Leo Messi, six-time Ballon d'Or winner

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

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    Leo Messi claims another Ballon d’Or. The Argentine star was presented with the award 2019 this Monday by the French magazine France Football for a record breaking sixth time, another indication that the Barça striker continues to demonstrate that he is the best player of all time. Messi won his first Ballon d’Or 10 years ago in 2009 and since then he has gone on to take the award in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015.
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    1. Light Samael

      I have a feeling Messi is gonna win one more, and this time it's not gonna be with barcelona but with Argentina (maybe the copa America or the world cup 👀)

      1. Ben Spiller

        @Light Samael you obviously edited the comment after he won to make it look like you predicted it.

      2. Sanjay Siva

        @Light Samael Can you tell me what else is going to happen to messi and barcelona? You're literally a prophet.

      3. Ace Waldman

        Tell me, future predictor, who’s going to win next?

      4. Incognito\

        How tf did you call it that close???? Hes not in barca and he won the CA

      5. KLEKT - Sneakers & Streetwear

        bro you were right

    2. Urbana Islam Barsha

      I really want Argentina to win the world cup 2022 with Messi as his captain 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

      1. Y37

        @MAX® who said 2014 was unexpected? Germany was the best team in the tournament

      2. Rick Dutta

        @Boubacar cissé yeah just like Ronaldo's world cup qualification "won't happen"😂😂

      3. aim Bess

        @QueenBrightwingthe3 we never care our haters


        @Bhavesh Patil lmao italy gonna play knockout stages now

      5. Sarah murano


    3. youssouf cissé

      Now he’s living the club and we will miss him a lot, thank you G. O. A. T

    4. Akshat Sabale

      2 yrs ago Messi felt its his last Ballon D'or Today we all know he would be receiving his 7th this December The GOAT challenges only himself.

      1. StealURWife

        little did you know he has done it

      2. Abdullah عبدالله

        Brazil to win World Cup 22

      3. Bharata Pujari

        @Nitesh Vishwakarma 6bo bjuhuh

      4. MSD  GAMING

        @Nitesh Vishwakarma yea it's soon mahn 😍😍. Cruyff predicted it then itself ⚡

      5. Nitesh Vishwakarma

        8th will come too after winning wc next year😉

    5. CA

      Unbelievable player…7th loading…this guy is simply outstanding…the best player of all time👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

      1. Ashma

        7 done ✅ 🐐 Hope he have wonderful season ahead and win many more collective and individual award. We just want him to be healthy and fully fit, rest of it he knows what he is suppose to do 🐐❤️

    6. Love Ballad

      He never smiled while watching amazing goals he made, but starts to smile when family video begins. What a great footballer. :)

      1. ahmed alkaabie


      2. ZencyFtW

        what a great human

      3. Jμรμfͥðvͣiͫc

        Ronaldo would laugh 100%

      4. marco alessandrini


      5. kabeer khan

        Dom toretto

    7. Công Nguyễn

      He only smiled when he saw his family, what a man !!!

    8. Loey

      Messi was the humble person i’ve ever know he deserves more than that and he will won his 7th too

    9. saide75

      Te mereces el séptimo, por tu lucha constante, por darnos alegría a los argentinos y simplemente porq tu humildad, creo q ya eres del mundo- Gracias Leo!!!

      1. pabel


    10. ChrisChras 9000

      Just came back after he won his 7th Ballon d'or. True G.O.A.T.

      1. ChrisChras 9000

        @gnabrynho Footballs not all about goals man. Messi pretty much deserved it for last year. If were talking about Lewa, than he 100% deserved it in 2020.

      2. gnabrynho

        the 7th one was undeserved but he's still the best

    11. Alvin Wright

      I've never seen a guy as humble as Messi in my entire life.

      1. Ishak Sebi

        @Adrian Botea tf is that!?

      2. Mahad Khan

        Kante from the back:👁👄👁

      3. SkyFin YT

        @Messi 😂😂🖕

      4. Penaldo Bẩn Tĩnh Đá Người

        @Messi no penaldo is finished 7>5

      5. Shako Imnadze

        I know! His name is Conor Mcgregor

    12. RUPAK

      His down to earth personality makes him even better.. Miss you leo at Barca😭❤

    13. Значок Доллара

      5:10 This emotion is the best thing of all ceremony

    14. Nico

      De las personas más importantes del mundo, y es súper tímido y humilde. Que hermoso ser humano lpm

    15. Genildo Sousa

      O maior de todos os tempos🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    16. Count Your Miracles.

