi from other strikers. He was not on the score sheet but played like a beast was a part of every goal they scored and was just phenomenal with his dribbles and passes. He is a world class attacker and a world class play maker and has been doing soo from the day he stepped in Barca A squad. THE GOAT🐐❤️.

      1. Animesh Pande

        @Labib Hassan Daammnnn🔥🔥❤️😂

      2. Labib Hassan

        @Uptown Funk yeah Pedri+Messi

      3. Uptown Funk


      4. 222 Tamal Chakraborty

        Messi was unlucky, his sure goal hit the post 😓.

      5. Hudsonn

        It'll be a shame when he leaves 😂

    88. SO AAA FF

      Messi magic❤️

    89. Abiola Ademuyiwa

      This is the same reason I feel bad for Griezmann when it was time to decide who to ship off the wage bill. The guy has been tremendous, compared to Dembele who has spent most of his time at the club on the sideline

    90. Marco Gultom

      Wow.. what a match. Granada wow. Barca wow. 👍🏽

    91. PraBu And Di

      Thank you Greizmann & Alba. Special thanks : Messi, the humble Man!

    92. SIBI K

      Griezmann deserves a lot of praise. He was everywhere, did everything.

      1. The 444Allstar

        @D.I.O Let’s be glad he is now showing that he is worthy the money Barca payed. He was inconsistent when he joined but now he is doing really good. Let’s hope he keeps this up.

      2. Daniel Nascimento

        @D.I.O you forgot that in 10 games he scored 7 goals and 6 assists

      3. D.I.O

        We all know Griezmann 1 good match and 10 bad matches 😐

      4. Ifron Technology

        @Max Well yaa he is the next Suarez, perfectly right place at right time. Reminds me of Higuen tho.

      5. Max Well

        @Ifron Technology lol no one denied anything. Messi was orchestrating the play, but griezmann played to prove his place.

    93. Gholam Tamaki

      One of the best comebacks from.FCB😍🔥

    94. Tahir Ali

      One of the best match ever❤️

    95. Maria E.

      What a shot from Alba !! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

    96. The Centurion

      Alba and Griezman combination in this match was devastating.

    97. Keller Lokomotion

      Griezman On Fire🔥

      1. kaz

        your defence is teffierd...na na na na na na na na na na na na

      2. Sse Qwasss


      3. Yasser

        And Jordi alba

      4. Soledad Pasmiño


      5. Soledad Pasmiño


    98. Goose

      1:18 look where the ball goes lol Feel bad for number 2 lmao

      1. olaf lol

        Shit man🤣🤣

    99. Mário O Génio Bué Fixe

      MESSI IS MESSI 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    100. Bryan Goh

      Wow Messi great leader, & Griezman keep up Barcelona style. Beautiful Barcelona game 🔥