NEW CAMP NOU - Phased construction while continuing to play matches

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

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    Find out more about the different phases in the construction of the New Camp Nou.

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    1. FC Barcelona

      More Barça 👉

      1. Fenerbahçeli2738

        Goat Barca

      2. Genildo Sousa

        Quando começa as reformas??

      3. To ReĐa

        *Vamoş Barça 🔵🔴* From iraq with love 👏😍

      4. pollomaster 456

        @Mr . pollooo25 :(

      5. ratio

        When will this project end?

    2. Paweł Petek

      Barca 2016: the stadium will be done in 2020 Barca 2020: the stadium will be done in 2024 Barca 2024: the stadium will be done in 2028 and over and over again

      1. Roger78


      2. Roger Cascant

        They have a lot of money

      3. Hemant Dhamija

        @Moonwolf_3000 Hello Sir GOATwaite

      4. Nano Rizki Pratama


      5. Dekabricks

        You should see Valencia’s “new” stadium

    3. Hail To The King

      O melhor estádio do mundo para o melhor clube do mundo. Força Barçaaaa 💙❤💙❤💪

    4. The BOIS

      The progress they have made so far is amazing, from nothing to nothing, its brilliant, i hope more fans cone to this stadium, new camp nou

    5. Mo 44

      Sad Fact: Messi will never play in this stadium

      1. Seif Ahmed


      2. Rais Rus


      3. ghanashyam raju

        By the time this stadium finishes, thiago messi will play

      4. KetraboO_O

        Maybe he'll play against Barca on this stadium one time

      5. manu gil

        he might play but not with barça

    6. Nebtun 04

      The question is ... Will Barca have the money?

      1. Siba Das

        @FATI SZN • Football Edits We don't have Messi now so please don't expect that much revenue you will be disappointed.

      2. Ryukobestwaifu

        @FATI SZN • Football Edits the question is will Covid ever end? They keep coming out with some new bs variant every week

      3. Mr. H


      4. FATI SZN • Football Edits

        @Bald Fraud dude it wont last that long. Once Corona is over and revenue is back to like 700m euros a season for us we'll pay it off in no time

      5. O r i o n

        @Sajmon 88 they have nearly a billion of euros of debts, they can barely play their own players, let alone do something like this

    7. •Always Barcelona•

      Magnífico, esplêndido e épico 😍💙❤💙❤

    8. The Joker

      Esplêndido e magnífico ❤❤ Visca BARÇAAAAAAAAA

    9. AnKa Culer

      The most beautiful stadium in the world. It's a dream to be there ❤💙

    10. Arianna Jordison

      Lindo demais ❤❤❤❤ Espero um dia visitar essa maravilha

    11. Daniel Pereira

      O barça merece um estádio assim😍😍

    12. JLuigi ER

      Es un megaestadio, será el más grande del mundo del fútbol.


      Simplesmente fantástico sem palavra

    14. Mario González

      Nowadays: Messi is in Paris and Barça is losing with all the teams in Europe... and there's no money...

      1. Siba Das

        Just think man MESSI carried this shit defense to UCL semis several times( not talking about ARAUJO, MINGUAZA they are new) and this shit defense bottled everything. I was MESSILONA.


      BARCELONA FC. I've always believed in the future of this team!

    16. Harry Weaver

      Good idea. Increase the stadiums capacity when you haven’t been able to sell it out most of the season

      1. Tomiwa Aje

        @Deag Edwards Lmao man city can't sellout a 50k capacity stadium even on European nights

      2. Wasim

        I suppose Barça will decrease the price of the tickets, with more seats they will make more money without high prices.

      3. Deag Edwards

        just like Man City!

    17. Barça for Life ¤

      Sou a favor da reforma, o Camp Nou atual está muito velho e precisa ser modernizado para as futuras gerações. Visca Barçaaa 💙❤💪🏻

    18. Daniel Penaloza

      Not a Barca fan, but I do love watching concepts like these 😍

    19. Unnikrishnan cs

      Now it's 2021... Still No Changes... There is only one change that affect FC Barcelona... That is Leo Messi... Barcelona is incomplete without Lionel Messi.... True Legend....

    20. Alexis Vasquez

      Qué hermoso se ve el New Camp Nou♡

    21. PEDRO FF

      Eu amo o BARCELONA ♥️

    22. mcscootie

      Have you seen Spanish builders ? This wont be finished till 2119

      1. Raúl Sánchez


      2. Raúl Sánchez

        @Colin Neale a ti quisiera verte trabajar bajo el sol 🤫🤫

      3. Utti Siseppe

        @Swetabh Singh yeah

      4. Swetabh Singh

        @Utti Siseppe aged well............

