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    Leo Messi will host a press conference at 12pm on August the 8th. Subscribe and follow it live.

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    1. Unusual Hacker 2

      The moment when I realized that "thank you" is a very small word to define this legend💔💔

      1. Anonymous User

        @yes hi Ok pendu tuventus kiddo🤢🤣🤮🤮🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay

        @Gegen Press Podcast You are the most incredibly clueless person. this man arrogant. You are.

      3. أمة واحدة One nation

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      4. Leo

        shut up

      5. Leo

        ni modo

    2. R0CK0Nbaby

      My heart absolutely broke watching Messi cry, I sobbed along with him. He is the reason I fell in love with futbol, my greatest inspiration, the one person who made me realize just how superhuman humans can be. I will always support Messi, wherever he goes. Whichever team gets to have him will be so incredibly lucky, I can't even imagine how wild the clubs must be now in scrambling to try to win him. Thank you Messi for bringing so much passion to this world and to our hearts

      1. Anonymous User

        @Edmond Scott Penaldo Kid!🤢🤣

      2. Yeycob


      3. Supreme Pictures

        @Donovan Shepperd well he just said that he's inspired by Messi... And he's my idol what's wrong with it? He worked hard and I want to worked hard... I didn't cry when he cried though.. But got emotional... We are humans man we got emotions..

      4. Rohan

        @Leo how the milk… wait soz. Your dad hasn’t got it yet.

      5. Edmond Scott

        Crocodile tears.

    3. gabriel chinsato

      He always said that he's more interested in being a good person that a good footballer. Although he is exceptional in both. Wow, such humility. No hint of arrogance, non whatsoever. Truly the GOAT.

      1. Jicu

        @chuck meister money talks have 3 kids my friend ,he diserve to go psg to bee the best again......im still barca fan but messi is the best and he diserve this

      2. Unik Arora

        @Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay look now you can see after departure of Antoine greizmann we can keep messi at 50% Laporta is a clever politician You can't trust him

      3. Arie PY

        @BBCpower Bro come on, read the News, even Messi cut his salary too 100%, he cannot continue in barca, look now Barca need pique cut his salary for registration Memphis. See the news first and go comment, lower brain

      4. Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay

        @BBCpower He couldn't stay even if he accepts 0 money. Rules. Inform yourself.

      5. Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay

        @medovaca why not?

    4. Ronnie Raven Riedo

      Even the translator is almost crying. This gives me goosepumps. 👏👏👏 Good luck at Paris and hopefully you may go back to your club of life when you're retired, Messi! ¡Leyenda! 👑

      1. wnnalis cioov

        name on it! 😭💔⚽️

      2. wnnalis cioov

        thank you for everything Leo, and most importantly, thank you for making me love Football. we'll miss you

    5. Pradeep Samudra

      I cant stop crying myself after looking at messi cry...he is the most genuine, honest, hard working and most talented foot baller I have ever come across in my entire life

      1. Pradeep Samudra

        @BungleBonce knowing english language cant judge a person's talent my dear brother

      2. Evolving Everyday


      3. BungleBonce

        Although technically he's better than cristiano ronaldo, messi has the personality of a rock and can't even be bothered to learn English. Overall ranaldo is a better personality and works harder

    6. Score 7i

      The sadness in his face will always remain there!😩. End of an era and a legendary era I hope will come after this🔥🔥🔥

      1. @ ʟᴇᴏ ᴇᴅɪᴛᴢ

        @yes hi yᴏᴜʀ ᴅᴀᴅ

      2. Leo

        shut up

      3. Leo

        shut up 🤫

      4. Junior Dos Santos

        @Andy Sanchez yeah

      5. yes hi

        Pessi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    7. KaZR 19

      Leo and Cristiano lit up a lot kids Careers We have never thought this would happen😭But about more than 5,000,000 kids are delighted with what you delivered to them

      1. raspberry

        @Holy Roman Empire exactly

      2. Holy Roman Empire

        Probably 100m+ people started watching football thanks to them

      3. SevGames

        5mio? Minimum 100

    8. Mary

      He’s inspired many soccer legends and made an impact to sport society today, he will always be the goat. You will be missed Lionel Messi 🐐🐐

      1. Gent X

        Messi is a great sucker. Mas dinero Mas dinero!