      God, he's so humble..how can you not like this guy

      1. Marc Monge

        @Gabriel Garcia now is coming the 7th

      2. marco alessandrini


      3. marco alessandrini


      4. Boring

        @Yuda Gabriel sok tau lu goblok

      5. Violet Phiri

        @Gabriel Garcia haha cr7 deserves more than Messi?? That would be true if you weren't WRONG

    17. Tech Pro World

      This is why i love him... So humble.. 7 th loading - GOAT 🐐

    18. Aidan

      And now he has seven. It's outrageous how good he is. Undeniably the greatest of all time.

    19. Elektronik Derslerim

      *You are not only a good football player but also an amazing person. Welcome MESSI !*

    20. Joseph Purdue

      Modric face at the end - you can tell that he Messi is a huge inspiration for him. And great sportsmanship to handle the ballon d'Or over personally. Great guy, but Messi deserved this for an incredible season.

      1. FakeReality

        Looked like he was crying

    21. Aryan Salaria

      Whos here after Messi Won His first International Trophy and will probably win his 7th Ballon D'or in 2021 ❤🐐💪💪

      1. PlayBoy X

        @spongspopbest2 squad .

      2. Kilian Baudin

        You are right

      3. Uma Grg

        I’m here sfter he won it bro

      4. shiva sucks


      5. shiva sucks


    22. Soham Choudhury

      Rewatching this again after he won his 7th. What breaks me is that this time, he won't be presenting it in front of a full Camp Nou 💔

    23. Marcos Mwiya

      A sétima bola de ouro a caminho do Lionel Messi 👏🖤✌️the best

    24. Alexandre Ap

      O cara é humilde até nas reações

    25. Jorge Ipanaque

      Grande Messi, siempre te recordaremos.

    26. reza pratama

      Messi About His Career : 🙂 Messi About His Family : 😄

      1. Ripu2shredz 1zz1

        @Sabbir Hasan kid stfu

      2. Sabbir Hasan

        Not at all

      3. Light Samael

        @RNG-Bananaツ yes 😁 🙌

      4. RNG-Bananaツ

        @Light Samael true urs 6 months him 3 months

      5. Light Samael

        @Darkwear GT HaHaHaHa my bad bruv

    27. Diego Rivera

      Now Messi won his 7th Ballon D'or. What a football legend we have in this planet. Messi the 🐐

    28. Henrock

      Messi so humble he hates watching himself playing lol 😂 I call him the little giant the god of soccer ⚽️ best that will ever play the game in my opinion.

    29. La pulga Magic

      After two years now he is going to win his 7th ballon d'or again. He talks about hi retirement in 2019 but the man is still playing on the top level. I think he can survive 2026 Worldcup.Hope for the best from the GOAT🐐What a man what a player❤️❤️💥

    30. army Rodriguez

      Messi deberia ganar el septimo balon de oro pero tener un trofeo Nunca te hara mejor o peor Jugador . Pero siempre Messi 2006 supera a todos los jugadores que han existido Fue y ya no existe el mejor de la historia . El mejor jugador del futbol soccer. Mientras el ese jugador de esa epoca alla existido nadie lo superara. Si no sabes por que no te preocupes, no estoy para responderte solo para decir que Es solo ignorancia como cualquier humano ya que , no todos saben lo mismo.

    31. Mroza

      He doesn't smile when he sees himself scoring goals and playing like a beast... He smiles when he sees his kids talking to him. Amazing.

      1. George tannous

        Because scoring goals for him is something considered trivial and straight forward ! He is simply the g.o.a.t !

      2. Jicu

        thsts prove he is 50%human:P

      3. Fakrul Azam

        @Tiger The Emperor 😒😒😒😒😒

      4. Dany Sharma

        Perhaps there were none one of that he expected to get highlighted.

