Ronaldinho makes a surprise visit

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

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    Everyone has a best friend for whom the door is always open, invariably inviting them to pop in unexpectedly.
    For FC Barcelona, that friend is Ronaldinho.
    On the day Barça returned to training to begin readying for Saturday's Copa del Rey final, the former Barça superstar made an unannounced visit to the team's training facility, where could be found out on the field, chatting with the many players and coaches he has maintained friendships with over the years.
    "It's always good to meet up with great friends," he said. "It's a huge pleasure."
    The former blaugrana striker, who won the 2005 Ballon d'Or, wore his habitual ear-to-ear smile as he exchanged high-fives and posed for pictures with the likes Lionel Messi and fellow Brazilian Neymar Jr., among others.

    Ronaldinho Gaúcho ha visitado este miércoles las instalaciones del FC Barcelona y ha presenciado en directo el entrenamiento de los hombres de Luis Enrique. El actual embajador del Club ha declarado para los micrófonos de Barça TV que "siempre es bueno encontrarse con grandes amigos y grandes jugadores, es un placer muy grande". Además, Ronaldinho también ha hablado y se ha fotografiado con Leo Messi, con quien coincidió durante su etapa como jugador del primer equipo, y también con Neymar jr, con quien llegó a coincidir en la selección brasileña.

    Os jogadores do FC Barcelona receberam uma visita especial no treino desta quarta-feira. O eterno camisa 10 do Barça, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, apareceu de surpresa na Cidade Esportiva Joan Gamper e deu um toque especial ao primeiro dia de trabalho focado na grande decisão da Copa do Rei.
    Ronaldinho aproveitou para rever - entre outros - o seu velho amigo Leo Messi e o compatriota Neymar Jr. “Sempre é bom encontrar grandes amigos, grandes jogadores”, declarou. “É sempre um prazer estar com eles”, acrescentou.

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    1. FC Barcelona

      More Ronaldinho! 👉

      1. To ReĐa


      2. Zayn Dominick

        @Devin Reese Instablaster :)

      3. Devin Reese

        You prolly dont give a shit but does someone know a tool to get back into an instagram account..? I stupidly lost my password. I appreciate any assistance you can offer me.

      4. Joel Joseph


      5. Bruninha

        Vai ter uns videozinhos top pra quem gosta 🔞🔞

    2. G G

      If Messi runs to shake hands with you, you are a real legend

      1. Clean sucks at Fifa 22

        if dinho made you then your a real legend

      2. Andrew Aditya Chandra

        Well, they're former teammates, close friends and Ronaldinho was a mentor/older brother figure to Messi.

      3. Diones Linstruth

        No doubt.

      4. Rabin Das

        Ronaldinho my all time fav

      5. Dixie Doctor

        they are close friends, so completely normal situation.

    3. Luis

      The happiness Messi demonstrates to see and talk to Ronaldinho shows how monster of a legend the brazilian is. His talent was something of celestial.

      1. 4K Chapo

        Sadio Mané >>> Ronaldinho

      2. Diones Linstruth

        I couldn't agree more.

    4. Tenretni Tnuocca

      Messi never forgets where he came from. Ronaldinho played a big part in his footballing career. He was an influence and mentor to him since debuting for Barca.

      1. Bryan Flynn

        Ronaldinho showed Messi how to have fun out there, and when they look back at their careers I'm sure their time together will be some of their fondest memories

      2. Fruit Salad

        And then he does the same to Neymar❤️

      3. LeRandom PersonOnline

        @Waakye Uchiha its true messi was shy back then Ronaldinho made it easy for him Ronaldinho and deco picks up messi to train also when messi cried due to him not being in the big celebration on barcalona winning Ronaldinho came to comfort him if Ronaldinho wasnt there he wouldnt be the player he is today

      4. Waakye Uchiha

        @jungalist 83 that's not true messi was always good even before academy days.

      5. ThereWePlay

        that's true.

    5. crownbock123

      When Kobe Bryant and Ronaldinho met, Ronaldinho told him that Messi was gonna be the greatest player who ever lived. This was when Messi was 17 years old

      1. ThunderStrike

        @Sam If you just say that I am a dreamer then you might be an illusion.