      5. CODM X GAMER


    23. salman ahjum-mathee

      I really hope that we get to the stadium renovations come to fruition because I think the plans look sick. If the stadium reflects how the renderings are after the renovations then it will look unbelievable

    24. Why Me

      This would be a great stadium if they could consider to start building it now

    25. Iracema Silva


    26. maicon Kruger


    27. Sheldon T John

      Absolutely and positively beautiful!

    28. SquidDome

      Pov : lo ves en 2021 y te das cuenta que el club no tiene dinero 😂😂

      1. Vũ Bá Vương

        1. Với tỷ lệ khán giả trung bình đến sân khoảng 74% chỗ ngồi thì việc cần làm của câu lạc bộ không phải là tăng sức chứa của sân. 2. Khoản nợ 1.3 tỷ bảng và việc vay thêm 1.5 tỷ nữa để thực hiện dự án cùng các kế hoạch khác trong tương lai. Với thời gian thực hiện dự án khoảng 4 năm phải thi đấu ở 1 sân khác với sức thứa thấp hơn, dẫn đến doanh thu sụt giảm, điều đó sẽ chôn vùi câu lạc bộ

      2. Mateo Moya

        @Esteban Geovani Por eso, arruinaron el club comprando jugadores a precios absurdos, porque con esa plata podrian haber hecho esas reformas en la cancha y encima comprar un jugador de Élite.

      3. Esteban Geovani

        @Mateo Moya lo que arruinó al barca fue hacer fichajes pendejazos

      4. Mateo Moya

        En ese momento el club era multimillonario. Tenía plata para tirar al techo y más todavía sumada la venta de Neymar al Psg imaginate... Arruinaron el club.

    29. ahmad qolbuddin akhyar

      Am I not the only one who thinks Camp nou attendance will decline after messi retired?

      1. HamyxYT

        well it did...

      2. Muhammed K

        @Isha Afreen 😭😂

      3. Isha Afreen

        Well I got bad news...

      4. GOAT

        @Corn yeah I've noticed that about most asian barcelona fans. They aren't really barca fans, they're mostly just messi fans.

      5. Corn

        No. Maybe the Asian markets will care less because they care more about hype but within Spain Barca will still be as big as ever.

    30. abderrahman. gharim

      I am Juventus fan...I love this stadium ❤️😍

    31. Karen Took the Kids

      It’s been 2 years and nothing changed lol

      1. Ibrahim Khalil Abubakar

        Glad they're finally changed the seat for Ronald Koeman. 🤣🤣 We're getting there

      2. Safar Taqiyev


      3. alba

        5 years

      4. Abraham Lincoln

        @just football stuff almost 5 now

      5. just football stuff

        4 now

    32. MaRoOn MoNkEy747

      Colosseum of Catalonia !!! Magnífico !!

    33. Alfie Bland

      this is really sad to me, i’ve been to the nou camp and its unlike anything its so special its like the cathedral of football and also a ‘proper’ stadium all football stadiums are slowly losing character and becoming the same as each other , like spurs’ new stadium sure is looks good but its like a block of offices its so corporate and you can tell its built for other events the gain more money and it just takes whats special about football away

    34. Ibrahim Alzandani

      The stadium is in a very crowded area and additional expansion will cause too many hidden problems. Barca needs to build a new stadium outside the city where a decent parking lot can be established as well.

    35. Canal PVG

      Força Barça

    36. Khaled Muhammad

      This's the future of the club, awesome 👏

    37. MrLacarts

      Perfect time to recommend this, KZsection.

      1. Isha Afreen

        Perfect indeed

      2. Elias Lagerqvist

        MrLacarts yeah because this is still how much that have to do

      3. Dominik Mackowski

        MrLacarts 😂😂😂

      4. Moaz Ehab


    38. Scripted Frames

      it's been 5 years and still no change, I don't think it will ever be done in a decade at least, seeing Barca's financial stability

    39. Noor Ahamad

      This video published 5 years ago! Me in 2021 looking at Camp Nou,nothing changed!

