Messi & Luis Suárez: Everything Changes

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

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    Everything’s about to change between Luis Suárez & Leo Messi.
    Except what’s inside them.

    Todo está por cambiar entre Luis Suárez y Leo Messi.
    Excepto lo que llevan dentro.

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    1. FC Barcelona

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      1. Barça for Life ¤


      2. Jônata Gomes

        Belo comercial, saudades

      3. ikka bhakthanzz

        Shame this club...

      4. Rajib Mondal


      5. Uchiha Sasuke

        Vamoooos Barçaaaa 💙❤💙❤💪💪💪💪 Messi= 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    2. Davon Lee Silvastorm

      Now both of these legends are gone...WOW! ALL THANKS TO BARTOMEU

      1. Retaby

        Bartomeu the legend

      2. TimDaOne

        @Dylan Golestani Without letting them go, Barcelona would be bankrupt.

      3. -_

        @Dylan Golestani who brought koenen in? Who sold Suarez who put barca to the big dept, who sighned griezmann when they could have got neymar?

      4. Dylan Golestani

        You mean Koeman

      5. Akshat Jain

        Laporta too

    3. J I N U J O J U

      Congratulations barcelona.... you're prediction is on point here

      1. -_

        @omar agha duski he is better off with psg 😭

      2. omar agha duski

        Now messi leaved😭💔

      3. Omar Swailum

        Wow writting this comment thinking he's a smartass, messi and suarez literally have made bars beside each other in barcelona. They are friends unlike you who has none

      4. Fenerbahçeli2738

        @Luis Gomez Yeah

      5. Luis Gomez

        @Fenerbahçeli2738 yes messi and cr7, the goats

    4. Arham A.K.H

      Who is watching after luis Suarez left fc Barcelona

      1. Hadif Fazli

        No.I after Messi leaves Barca

      2. cryptofury wiz

        Messi already left 🤣🤣

      3. WHY I'M kartik

        I'm watching when Messi left it too 🙂

      4. Żwirogames

        Lionel messi leave fc barcelona


        Damn, it's been one year now😔

    5. xeve

      Watching this now really hurts me, now that messi is also gone.

      1. Faateh Qazi


    6. Dima Dimov

      I’m here right after Suarez left Barcelona and moved to Atletico

      1. cendoll wett

        And i'm here right after Messi left Barca and moved to PSG

      2. Sami

        I'm here after Messi leaves

      3. Uchiha Sasuke

        Sad but true

      4. Hamburg Ball

        That is sad but he plays good at atleti

      5. You Say Yes I Say No

        @TBY_ Lucas Not the point. Maybe the problem was his costs but they didn't even give him a farewell. He was consistently scoring goals when they came up to him and told him to get out, however now it looks like he might win the league with Atletico

    7. Alejandra Cruz

      Its hit different watching this after suarez left

    8. pablo morales

      Now i can say: everything changes Ahora puedo decir: todo cambio :(

    9. Hail To The King

      Eu amava essa dupla no Barça, bons tempos 😍😍😍

    10. Nicolas Buela

      Messi é o melhor jogador de futebol de todos os tempos!!! Salve do Brasil ✌👊

    11. Durjoy Paul

      The best Friendship ever..❤️❤️

    12. put@ el que lee

      Se va a extrañar esto💔

    13. Genildo Sousa

      Bons tempos:(

    14. Iota Omicron

      I think the real winner in this situation is the person who bought the shirt for $2

      1. Tomás :v

        @wilfredo Martinez x2

      2. omar agha duski

        Right hahahaha😭😂

      3. Sparsh Malhotra


      4. ManwithSTD's



        100% CORRECT

    15. Tharsh

      I'm here because Suarez is gonna play against Messi and Barca for the first time. VAMOS BARCA! ❤️💙👏

    16. Saurab Mani Rimal

      Watching the video again after Suarez left Barca really made me emotional.😭😢

    17. Barça for Life ¤

      Agora não temos nem Messi e Suárez. Só resta lembrar dos bons tempos :(

    18. Juan Segovia

      Eramos felices y lo sabíamos, pero no sabíamos que iba a terminar tan pronto 🥺

    19. Sharva Kulkarni

      The greatest duo that ever existed😢

    20. Marisan Aguilar

      2 LEGENDS ❤❤❤

    21. agrim vaid

      1:07 best moment 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Abhinav

        @Adnan Sultan complicated

      2. Adnan Sultan

        What does it mean

    22. Diego Kisshimoto Gutierrez

      Extraño este dúo 😪

    23. Cochiner Kerala

      Neymar sheds a silent tear after watching this.