      2. ThunderStrike

        @Sam Also I've seen clips of Pele's impossible goals and what I've seen the opponents he faced of that period. Most of them had less brains and no strategy. I never saw 1 defender with speed to stop pele. If you would compare Messi with pele. Messi would win.

      3. ThunderStrike

        @Sam pele won 1958,1963 and 1970 where in one he didn't even face most matches and on the two's he wasn't even the top scorer. His team did everything for him.

      4. Sam

        @Imcomid 😂 you are a clown thanks to make me laugh 🤣🤣🤣 please tell me more of jokes 🤡🤣

      5. Imcomid

        @Sam shut up dumbass, Messi is miles miles miles clear of Pele and Maradonna and he is clearly the goat

    6. Tropical99

      He just has an aura that nobody else has. Everyone in football knows how iconic this man is.

      1. 4K Chapo

        @Anak Yang Budiman Sadio Mané better than Ronaldinho

      2. Diones Linstruth

        Yeah. U r totally right. He mande us to love football again.

      3. Anak Yang Budiman

        The man who made every 2000's kids falling in love with football

      4. Nur Al Saeef

        stellar genius he was no doubt ❤️

    7. Tatsu

      Messi el primero en saludar a su sensei. La verdad es que se ve la admiración que le tiene a Dinho, jugadorazo.

      1. James bishop


      2. Mr Cactuar

        @juan Tremendo argentinote ardido. Maradona no le enseño nada a Messi. Ronaldinho fué quien estuvo ahí desde su debut.

      3. Sicko

        @juan maradona dice jajajjajaja anda a cagar xddd

      4. Agath Afag

        @juan Famoso por hacer de estupido

      5. Franco Bogado

        @juan sos un boludo, que edad tenes? 14?

    8. Alejandro TL

      Ronaldinho is a true friend of Messi, he helped him adapt to the the first team. That is something Messi wont ever forget.


      Ronaldinho respeitado por todos

    10. Facundo Vignoli

      Ver a Messi corriendo para saludar a su amigo Ronaldinho te da años de vida :3

    11. Afiq Mmhe

      Did u ever seen Messi running to hug any player like ronaldinho? Messi shows the truth legend.

      1. smartff

        @Anu Joseph what a pity that argentina only has racist people

      2. Anu Joseph

        @smartff Argentina too😉

      3. Master Udon

        0:10 that hug is cute imo

      4. smartff

        ronaldinho and brazilian all players from brazil play a lot of football

    12. Hiệp Trần Ngọc

      I love how Messi still acts like a little child when he is next to Ronnie.

      1. VVD KL

        After all that's was her close friends

      2. Raihan Sardar

        Yeah boy .........even I also liked that

      3. Hiệp Trần Ngọc

        @Rhaiza A.I Man do I miss the old days

      4. Rhaiza A.I

        He's acts like a little kid when he is next to ronnie,eto,deco and xavi and iniesta is like his brothers fr

      5. Uzair Mughal

        Well these are new generation kids. They dont know his real name. They are saying Ronnie or 2k19 or Ron. Son his Name Is Ronaldinho Gaucho

    13. BloodySmile

      Ronaldinho was one of the pioneers who helped messi to perfect himself

    14. Alexsandro Vila Nova

      Esse Ronaldinho evouliu o futebol do Barcelona

    15. jefferson cristobal

      Messi would have been a different person if someone doesn't have the cheerfulness and humility of a Ronaldinho

    16. Fabio Nivardo

      Que hermoso cómo Messi reconoce la grandeza del gran Ronaldiñho

    17. Ali Cina

      you know you are the greatest when messi runs to you to hug you lol

      1. No Name

        Some dude commented on my comment without reading. So some info for all. Rinho (club) 543 games 197 goals Messi 793 games 678 goals. Can you all see that even goals are more.