      2. Donovan Shepperd

        @Mary How old are you to know that he inspired many soccer legends? And Which soccer legends excaltly? Dont get me wrong he, because he is The GOAT. But I think that you are young, true?

      3. Dhruv Maslekar

        U ruined my day by saying soccer

    9. luvaja

      My heart broke when he cried, he's my idol, he's the reason why I'm on the travel team for my age group, I'm gonna miss him being on Barca, I have a Barca shirt with the his name on it! 😭💔⚽️


      Messi kelihatan sedih banget ya, jadi ikut sedih. semoga karirnya semakin baik kedepan

      1. Ferdi Satria


      2. my life my love

        @Muhammad Dhimas bocil 😂,7 ballon d or cil itu , wajar nangis cil di barca dr umur 13 taun cil lu belom lahir iti 🤣

      3. CyberDaOof

        Pada ngomong APA jir

      4. Muhammad Dhimas

        Messi gue jamin di PSG ga ad apa apanya malah makin hancur permainan nya sudah jelas disini Ronaldo lebih baik ketimbang Messi sedangkan Ronaldo pindah ke club' lain g ad tuh nangis karna mental nya kuat ga kayak Messi cengeng

      5. Maula Fadhlan

        Ini adminnya lupa ganti akun pribadi ya ? 😂😂😂

    11. Food4 People

      We Love you Messi , Stay Happy and keep Smiling Where ever you go ❤️

      1. Galih Pray


      2. Mpc

        ഇങ്ങളോ 🤣

      3. Arjun Jegannath

        Feel the same way

      4. ShakeLife

        With a lot of respect ! You deserve the best. And if you choose PSG, you will be welcome and we all we be grateful all over the world, in France, in Spain, to watch you playing football and winning trophees ! Messi, Di maria, Paredes, Mbappe, verrati !! Welcome to PSG !!

      5. muhammad


    12. Advaiyyd D

      Messi is still Messi, He's always there in our Hearts.

    13. SS Cubix

      Can someone break the record of most goals for barcelona: *Yes Possible* But can someone create the same emotion as mess did: *NEVER*

      1. Maaden_Swe

        No but thats only cause Barca wont win as much in the future, thats with or without Messi. And its a good thing, one team dominating is not good for the sport

    14. xKillAura

      This legend will always be remembered in Barcelona

    15. Magic Lens

      Lenda para sempre!

    16. Tj Kim

      The translator holding back his tears really just drives an extra spike of emotion in there.

      1. Siprut93

        @Miguel Garcia ur mom😎😎

      2. Unscripted 101

        @Trilok Ramdass ikr people are delusional😹

      3. Jay Nemes

        He is a legend

      4. Trilok Ramdass

        Get well soon for the people who still think Barcelona is doing a charade, just to put pressure on La Liga to change its policy for Messi!!!😂😂😂😂😂 But anyway, Good Luck for Messi for his future, most probably in PSG where he'll play alongside his close friend Neymar, Mbappe, and his countryman Di Maria!!!👍👍👍👍👍

      5. Ambika Ganesh

    17. Ashe89

      I have been following this genius since he started at Barcelona. In my eyes he is the best ever. But in all honesty I think this change will be good. He is a winner no matter where he goes he will will trophy’s and always have my support👍🏻

      1. Concussed Kenny

        @Leo dude, are you OK?

      2. Leo

        shut up 🤫

    18. Deidre Arrington

      This is heartbreaking. He is so, so hurt. I’ve never seen him cry like this. Under no circumstances did he deserve such a shoddy send off after all he’s given for this team and this sport. It’s painful to watch 😢.

      1. zombi2000

        @Deidre Arrington its very heartwarming that he's gonna play with his best friend, Neymar.

      2. Deidre Arrington

        @Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay yeah, I’m so glad that he genuinely looked happy today at PSG.

      3. Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay

        Very painful. I've been crying for two days.

    19. Muna Hassan

      Words are not enough to express our love for you♥️. We are grateful for what you have done for Barcelona and football. You are the best both with and without Barcelona. I wish you nothing but the best. We love you so much Messi, Thank you for all the special moments you made us live. Big hug♥️💙

    20. Kiyoshi

      The GOAT, Hopefully we see you wearing our colors again some day, what an amazing legacy Leo is leaving.