      5. marco alessandrini


    32. Naldo Ijid

      Ohh boy...I love this man so humble such a brilliant example.⭐❤️❤️❤️⭐

    33. Muhammed Nazir

      He is the Best Footballer of all time ✨🐐❤

    34. favour

      Here after the 7th. I love him so much and I'm grateful to be alive at the time he exists and plays. I know I won't see one like him in my lifetime and the world may never see his kind agai

    35. Nicolas Buela

      Este hombre hizo feliz a millones de personas, emociono y enamoro, hizo llorar y hasta reir, jamas te olvidaremos Lionel Messi, gracias por todo D10S ❤️

    36. AlonifyX

      For Messi 1 . His Country 2 . His Family 3 . His Teammates 4. Caring About Opponents 5 . his own Carrer

      1. ZanquenV2.0

        @Who Are you isn't a spelling bee

      2. Hardik Chaudhary

        Did u just say family Dom dorreto arrived

      3. Bilal Khan

        Obviously family before country calm down lmao

      4. Platinum

        His family comes before everything

      5. Who Are you


    37. xander robalino huancho

      Vamos por ese séptimo balón de Oro.. 👏👏👏 Vamos leo Y força barça..

    38. Rayoff 2

      Ídolo 🐐❤️

    39. Shopon Sharmila

      Ohh!! Messi had won his seventh Ballon dor... He is a legend

    40. stevmanny PE

      Madric be like: " i am giving your thing back"

      1. manish yadav

        @Yusuf Amir you really didn't watch his performance 😂😂 Maybe you star watching football after 2018

      2. Yusuf Amir

        @manish yadav Yes, but 2013 didn't belong to CR7 so...

      3. MAX®

        @manish yadav Modric plays table tennis from real

      4. ABDUL Abdul


    41. Mahyar Mozafari

      He doesn’t show off, he doesn’t brag, he just smiles😊 when he sees his sons looking up to him. This is how a human is supposed to be ❤️

      1. Fakrul Azam

        While the other one will said siuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.......😂😂😂😂

      2. Mahyar Mozafari

        Hesam gh آره

      3. Hesam gh

        @Mahyar Mozafari فارسی بلدی؟

      4. Mahyar Mozafari

        Hesam gh Yessir

      5. Hesam gh

        ایرانی هستی؟

    42. Florencia Gutiérrez

      What a pleasure to see Messi win his seventh ballon now! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    43. Bubble Brain

      Leo This comment is written when you are leaving Barcelona so on Behalf of all Barcelona and fans , Thank You Lionel Messi

    44. Humberto Lozano D

      Este tipo es el mejor representante del ser humano. Gracias MESSI


      Lo mejor que he visto en un hombre del fútbol.

    46. •Always Barcelona•

      *He's the one and only GOAT!* M: Magic E: Extraordinary S: Spectacular S: Special I: Incredible

      1. Barça for Life ¤

        Well said 💪🏻💙❤

      2. ahmed alkaabie


      3. marco alessandrini


      4. Mitku Bade

        And Efficient

      5. Kanu Sakha Ghosh

        @King Mike ronaldo is by far the most complete player I have ever seen left foot header dribbler skill assist bicycle kick everything u opinion might be different theres nothing to debate about.. It'd just waste of time so I won't reply further

    47. Cristian Marrau

      el rey vuelve al podio a recibir uno balon de oro mas espero que este año sea de vuelta

    48. Nicolas Buela


    49. Emerson Muñoz

      Y se viene el Séptimo Balón De Oro.❤💙

    50. Lionel Messi

      Hoy se cumplen 2 años de este Balón de Oro 😎👍⚽🔥🏆🥇👏🙌

    51. Syukri Hamzam

      Look at his face when they were showing his football footage vs when his family appears. A fantastic footballer, an even greater father.

      1. Smile

        @Pintu Roy Ronaldo fan? (No hate for Ronaldo both are good(

      2. marco alessandrini


      3. agofficial1

        I was JUST thinking that, family over football

      4. Jose peralta duran

        syukrihantu MESSI 🙌🙌🙌🙌 RESPECT.

      5. v4Soccer

        According to him his family is important and that family supports his football .that is also big reason for his achivement.

    52. Justin VM

      Y a nada de recibir el séptimo, eres grande, eres el mejor Leo. 🐐⚽

    53. Anthony Leal

      i love how he was full poker face in the beggining but when his family showed up in the end of the video he smiled

    54. Messi Messi

      Messi (G.O.A.T) is a world best football player. I love messi.

    55. M1tY

      We will miss you Messi❤️❤️. You did great for Barca

    56. Gul Zada

      Man if he won the World Cup of 2014 , imagine how much happy he would be .