      2. No Name

        @chicamarlaroberts ? You decide to come and make a radome comment to the comment that was 1 or 4 years old and not even tries to read all other statements made by me? Well I don't understand what you talking lol

      3. chicamarlaroberts

        @No Name when rivals stand up and claps you it says enough.when u walk into stadiums n ppl still applaud you its enough.when you meet other sportsmen and they run to you its enough.its enough!!

      4. chicamarlaroberts

        @Secret we talking about skills on d pitch.aint none like dinho.they have all copied dinho to date.dinho is the goat.when i wanna watch football i look at dinho n he no longer plays.the chills you get wstching dat man is priceless.skills, attitude,the smile n demeanor oh boy!!dinho is football!

      5. Jcm

        @Waj Yousuf Zidane < Ronaldinho

    18. Is-Haq dhe ALBANI

      True legend very humble down to earth not arrogant very easy simple big big respect Ronaldinho 👍

    19. Marta Nutri

      1:03 No momento em que esses 3 se juntaram o universo tremeu, o 3 melhores jogadores do mundo um ao lado do outro e 2 deles são brasileiros é de arrepiar kk claro que temos vários outros atletas de nível mundial também

    20. Abhishek Rai

      Messi is a legend and the fact that he never forgets where he came from makes him even more worthy to be called legend.

    21. Ŷц૨เ کДŋ†Øک 💸

      O Barcelona só se tornou esse clube famoso mundialmente graças ao Ronaldinho. 👑

      1. MiNi MaX


      2. Rodorfu Craudinei

        @marcos tomaz kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

      3. marcos tomaz

        @Mateus Peixoto bola do meu saco!!!

      4. Mateus Peixoto

        calma, o cara é foda, uma lenda no esporte, mas segura a bola jovem.

      5. marcos tomaz

        Se louco não sabe nem oque fala

    22. Denharo Francis

      This man made one of the greatest predictions in football history...this man knew Messi was going to be the greatest of all time

      1. Comédia e zueira

        Maior de todos os tempos ? Kkkkkk Pelé tem mais de 1000 gols e tem 3 copas do mundo, Ronaldo fenômeno tem 2 copas do mundo, só porque o Messi tem mais bolas de ouro não quer dizer que seja o maior da história, copa do mundo ele não tem nenhuma..!

      2. midget 420

        @Sudeen Dawadi bruh all the great footballers and football analysts agree that messi is the greatest. You seriously gonna disagree and think you know it better than people who played with both? You seriously think your opinion is valid compared to football analysts?

      3. JSG

        @Denharo Francis cry

      4. Denharo Francis

        @JSG it's been a year and you still mad..get a fking life

      5. JSG

        @Denharo Francis hating,ur shitlona fan started it first

    23. Megh Singh T

      The greatest there was,the greatest that is,the greatest that ever will be!!!!!!!! Ronnie-The Smile of football!!!

    24. Ernesto

      Messi parece un niño saludando a su ídolo!! Gran gesto de agradecimiento !!

    25. Prinzonic

      Messi will forever remain grateful to Ronaldinho for the role he played in his career.

    26. EMÍLIA PEREIRA DE SOUZA Nascimento

      Os dois maiores gênios q vi jogar!

    27. Carlos A

      crazy to think Ronaldinho assisted Messi's first goal. Legends.

      1. Esperanza García

        Los millonarios de la Castellana que contentos por una copa que ni gano la liga ni la copa del rey le llevaron para hacer bulto Alós pobres de dan Blas que los trata de tu siempre ganan en los penantis

      2. Yanton Ekspress


      3. Temi Onifade

        Carlos A he passed him the torch

    28. Daksh Froster123

      I feel messi was genuinely happy cause ronaldinho was by his side when he had tough times in the start

    29. toru silva

      Um de vários jogadores que o Brasil já teve e tem que jogaram muito 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    30. ThereWePlay

      how Messi runs to hug his mentor shows how much respect messi has and grateful to Big Brother Ronaldinho. In my opinion Ronaldinho is the No.1 entertainer of all time because he laugh all the time even when he do foul too hahaa xD

    31. MD Robiul Islam

      Wizard, magician, miracle,unbelievable ever the best of all time in the history of football is RONALDINHO

      1. smartff

        ronaldinho and brazilian all players from brazil play a lot of football

    32. Madi Hirab

      Wow..the way Messi is running toward Ronaldinho is like "Daddy I miss you" :)..Amazing players !!!