      1. Donovan Shepperd

        I think he never wearing the colours again as player, but as coach later on! 💪🏾

      2. Burnt Toast

        @Leo you should really shut up, this is hard for the fans and messi

      3. Leo

        shut up 🤫

    21. 吳鳳Rifat

      Messi left amazing memories in our hearts,many kids loved football because of him。He inspired people from all around the globe。He was a tiny kid when the journey started ,and that kid became one of the greatest players of all time。In these moment i just can say Thank you for everything Leo,hope your journey continues with smile and happiness ❤️ Hastala Vista Amigo 🇦🇷

      1. Jackson Pereira

        @DistantThunder12 Ck nah

      2. DistantThunder12 Ck

        This is why Ronaldo will always be better than Messi. Ronaldo did it in the three tops leagues in Europe, had the courage to do that and also did it as international level. Messi plays it safe surrounded by the best players in the world at Barca and then hides, cowers away in a joke, one team league.

      3. Jackson Pereira

        @gabriel27 ke??? no te entiendo

      4. gabriel27

        Ele não morreu ele só trocou de time

      5. Jackson Pereira

        @Vihainen Muumipeikko huh

    22. Thron

      It’s sad because the next generation won’t know how much this man has done for football

    23. mikea hiooi

      He is so well loved and respected , it so good to see such support his emotions are so real. Good luck to Lionel Messi and his family continued success in your NEW journey

    24. Bubai Ghosh

      When you cried I cried, when you lifted the trophies so did I. Thank you Leo for making our childhood so special. Thank you for making football our emotion. I hope I will do better in my life to meet you some day some where. Never loved any body like you. 🙂

    25. vgvr

      O melhor jogador do mundo saindo de um time muito bom

    26. ieraHDTV

      No farewell, it hurts it had to happen this way.

      1. marco alessandrini


      2. Natalis Repkovska

        That’s the most painful about this !!!

      3. Ajay Blaugrana!!!

        He said he is ready to come for a farewell that you mean.

      4. Mohamad Mirza bin Mazli

        Now u guys feel what we feel when ronaldo leave us 😢😥 so sad 😣 im crying too see this too even im not. barcelona supporter 😧

      5. Ala

        @Ayumi ratio

    27. runet33

      For many in the world you are a living legend! Para muchos en el mundo eres una leyenda viviente! Для многих в мире ты живая легенда! Спасибо за всё! Gracias! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    28. Nancy Burgio

      He is so well loved and respected , it so good to see such support his emotions are so real. Good luck to Lionel Messi and his family continued success in your NEW journey.

      1. MESSIAS


    29. Rahul Sharma

      GOAT Not only the greatest footballer ever, but also one of the most humble. Will miss him, but it will be difficult moving on without seeing him in barca colors ❤️

      1. Don't~•

        ᗪo₦Ƭ Ɽєαď 𝕄Ꭹ Ҏᖇöḟίl℮ ᎮᎥċŧüřє

    30. Daryan Ficks

      "I will be back."---- LEO MESSI In my heart you are never truly away from the club.

    31. Aaron Garcia

      This is a wound that I’m afraid will never heal, Messi was the reason I became a fan of a wonderful club back in 09. Each week I would look forward to seeing him play for Barca. I never imagined I would be here watching this video, only when he retired as a Barca player. My heart is broken but It is what it is. Life is full of surprises, only way to deal with it is to move forward and be hopeful. Thank you Leo, for the wonderful memories you gave me, thank you for making me a fan, and thank you for all that you’ve done for this club and it’s fans. You’ll be back, maybe not as a player but just know, we’ll be waiting for your return. I guess it’s true what they say, every journey has its end, and what a beautiful journey it has been….💙💔💙💔

      1. Leo

        shut up

      2. Leo

        shut up 🤫

      3. Leo

        shut up 🤫

      4. Aaron Garcia

        @Detroit gaming sorry I just don’t know how else to explain it, I’m sure others can agree with me, some take it lightly some take it harder

      5. Detroit gaming

        @Aaron Garcia if it was bad then a football player move to another club should be a cartoon story to you. I mean the man is not dead.