        ippo neymar messi ne adich matti

      2. jio phone

        not anymore ;)

      3. iisabxlla_Gacha Zodiacs


      4. Em3s0Z

        Now all of them are crying because they are not together

      5. Mari Coronel

        Lol 😂😂😂

    24. Game Fortver

      así de buenos amigos son, para poder hacer este comercial y que no afecte nada :)

    25. Rubro Negro •

      O melhor comercial que já vi haha 💙❤💙❤

    26. Mayrol

      Solo recuerdos quedan 😔😔

    27. Húp Mr

      They are legends.

    28. Adithya

      Hope they play again together I literally cried when Suarez moved to Atletico Missing the best days;)

    29. Eliot Edwin

      Se te extraña en el barça Luchito ❤️

    30. Nicolle Piedrahita Mercado

      Ver este vídeo sin tener a ninguno de los dos en el club :'(

    31. MOEIN Jr

      I wish these two were together again ♥️

    32. Adityavikram Anand

      The best thing...... Reporter (To Messi) : How's your relationship with Suarez ? Messi : Complicado........ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. EpicFan

        @IBhandari S just what it sounds like in english. Complicated. I don't know what messi means by that

      2. Srijan Banerjee

        And the reporters face 😂😂

      3. IBhandari S

        ismail nikolla thx

      4. ismail nikolla

        IBhandari S complicated 😉

      5. Orïon Lynx.

        Adityavikram Anand lol and the off side option

    33. Saurab Mani Rimal

      Love the duo. Messi and Suarez.

    34. omar agha duski

      The best friendship ever💙❤️

    35. A R Y A N

      Who's here after suares really leaves messi and barça 👇👇👇👇

      1. -_

        Make him watch his family scream in pain... Was that too much lol

      2. BluezItsBW

        who’s here after Messi left for PSG

      3. Seityam

        @Lucas Calle yeah it was by that maderfaka bartomue

      4. jubin 01


      5. Lucas Calle

        he didnt want too. they sold him and kicked em out

    36. EPIC_BOT

      Neymar: I shouldn’t have left😢

      1. EPIC_BOT

        @Deep thought i know i saw the news about messi going to PSG lol

      2. Deep thought


      3. Csokops #glazersout

        this is a great ad but if Neymar was in it with them holy shit it would have been gold👌🏾

    37. • • WHITEIVERSØN •

      I wonder how many time they're laugh to take these scene

      1. Meliodas

        My man english must not be ur first language or ur typing too fast

      2. Fatima Yousef


      3. Fatima Yousef


      4. RezVVi


      5. Afrika mylibia

        Specially in the last scene

    38. Hamza Qahtan

      We gonna miss you legend

    39. Dhruv Sachdeva

      watching this after Suarez has left really hits hard....😭

    40. Suhas T G

      Literally the most hard worked ad i have ever seen 🔥

    41. Mario Nájera

      😞😞😞 Y pensar que ahora el Barcelona está en crisis, con Suarez un pie afuera del club y con Messi queriendo irse del Barcelona 😭😭😭

    42. Jordy Morales

      La mejor dupla del mundo!

      1. SantiMalibu

        @Miranda Blue y bueno las estadísticas son cosas que pasan en el campo si Suarez el el 3ro que más asistencia le dio es el 3ro y punto no hay mas que discutir

      2. Miranda Blue

        Cinthya Garcia 😂 caso cerrado? que ridicula eres! bien sigue con tus estadísticas, YO VEO FUTBOL Y LO QUE PASA EN EL CAMPO! punto.

      3. Cinthya Garcia

        +Miranda Blue te lo soy yo son las estadísticas.....y por lo que VEO....Suárez es el tercer asistente en la historia de Messi.....caso cerrado...

      4. Miranda Blue

        Cinthya Garcia Messi puede decir lo que quiera para proteger a su "amiguito" pero EN EL CAMPO SE VE! y por lo visto tu no sabes ver!