      1. lutfi abdillah


      2. marco alessandrini


      3. ilo 059

        @Pedro Guedes he played semi and finals with a injury so stfu

      4. Pis Dez

        @Pedro Guedes we will see bro 🙏🏼

      5. Pis Dez

        @Pedro Guedes i agree with you that brazil was the better team, but it is always the case that when two good teams meet and one of them takes the lead early, the other tries to push for the goal

    57. Prasann Chavan

      When they showed him his video, he was like this is all normal for me....I do this on everyday basis face....But once his family came into the video he was all smiles and laughed heartily...Love this thing about this guy....For him his country,family, club comes first....Then comes his personal goals. What a Player! What a Legend! 🔥

    58. Claudio

      El más grande de todos los tiempos , lejos.

    59. Ronaldinho Gaúcho Sósia

      Parabéns Messi

    60. sandeep soni

      Messi is anabsolute LEGEND...Shout out to his wife for raising 3 beautiful boys...I feel she is a big stabilizing factor in his life and career.

      1. Moussa Ndoye

        Tu es le meilleur

    61. Brandon Tr

      He barely smiled watching all those goals, but had an ear-to-ear watching reactions from his childrens and his wife. Hats off to this man!

      1. ManuelThunder_7

        He should be more happy about his skills as a football player!

      2. EuphoriaGaming HD

        @Nenad Milovanović lmao

      3. SWORD Ghost ARC GHOST

        Bacot anying lu

      4. Maria González

        Let go

      5. Multy Mix

        Nenad Milovanović 💀💀💀

    62. KrisCresta

      M - Magical E - Entertainer S - Sensational S - Spontaneous I - Inspirational

    63. Celso Romay Padilla

      Nadie lo merece más Leo, felicidades.

    64. Adrian Cajias

      Que inteligente haciendo espacio para el séptimo balón 📈

    65. Rubro Negro •

      Messi ganhando sua bola de ouro: 🙂🙂 Messi vendo sua família orgulhosa: 😍😍

    66. marcus

      6 Ballon D’ors, 6 infinity stones. Snap your finger Lionel, the universe is yours.

      1. Alan

        We probably have to create a 7th Infinity stone to Compare this man.....!!

      2. Jesse Lingard

        @brawl master whats ur name and friend tag in brawl stars

      3. brawl master

        @Csokops #glazersout 😂

      4. brawl master


      5. karl marx was right

        I think thanos are laughing 😂😂😂😊😊

    67. Barça for Life ¤

      Me 21 years old: This player is EPIC! Me 90 years old: This player is EPIC! Me as a GHOST: This player is EPIC! *Barca for life*

    68. Barath vajan

      Greatest Ever To Grace The Game .

    69. AB Gamer

      Messi's words man it's so inspiring " you can do anything what you love".

    70. Canal JH

      Hoje ele esta ganhando sua 7, poe mais uma na mão do genio.

    71. balagopal h

      "Dont ever compare a great footballer to a goal scorer" - Johan cruyff

      1. Christy Chovalloor

        He is BOTH 🤣 messi : in your FACE cruyff

      2. Marvel Wizard

        @long drive haha messi has more goals against big 6 of the EPL than ronaldo during his time at the EPL

      3. Marvel Wizard

        @sunny also messi: best playmakers

      4. Marvel Wizard

        @Arman Savad messi has the most with 23 in a single game

      5. Marvel Wizard

        @Arman Savad in ronaldos best years of dribbling he averaged 4.9 dribbles per game and in Messi's worst year in terms of dribbling he averaged 4.94 dribbles per game...so don't ever compare

    72. Dark Castle

      Messi Humilde.

    73. Sami 2002

      messi 2019 won his sixth balloon dor 2021: seventh balloon dor is on its way and is going to win it after a great season, messi goat 🐐😃🤩⚽️🏆

    74. Puro Entretenimiento


    75. Nishant

      Greatest to have ever stepped on this planet

    76. Vamshi Krishna

      6:03 modric's greatest assist

      1. ZD - Brawl Stars

        @Fc Barcaray its a joke dont take it seriously

      2. marco alessandrini


      3. Ajaay Shharrma


      4. SD M

        @Ammar Umair That would crazy..Did messi gave the prize to ronaldo in 2013 🤔🤔

      5. Angelo Coli

        Uff if those two played together


      Who’s here after he just won number 7 The GOAT

    78. Modou Gaye

      Simplemente... El mejor.