    32. tingneihat kuki

      He is very much loved by many and I am sure he will do well in the upcoming seasons as well. Spanish league may not be the same but he will still remain part of football and we will get to see many more good football by him. ✌️

    33. K S

      He couldn't stop his tears. Oh my lord! My heart is wrenching. I ended up loving football because of him, he's a lengend and will always be. May god give him better opportunities in his life where he feels happy & at peace 🤍🕊️

    34. Tomy Sandriya

      Not only legend, he is the soul of barca, thank you goat for the memories 🥲

    35. wnnalis cioov

      thank you for everything Leo, and most importantly, thank you for making me love Football. we'll miss you

      1. MESSIAS


    36. ItsAbdal

      Saddest moment in Barcelona's history. Saddest moment for Barca fans 😭. Legend and a 🐐

      1. Dharmin Acharya

        @Xiao Lu its the fault of their previous president

      2. Dharmin Acharya

        @ItsAbdal :yes it will be a sad sad day when both these guys decide to retire

      3. Yoyo Budi Prasetyo

        @Nik kaka8 so true. Just didnt thought that it would be like this for him. I imagine a last game, subtituted and standing ovation from the stadium. Just like other great players who gave their heart and soul to the club and badge. Its so underwhelming for a person who is considered one of the greatest.

      4. Mehdi

        One of the saddest moment in the football history

      5. Xiao Lu

        And i tought RM didnt handle CR well. Barca just topped RM. Barca let Mess cry infront of millions of people. I am not Barca nor Messi fan but i start to like him because of showing his humanity.

    37. That Random Channel

      The greatest player departs from his place. RESPECT.

    38. Bubai Ghosh

      That round of applause will never end.

    39. Gia Thawani✨

      thank you for everything Leo, and most importantly, thank you for making me love Football. we'll miss you

      1. Don't~•

        ᗪo₦Ƭ Ɽєαď 𝕄y ҎᖇöḟίŁ℮ ᎮᎥċŧüřє

    40. abbsnn cose

      thank you for everything Leo, and most importantly, thank you for making me love Football. we'll miss you

    41. Astrolead Strovouszky

      As a United fan, it's really painful to see Xavi, Iniesta, and now especially Messi to move from Barcelona, honestly I can't see Messi wearing another jersey other than Red and Blue. Respect.

      1. Kunal Patil

        @Mr. No Name it happened already right

      2. Mr. No Name

        @Kunal Patil True but at same time that’s hasn’t been a problem to them for years. Money seems to be limitless when it comes to PSG.

      3. Kunal Patil

        @Rohiya Nazrin possibly

      4. Astrolead Strovouszky

        @Rahul SINGH DEO I'm united through and through, those 2 finals Barca beat us fair and square, they were the best team at that time. I'm sad to see Xaviesta and Messi because we have those legends Giggsy, Scholesy as our one man club, it's so unfortunate that Xaviesta and Messi couldn't do the same. Gotta respect Messi tho

      5. Mr J

        @Ayush K I 0

    42. Nachi Tuber

      Thank you. That's all I could think of You and Cr7 lit up the La Liga for years together and i watched you for years in my childhood . It helped me grow and you were an integral part of my childhood. I'm thanking you for that . Have a good career ahead Man

      1. Olwen Droussiotis

        Hi Messi

    43. SR Aim - - -

      Messi left a heart with us big achievement he achieved now this will remain in our memories. When I heard this news i literally cired 😭

      1. gill hphpö

        practice english

      2. Your2TiminEx

        Get a life for God's sake

    44. Iván Jara

      será difícil recuperarse de este momento, yo prácticamente crecí viéndote jugar en el Barcelona y me será muy complicado asimilar que estás jugando en otro equipo que no sea este. Adiós Messi te vamos a extrañar y créeme que nunca olvidaremos los años maravillosos que nos has dado. 🥺😞😔😭

    45. Erin Krasniqi

      I've always seen Messi in Barcelona. I was born when he was playing for Barcelona, now that he's leaving it feels weird. In my heart, he will always remain in Barcelona.

      1. Melik Dogan

        @Leo you alright ? youre on many comments and say shut up to people who just comment there love for this man

      2. Leo

        shut up 🤫nn

    46. Qesek

      Saying that Messi is a legend is definitely not enough.