    40. Rangers 72

      Just making the Camp nou look like any other modern stadium and taking away its uniqueness that makes it such a beautiful stadium, don’t do this Barcelona

      1. WACK 1

        So you want the sun to hit your face the whole time

      2. eles214

        It's called selling out ones character. I'll probably watch old matches from the camp nou than at this crap

      3. Finn Arp

        Rangers 72 Why Should they Build a new Stadium. The incoming one is such a Beauty

    41. Franciscarlos Ramalho

      Belíssimo, ficou ainda melhor que a Arena Corinthians!

    42. KRATOS1987

      Camp Nou is still the same three years later because it is still beautiful

    43. Eskarjan Mezzari.

      Cruyff, Rexach, Sadurní, Marcial, Rife, Neeskens, Costas, Gallego, De la Cruz, Sotil, Asensi. Un equipo de leyenda.

    44. Leshon JL

      Camp New even bigger than ever!

      1. COMBAT 18

        Biggest and more ungly bad

      2. Jesse S.

        Omega Pro r/wooosh

      3. Lammy Koles

        Average attendance doesnt even top 75,000? So why are they expanding it? Or habe they stopped it?

      4. A Simple Noob

        Leshon JL I'm the 666 like

      5. Benjamin Smo


    45. Andre Luiz Cavenaghi

      Será linda a arena camp nou

    46. FootballGamingYT

      Mes que un Club ♥️



    47. Misak Makaryan

      Super stadion👍

    48. Eskarjan Mezzari.

      FC. Barcelona grandisimo club, el Camp Nou un estadio impresionante, ahora la directiva del equipo con si posición política, una auténtica verguenza, dañando la imagen del club de forma irreparable. Visca el Barça y Viva España.

    49. Harry L

      Much needed. The lack of atmosphere at the sold out match I went to there was really surprising. The roof will make a huge difference.

    50. Omar Aloul

      2021, and the project is still not finished. Give us back the previous Barça💔🔵

    51. Lil Nemen ぁ

      lindo estadio

    52. Dave C R

      It looks amazing.

    53. Cormac Connolly

      When I went here I seen a model exactly like that and they said it would be complete in 2019 and that hapenned in 2017

      1. Gen Reach Gaming

        Cormac Connolly prolly might get done in 2020 or 2021 idk 😂

    54. Ignacio López Resano

      Woww que bonito 😍 El mejor estadio del mundo 💪

    55. Romeo Ramirez

      De por si ya es el Estadio más grande de Europa en cuanto a capacidad y todavía lo harán más amplio guau 😮👍🏼👌🏼😎

    56. Wonder Boi


    57. MME

      el estadio más bonito del mundo

    58. Igor Bueno

      Top 👏🏼👏🏼🇧🇷

    59. Maximiliano G

      Es HERMOSO🥺🥺❤❤

      1. Adrián Abel Florentín Gómez

        Si ya es para 99mil para cuando va a ser si se remodelara

    60. Genildo Sousa

      2021 e NADA!! O Camp Nou está caindo aos pedaços e nada dessa reforma sair. Uma vergonha para um clube com o Barça

    61. Jatin Das

      Our home ❤️

    62. Tikka Khan

      Almost been 4 years since this video released and still nothing changed

    63. ieraHDTV

      I love almost everything about this, but I really don't like the roof

      1. MadsGismericaMusic

        Yes lets continue to make people sitt in the Rain on football matches. Its so lovely

      2. MimM

        I agree. White doesn't suit Barça. It should have been made Gaudí style.

      3. SlighceTUNES

        SnowChickenFlake you’re never going to see the roof ever! Only on KZsection

      4. Nick Gorges

        ieraHDTV I like it’s like the Wanda meteopolitanlo how ever y spell it

      5. D10S

        At least they don't play in the sun too much and get some shade Even the fans Also it looks awesome at night

    64. Deejay Dante

      This would be the most beautiful stadium in the world


      Changes are always monitored by Messi🔥🤩

    66. Paulo Henrique

      Més que um club!!!!!

    67. Rubro Negro •

      2022 e nada mudou!!! Triste 😔💔

    68. Kiril 19

      Nice stadium i hope we will see it.

    69. Tmesh X

      woooow!!!! Nice Stade❤👍

    70. jacinto benavente

      Que bonito y q grande os va a quedar el estadio para seguir participando en una liga del pais del q renegais. IMPARAPLA

    71. Kelvyn Shady

      Segundo maior club do mundo ♥️

    72. Thomas Drowry

      The New, new camp looks amazing

    73. Suffian Yans

      I'm not Barca fan, but this project shows good management for club future development and foundation. Make reliable for the home of Barcelona in modern football way more than 20 years in Spain and Europe.