    79. Joaquin Morales

      Es dificil aceptar que Messi ya no va a vestir la camisa del Barcelona):

    80. Olav van Boxtel

      He only smiled when he saw his family. What a man!

    81. BrianTheGoat

      7th Ballon d’OR incoming 😈

      1. Wickurmommy

        i think not cus he's moved to PSG

      2. blazes brother

        @Dawidek BTW wat

      3. Kerry copito .

        @Altaf Bakhtiar kante solo ganó eso y no tiene asistencias ni tampoco goles y el balón de oro se gana por estadísticas y los títulos colectivos ayudan un poco

      4. ahmed alkaabie


      5. Gigante Noble Fans 🅥


    82. Tobe act

      Just 6 and he's being treated like a god? he's about to win the 7th lol. Messi is 👽🐐

    83. Tareq Ahmed

      The best player of all time.

    84. Lil Lord

      Messi is the best player ❤💙, 7th balloon is coming, and nobody then will not say that he's badly

    85. keitt.

      He is going to win his 7th Ballon D’or but for a different club❤️❤️❤️

    86. Trey Gachette

      Messi winning Balon d'or under Ernesto Valverde, one of his hardest achievements.

      1. marco alessandrini


      2. Trey Gachette

        @Ahmer - Mobile Gaming because the coach was really limited when It comes to bring on good tactics against great opponents.

      3. Julius Destiny

        Yeah that's quite amazing

      4. Ahmer - Mobile Gaming

        Pleas explain to me how it is a hard achievement when his tactics literally rely on Messi

      5. Omer Omčo

        For Messi That was easy

    87. Fadli Omar

      I wish messi a world cup. For the end of an era of a great legendary player.

    88. Team McBox

      Messi watching his highlights: 😐 Messi watching his family: 😍😃

    89. BabyCuba

      Ya solo por no sonreír con sus goles y sonreír cuando empieza el video familiar se nota que es el mejor de la historia...

    90. Juan Torres

      Who’s here after Messi just won his 7th Ballon D’or 2021 🐐💪

    91. MarmaladePlague

      I feel blessed to have been born into a generation who grew up watching him

      1. Deralok Da sniper

        @🐐 yoooo messi has now done it all but win the wc and will win his 7th bdor 🤯🤯

      2. marco alessandrini


      3. Kawin Yogam


      4. ks raimy

        @Ak47 what the point about bill gates?? Dr abdul rahman not rich like bill gates but he sacrifice it all did bill gates sacrifice all he have?? Who better?? You the one point about being humbleness i just mention 1 person humble better than messi i could put more name if u want!!!

      5. Ak47

        Could say the same for bill gates but we talking about football here

    92. محمد قاسم

      And today he well win his 7 golden ball ... The goat 💙💚💚💙

    93. Bill Carson

      The GOAT

    94. hossein karimzadeh

      Congratulations, Messi, I miss you in Barcelona.

    95. Heldher Patrick

      THE GOAT🇦🇷🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🇦🇷🇦🇷

    96. Ahmed Sido

      Modric's son: Dad which is the best assist of your career? Modric: Definitely the day I assisted Messi with the ballon d'or..... 😂

      1. Kumar Waiba

        Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Vish Goldberg

        Most KO goals in CL- CR - 67 , Messi 47 Barcelone won CL bcoz of !! 2006 - Ronaldhinio 2009 - Messi & Xavi( biggest Robbery in CL History SemiFinal vs Chelsea) 2011 - Messi 2015 - Neymar & Messi ( both scored 10 goals). Messi ballon dor Robbery !! 2009 robbed from Chelsea 2010 robbed from Xavi or Sneijder 2019 robbed from Van Dijk with 6 point Difference.

      3. VOS V.O.S

        2018 *griezmann deserved it* Europa League Supercup World Cup *THESE 3 IN 1 YEAR* Cr7 Messi can’t do that 😒

      4. Ambedkarite Truth

        Typical barca fans

      5. Cooper Nevins

        everyone liked that:

    97. Sachin Chaudhary

      Greatest of all time 🐐

    98. Arifeen Rahman

      The best ever,prototype of modern football🐐

    99. Didar Fayiz

      Messi the only G.O.A.T We all love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    100. Aidan

      “It’s difficult to repeat if I only have so many years left.”