      1. zack plays fifa

        @FlyingDiCaprio psg

      2. Yash Ff kanjani

        @FlyingDiCaprio Paris club

      3. Yash Ff kanjani

        Messi in not only a legend he is an alien no one is like him is from outside the universe🥰🥰

      4. Balaji


      5. FiddyMK

        It definitely is more than enough.

    47. My Self

      11:05 This moments Made me cry. thanks leo I wish u all the best. Visca Barca!!

    48. Angelie Mamites

      Never imagined he'd leave Barça. 😭 Heartbreak is an understatement. 😭😭

      1. Leo

        shut up 🤫

    49. Soham Karanjkar

      The man has given his all to the club. I can hear the pain in the translator’s voice too😢

    50. Diogo Novin

      nós te amamos Messi e vamos continuar amando vc onde estiver Messi forever😭❤️

    51. k

      He smiles at his children even when the heart is full of pain and sadness. What. A. Man ❤️

      1. Maheep Panwar

        @yes hi yessi cry more yessi cry more yessi

      2. yes hi

        I hate messi fans

      3. Jonathan Garcia

        @Amin 😐

      4. LifePortal

        Lmao what do you expect him to do? when you have children you never want them to notice you are sad so they don't worry

      5. cosmo

        @Amin at the end of the day the club has to focus on the clubs future, if anything they messed up not selling him sooner to get money for him. Now he goes for free. They tried to keep him. How are you barca fans still trying to say shit about the club messing up. Also, if you really cared about messi you would’ve actually listened to the words he said

    52. WoodleyTheBogan Woodley

      Thank you for all you have done for Barcelona, you are the person who inspired me to play soccer as a kid and I am so glad I did and I wish you have even more fun at your next club

      1. WoodleyTheBogan Woodley

        @Malgob ok

      2. Malgob

        @WoodleyTheBogan Woodley its a bot

      3. WoodleyTheBogan Woodley

        @Leo ?

      4. Leo

        shut up

    53. gioyu comi

      "I will be back."---- LEO MESSI In my heart you are never truly away from the club

    54. Relax Daily

      The moment when I realized that "thank you" is a very small word to define this legend💔💔

    55. Dawit Bodena

      I'm Ronaldo's fan but watching this really broke my heart💔, I just want to say Goodluck on ur next journey Legend, u are truly the greatest football player the world have ever seen🐐🐐

      1. MESSIAS


    56. Cayden Laffey

      Absolute. Living. Legend. Barca’s greatest ever player by a long shot.

      1. VEINSSSS

        @Did you expect a name? yes he is you parentless child 🤣🤣 Messi>>>>> DIVENALDO PENALDO KANTE>>>>>> RAPENALDO CRYNALDO🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Did you expect a name?

        @VEINSSSS no he's not, neymar is better than noob messi🤢🤣🤣🤣

      3. VEINSSSS

        @Did you expect a name? Messi is way better than DIVENALDO PENALDO🤮🤣🤣

      4. SW Edits


      5. Did you expect a name?

        @MRJ 11 🤡👌

    57. skittlessimon

      I love you so much Lionel Messi. I supported you as a child and you were my inspiration when i started playing football and i played very good beacause of you and i will remember that all the time and you makes me very happy when i see you at the pitch and i cheer for you every time you play how you always scored, always celebrate, always smiled, and always winning with your club but all things must come to an end sadly. I am so proud of how many trophies, ballon d'ors, medals and how much you have achieved in your whole entire life and that makes me happy. Its very emotional for me and for everyone who supports you, i hope you will have a better life and still be the greatest player of all time and the goat. And i will never forget of you being with Neymar and Suarez and called MSN that was the best moment of all time. You will always be my number 10, you will always be my legendary footballer, and you will be my always hero in the whole entire world and in my heart and i will always remember you and i will always cheer for you when you sign into a new club... 😥😥😥🥰🥰🥰

    58. instagram: _paulengel_

      this made me cry for the first time in a long time, one day he will return 🙌🤞

    59. Евгений Леухин

      Лео плачет - лицо прячет, Сколько долгих лет отдал Каталонской Барселоне Как божественно играл Никогда не позабудем Волшебства твоей игры Пожелаем в новом клубе Не терять своей искры