    74. senithu dharmasiri

      It's 2021 October and just days ago,another Espai Barca projext announcement popped up, hopefully the thing will actually happen this time around P.S:Leo Messi is no longer a Barca player and we list 8-2 to Bayern Munich last year

    75. konstantinos sitos

      I love this new camp nou

    76. Dupe T

      4 years later, and I'm still waiting.

    77. ● It Pennywise

      Estamos en 2020 y hasta ahora nada! Queremos renovar el estadio, principalmente debido a las lluvias 😐😐

    78. Nereo De La Cruz 10

      En que se convirtio el club del tanto hemos soñado 😓😓

    79. Prasanna Rajbhandari

      Its almost 2020 and still nothing's changed😂 Lord bartomeu

    80. Mário Gasparotto

      Aquela hora que você vê um projeto que vai sair do papel, diferente do estádio do Flamengo que já lançaram umas 30 maquetes...

      1. Yveltal Plays ™

        Será q esse sai msm...?

    81. Rick Claark

      Why do all these architects design stadiums that look exactly the same as every other stadium. The only unique proposal I’ve seen is the new Stamford bridge.

      1. Nitin

        Watch video of santiago bernabeu renovation

      2. Jashar Gubetini

        @Renke Aeissen true that...

      3. Renke Aeissen

        Imo german stadiums are very unique.

      4. SchofieldEFC

        everton new stadium?

      5. Cianni31

        To be fair ever since Allianz arena opened every team has been trying to do the same thing and have the lights like it.

    82. Marsel Amer

      Five years after this and we didn't make one inch foreword 💔

    83. abdessamad EChafiki

      Muchas gracias Barcelona

    84. MB10HD

      Can't wait to be playing in it

    85. Buenos Aires Gooner

      arsenal fan here.... that stadium is gonna look gorgeous! well done barça

      1. Lucas santos Moreira silva Lucas santos

        Vasco da Gama

      2. Soda King

        @David Black and I can proudly say I have been to Barcelona and set foot in Camp Nou its incredible Spring 2013 and I got to see the Famous Goal end where Manchester United Scored twice in the dying minutes in 1999 to clinch our first champions league in 31 years for united fans it is a must see

      3. David Black

        Barcelona is in the Republic of Catalonia if Spain hadn't acted straight away last autumn. Still in Spain for now but might no longer be the case in the future. The stadium will be one of Catalonia's famous places.

      4. TiTee


      5. Arsenal Forever

        lucas07700 that is called glory hunting. You don't just support a team because they are the best in the world according to FIFA, you support a team either because of their history, their players(could be a relative) or even because your best friend supports the team

    86. Ye m8

      How big do you want your stadium to be Barca: yes

    87. Lucas A Guias

      A vila belmiro deveria ter uma reforma assim hahaha

    88. Igor Silva Guedes


    89. Marcin Wicher

      El Templo de los Dioses del fútbol se está expandiendo. Es un tesoro para el mundo para siempre. Gracias a Dios por amar el fútbol. Por siempre el Barça

    90. jack ace

      I hope that after I graduate from college, I can find a good job and have the money to go to Camp Nou

      1. Justo Roque

        ¿De dónde va a salir la pasta?

      2. Shi

        Did u graduate

      3. A_H_M_E_D أحمد

        @D 😹

      4. D

        Did you graduate?

      5. Michael Huynh

        @Daniel Borling nah😂

    91. Big Mama

      Imagine this in fifa 😍😍

    92. Victor keynote

      Just saw more seats increased.. Camp nou currently accommodates highest holding capacity.. How many more do they need?

    93. Jhon Jairo Restrepo Muñoz

      un día llevaré a mi compañera y mejor amiga a conocer este estadio de FC Barcelona 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    94. Luan Lima

      Still get chills to this day


      its been 5 years and 7 since they announced and they haven't changed a single seat lol

    96. Aba Dilla

      The amazing football for camp Nou Barcelona

    97. Sonexx

      Ese estudio deberían ponerle de nombre "Lionel Messi" para que quede en la historia del Barcelona

    98. Mutts Nutts

      Are the Spanish builders still planning on starting work 'tomorrow'?

    99. Jpeperamiz Ramiz

      Así se verá el parqueo del nuevo Bernabéu...😊😊

    100. Jilvan Almeida

      Que lindo