      5. Cinthya Garcia

        +Miranda Blue además para que tengas una idea....Suárez es el mejor asistente de messi en la historia después de dani Alves e Iniesta......arriba de neymar! no lo digo yo....lo dicen las estadísticas....

    43. OScomps

      To think that now suarez has left is deep for messi

    44. Innocent Soul

      Yess..Everything Change!!!😓 Mes Que Un Club🔵🔴


      Goodbye Luisto. What a Duo it was 💔

    46. Anand krishnan

      Messi looks so good

    47. Septio S

      Best couple, Best duo, Best partner, and Best friend 👍👍

      1. Moncef .Bekhti

        @Willo seen

      2. Willo

        @Moncef .Bekhti ♂IT SOUNDS REALLY REALLY RIGHT♂

      3. Moncef .Bekhti

        best couple ??? thafuuck it sounds really really wrong

      4. Pizza EXP9001

        Best threesome in the world.... Wait that sounds wrong

      5. Sju

        Septio Susanto best couple????

    48. Anfisa Shestakova

      Puedes ver de inmediato a un hombre amable y humilde🤣🤙)


      I don't know why my heart breaks when I see best friends fighting 💔 and a girl breaking heart of a boy

    50. Gaioz Metreveli

      This ad is just amazing

    51. x-cotico-:v

      cosas que nunca volveran a verse :´(

    52. Arun Gopi

      We need more ads like this

      1. Uchiha Sasuke

        Very true hahahaha

      2. Gaminglegends12

        Them old Nike ads were the things

      3. sindhu saji

        @RAGNAR LOTHBROK Malayali


        Ividem malayali

      5. January Pictures

        Machane entho und

    53. Ishan Udgirkar

      Never thought this would be reality....Barca v/s Atleti

    54. Muslimagung Pratama

      And happened, now the two of them are rivals😔😔

    55. Edward Newgate

      Thank you FC Barcelona for this two guys

    56. •Always Barcelona•

      *He's the one and only GOAT!* M: Magic E: Extraordinary S: Spectacular S: Special I: Incredible

    57. Thalha Shaikh

      The journalist's face when messi said `complicado'😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Gabriel P 504

        @Samia Rahman he said it's complicated

      2. Samia Rahman

        what is the meaning of 'complicado'??

    58. Mar Cabre

      Suárez!!!! Messi!!!! 🇺🇾🇦🇷✌💪

    59. Sports Freak

      Forever ❤️💙

    60. Landeo Huallpartupa

      Imagínate que aún dependo de ellos emocionalmente o.o

    61. omar agha duski

      And now this two legends are not playing for our team and hurts me so much😔🥺😭💔🤦🏻

    62. wonderful world

      Lol never thought adds could be of this level..loved it

      1. Nail Menmmedov 777


      2. Nail Menmmedov 777

        .mfr4üü4534589agryushsfslssdfuoskeb 777nail 43üüz😅

      3. Nail Menmmedov 777

        4. 7

    63. Rudrak ganguly

      Best duo in football : Messi & Suarez Best trio in football : Messi, Neymar, Suarez

    64. Karthikeya Koora


    65. Dipok Kr. Doley Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi

      Best friends ever!!!!!

    66. Alfredo Vasquez

      Me gusto cuando Messi y Suárez eran amigos

    67. scanfian

      I love Suarez. He's a true exceptional example for a striker and a team player. Always running for his teammates, making spaces, drawing attentions, passing ball and doing stuffs. Not to mention his top class finishing. It's sad for me just thinking about his already 31. I really hope he will stay at barca as long as possible.

      1. AJ

        Griezmann replaced him🤣

      2. Shreky Boi

        scanfian, agreed. 👍

      3. Misty Riazi

        Do you also like human flesh??🤣😂😂

      4. Luissoccer Games Skills & More

        scanfian I’ll cry if he retires cause we got the same first and middle name

      5. Joshua Ifidi

        Ignoring every time he bit somebody

    68. piggistas 🐷are my pets

      It aged well 😭

    69. دكُتورة ٱرهـابيـة

      It's cute 😭♥️ love messi and suarez took much

    70. Lucian Stefan

      In 2021 this is so sad Luis suarez was something else in Barca

    71. Drifted Soul

      Now they are going to play against each other when Atleti visits camp nou....miss you suarez legend😭😭

    72. Posh Real2009

      Bir kulübün bunu paylaşıp Messi nin en iyi dostu olan Suarez i göndermesi. A club shared it and sent Suarez, Messi's best friend. Un club lo compartió y envió a Suárez, el mejor amigo de Messi.