    60. AwdAcy

      "I will be back."---- LEO MESSI In my heart you are never truly away from the club

      1. Leo

        shut up 🤫

    61. WarmachineMC

      what a great player, now he takes another step

      1. Keavon Johnson

        @Pe$$i The statpadding merchant #cryleo that's the challenge bro your goat always take

      2. Ram Sing

        You must cry kid you don't know who messi realy is he can destroy him

      3. Ayumi

        He'll win 3 more champion leagues and 2 more balondor

      4. Ram Sing

        @Stamatis Chryssikos huh you a kid

      5. David Okpara

        @Pe$$i The statpadding merchant #cryleo and one ran to a new challenge to a club that won 10straight and turn them to a useless team

    62. Black Samurai

      Thank you for everything Leo ❤💙

    63. Lavish

      One line for messi: THE LIVING LEGEND

    64. kevin salguero

      This is such a struggle to watch and cannot believe the day finally came for him to leave but not retire. That being said I feel that he is going to make history again, he should have the biggest dollar attached to his contract of all time.

    65. sokin jon

      thank you for everything Leo, and most importantly, thank you for making me love Football. we'll miss you

    66. fbi taha

      The fact that even the translator was half crying proves what a legend this man is

      1. E Sal

        @Scottish Celts you can hear it 🦻

      2. chipulu mwansa

        Exactly fam 😭😭😭

    67. José Antonio Sabate

      Leo Messi, deseo lo mejor para ti y toda tu familia, muchísima suerte en tu nueva etapa deportiva... pero "Visca el Barça"

    68. Haider Naqvi

      What a legend. People will never forget. Even 200 years from now the name will live on. MESSI!

    69. Isaac Cohen

      Leonel Messi Thank you for every moment on the pitch with all your heart and all your courage and the beautiful game was> You changed the course of my life I had to see every minute you ever played and I believe I did God Speed Leo

      1. Leo

        shut up 🤫

    70. Etc Corporativo

      Messi você é uma Lenda no. Campo Gênio. Se fizer um filme sobre você. Apoio totalmente.

      1. Leo

        shut up 🤫

    71. kuhen25

      Damn... even the translator was crying. The greatest of all time, coming from a Chelsea fan.

      1. Ashadowdragonwarrior Ninja

        He was acting along with messi

      2. Gent X

        Follow Dinero Crocodiles

      3. Александар


      4. Mustak Ahmed

        @Leo why are u writing this in every comments reply....are u crazy man...!?

      5. Mustak Ahmed

        @Ahmed Anish 😂😂

    72. Muhammad Mayet

      Amazing player to watch for so many yrs...wishing him the best.


      Still hurts soo much. Knowing he didn't want leave hurts me so much 💔. Football was not faire with him

    74. Tatin Riyanti

      Thank you legend, for making football more interesting

    75. Idan giloh

      I’m still crying 😭 and I will miss him so much

    76. Unique Consult

      Seems the English interpreter was also in tears while doing his job. This is so emotional. You made me love watching football. We love you Messi❤️😍

      1. Dontrell Logan14

        @Jomar Archibald I think so

      2. Jomar Archibald

        Will he go to PSG or what ?

    77. • Fabrox Marianix ® •

      here I cried too. thank you for everything legend. i love you forever and will supporting you. 💔. LM10. 🐐

    78. NasserFeed

      All the men in my family are soaking their beards with tears when they saw Messi crying True legend ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Leo

        shut up 🤫

    79. PERSONA

      GOAT , you'll be missed

    80. Tushar Deshpande

      Messi is heart of Football. Messi is soule of Football. Messi is energy of Football. Messi is life of Football. Messi is revolution of Football. Messi is god of Football. Messi is champion of Football. Messi is captain of Football. Messi is GOAT of Football. Messi is hero of Football. Messi is inspiration of Football. Messi is motivation of Football. Messi is touch of Football. Messi is love of Football. Messi is emotion of Football. Messi is feeling of Football. Messi is brain of Football. Messi is eye of Football. Messi is leader of Football Messi is lion of Football. Messi is king of Football. Messi is team of Football. Messi is heartbeat of Football. Messi is everything of Football. Messi is dream of Football. Messi is world of Football. Not just for football, this all thing Messi is for me. He is my heart, energy, world, dream, emotion, everything...!! When I close my eyes I see you. When I open them I wanted to see you. I always feel you every time, every moment, every second, everywhere. You can call this as Love, Madness or my heartbeat this all is same thing for me. Love you Leo till rest of the life, till the last breath and even after that. ❤️

    81. kingston sumare

      "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened". Gracias Leo for all the memories❤💙

      1. suprflyification

        Fucking cringe quote

      2. Luka Popovič

        @Ismail Marikar are you getting smart with me son?

      3. Ismail Marikar

        There's always this one guy smh

      4. Luka Popovič

        Fake crying messi nice acting son

      5. dfghbnj edrfghbnj

        @LeBron James fraud says the one using lebrons name

    82. Yasin_X2000


    83. Goran Kurnik

      Thank you GOAT for all the memories!


      Most inspirational man in my life💔

    85. Monira Achal

      Translator was also crying!!!!! It’s really heart touching!! We love you Messi❤️💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    86. AcadBoost - Kalpit Veerwal

      Seeing Messi cry was one of the saddest things 11:30

      1. حسين كرفت


      2. Leo

        shut up 🤫

      3. Campur Aduk 21

        Where Will leo go to

      4. Xiao Lu

        Its sad for Barca to let this happen to his best player.

      5. marco alessandrini


    87. Vijaya Kumar

      Legend ❤️

    88. Scout Master

      The GOAT will be missed dearly in Barcelona

    89. mix video

      Великий человек, слезы его стоят "дорого" для всей команды и болельщиков. Я желаю Месси, дальнейших успехов. Все только начинается.

    90. ShadoW •

      Coming from a Ronaldo Fan, Messi is an absolute legend. Best of luck for him for his next journey

    91. Wayward Winchester

      Thank you Messi for everything, the best there ever was, the best there is, the best there will ever be. You said people will get used to Barca without you, that will never happen. You will forever be the heart and soul of Barca for us. The best deserves the best, so best of luck on your new adventure where you will be much better appreciated as you well deserve.

      1. dana

        @AbandonedSoul Iam glad I found someone who agree that he better leave and never go back

      2. AbandonedSoul

        @danaThank God I found someone who knows the truth about the story of Lionel Messi and his case with the Catalan club and the truth about his greed and betrayal of the Blaugrana.

      3. dana

        It doesn't metter what he have done for the club. Barca and catalonian will never treat him like one of their own. He's not puyol, xavi, iniesta, pique, alba, busquets, Club will do anything to let them retire there. Iam glad he move. There are more people other side of the globe who love him more. He's happier now surrounded by his south american friends at PSG

      4. covicx

        @DAVID JIMENEZ what are u saying u dumb he tries to remove 50% of he’s salary but lalagia did not accept he tried everything he could

      5. Leo

        shut up

    92. Adel Syarif

      A thank you is never enough to the most kind, humble, and hardworking man i've ever known.

      1. Leo

        shut up

      2. Wayne King

        You mean greedy selfish man

    93. Peace Sanito

      Messi inspired me to stop showing off when playing football but to be humble and enjoy it with true passion. Thank you for the good times.

    94. Inferno Music

      Honestly Messi is the greatest play to have ever played football. I never thought this would ever happened

    95. Trochez

      Ese día mi corazón se rompió completamente

    96. FaxxenTV


      1. Moussa Samassa

        vraiment RiP LA LIGA

      2. Leo

        shut up

      3. Vedant Vohra

        When does messi smile?

      4. Me Not

        Everyone at barca is crying becoz they know they will get fucked in la liga and champions league without leo 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

      5. Edgar Alexander Brichaux

        @Bangladeshi Boy you never were a Barça supporter and you'll never be a PSG supporter.

    97. Simon Chuks

      I predict, Messi will come back to Barca after two yrs at Paris.

    98. iamVengeance

      Thank you Leo for all these years.....

    99. Zaine Pather

      Its been 2 weeks and I still can't get over Leo leaving 💔 Messi didn't deserve such a sad and poor farewell. Barcelona you could have done so much better after all the joy his given all the fans. You never appreciated him . 😒

    100. Віталій Нестеренко

      Thank you for making Barca great again. Good luck with your future career achievements!