    73. Rishav Thakur

      I can't believe that this will finally happen in 2020😵😭😭

      1. keybard

        Rishav Thakur ik

    74. Aadeeb Raiyan

      You're right, everything changes

    75. Olcay Kandemir

      Lionel Messi ❤️. Luis Suarez ❤️.

    76. Sebastian Stewart

      Theyre quite good actors

      1. Matthijs Quekel

        Or suarez with diving on the field;) nah jk. Good ad!

      2. Sebastian Stewart


      3. Kidus_10

        Sebastian soenderup I guess it's because they have experience with previous commercials.

    77. Arianna Jordison

      The Catalonian giant remained hegemonic in Spain, but without showing the strength or charm he had when the Brazilian paraded on the left wing. In the two seasons following Neymar's departure, he gave incredible demonstrations of weakness in eliminations in the Champions League: he suffered unthinkable turns for Roma and Liverpool. Messi was still spectacular, but with a team increasingly dependent on the talent of the Argentine - who, surprisingly, is human and cannot solve 100% of the games. The spiritual void left by the Brazilian was still (and is) there: Dembélé, Coutinho and Griezmann arrived in gold and none of them pleased. Iniesta left and Messi seemed to be more and more alone, except for the La Liga and Copa del Rei games in which Suárez recalled the old days as a goal scorer. In Champions, however, the most recent memories are of the weak. And all of that could be even worse if goalkeeper Ter Stegen were not under the goal posts to save when needed.

    78. Avik Chatterjee

      Yes, everything changes indeed

    79. Artin Moazen

      I'm watching this after they both left 😥🥺 It really hurts

    80. Fernando Cordova

      Una cosa Este video predijo el futuro Messi y Suárez son rivales en 2021

    81. rodrigou

      Wow con esa calidad por qué no hacen películas o serie sobre la historia de un jugador de fútbol

    82. Magik_Ex

      Alguien del 08/05/2021 se imagino que este comercial se cumplirá Justo hoy en unas horas🥺

    83. Culé 4Ever

      Miss you Suárez 😢😢😢

    84. Movie Buzz

      Those days !!

    85. Anthony Disla

      Getting ready for the World Cup!! ⚽️⚽️

      1. Jordan Leiva

        griezman kicked them out xD

      2. Shay

        Anthony Disla France won

      3. Chicken NuggetTM

        france won

      4. Ибрагим Ибргаимов

        Anthony Disl

      5. Doru Barbu

        Anthony Disla f*. =*ygll 0ookokhbyvgbihuybytf

    86. ThisEhanYT

      From MSN to MS to M to none :( {3

    87. Alessandra Maltese 05

      Messi and Suarez you are the BEST!

    88. Hail to the King

      Miss you Suárez 😔

    89. theohero

      "all eyes on today's game between messi and suarez"


      Best ad i ever seen two LEGENDs 🔝🔝🔝💞😍🐐

    91. Vic Valentine

      everything does change indeed..

    92. Flamengo Forever•

      Miss you Messi 💔💔😭

    93. Abhinand B

      3 years later things have changed 😞

    94. coolkt20

      Everything has changed

    95. Loom Geek


      1. Terry SIDDALL


      2. IL_Yellou.ツ

        Loom Geek i

    96. Sebastián López

      Quién imaginaria que eso pasaría de verdad🥺💔

    97. Ram Hernandez

      Quien iba a pensar que esto iba a ser realidad

    98. Dwayne Kim

      2020 Is Different, Luis is no longer an FC Barça player 💔💔

    99. Simon Jepsen

      This hits different now😢

    100. Andres Valladares


      1. Leandro Lima


      2. julieta alen


      3. Jesus confundido

        @Ajit singh complicated

      4. anónimo 235

        Messi es mejor

      5. — hey it's Fio ’ . XD

        Mamá- Y Hija, que Tal tu Primer día de Clases? Yo- Y... 1:04