      1. Soumit Sen

        that sounds a bit wrong but ok

      2. AGAGAM

        Madi Hirab sugar daddy

      3. Augusto

        who's your daddy?!

      4. ai fukami

        Master and Padawan MASTER now

      5. Don Andres Iniesta

        Marcel X10 Ronaldinho was Messi's father in the football world

    33. Djon compositor💪

      A felicidade de Messi em rever o ídolo

    34. J.junior tecladista

      Orgulho de ser brasileiro quando vejo cenas como essas

    35. WhyNot

      Messi felt like a child when he saw Ronaldinho

    36. Mason Turner

      Even Messi " *the goat* " runs to Ronaldinho like an excited child. The man was a true magician with the ball. A true one of a kind

    37. Big Brain

      When you hug messi while your wearing flip flops your a LEGEND.

      1. K. R.

        Just chill. You're almost worshipping him xD

    38. DANA SAEED

      This Is The Man That Made Me Fall In Love With Barcelona Forever! ❤💙

    39. ACM 1PT

      Casi me pongo a llorar cuando Messi corre a los brazos de Ronniiii... 😭😭😭💖💖💖

    40. Pedro Aguilar

      Vean la felicidad de Messi al ver su maestro en la cancha

    41. Ema Araya

      When I see Ronaldinho I can't control my self am cry

      1. The Place Beyond The Lies

        he is Rio de Janeiro in person

    42. Abdoul kadir Moustapha

      Wow! What a wonderful days, when Ronaldinho was playing with his full squads. We really missed those days, more especially his skills. I like the way Barca players love and respect him


      Humildade é Diferencial Desse Cara não Tem Jeito 👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷👊🏽

    44. hector vega-galindo

      El jugador mas jeneroso y bondadoso de todos los tiempos. El no jugaba por dinero...solo por pura diversion. Como te extrañamos Ron Gaucho!!!

    45. DWTG

      I'm a depressed barca fan and I'm watching this to remember the glory days

      1. Rubain Panu

        Me to man me to

      2. gnabrynho

        there's worse to come

      3. Esayas Cohn

        Is someone gonna tell em? 👀

      4. Daniel Marca

        now you'll be more depressed

      5. RandomYt cOnTaNt

        @Ids this hurts

    46. Geraldo Mocellin

      Parabéns Barcelona!!! Celeiro de craques e desenvolvimento de atletas.

    47. Lucas Santos

      O Ronaldinho é foda mano 🤩 O Messi sorri quando olha pra ele 😍

    48. Marcelo Bidoia

      Legends never dies.

    49. Márcio Greiço

      Dois exemplos de humildades: Ronaldinho e Messi. Parabéns

    50. Wendel Antunes

      Brasil o país dos melhores jogadores, R10 o melhor!!🤙🏽🤙🏽

    51. Gobe19 Virus

      I miss Ronaldinho so much. If you ever watched him play live you will understand.

    52. 6locc

      The three most technical players in the last century 👏🏽

    53. Mariano Godoy

      El abrazo de Messi y Ronaldinho se nota la amistad y el cariño que se tienen muy buena onda

    54. Andres Gallegos

      Leyenda ronaldinho y Que bueno que ronaldinho dio su primer gol a mi idolo Lionel Messi 👍❤🤴🐐🇧🇷🇦🇷

    55. Nunes Chagas

      Muito legal ver o tamanho do R10 perante o respeito que messi tem por ele.🙏

    56. Armando B.

      Mad Respects to the G.O.A.T Dinho!!!

    57. Altemir Gomes

      Ronaldinho Neymar Messi só os melhores que Deus os abençoe 👏👏✌️✌️ abraço de Brazilian 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    58. don.elvher ghudo

      Messi the best in the world running to hug his teacher.. Master dinho

      1. Trippin D

        @Mahatma Ayayos he just never said that

      2. xDoge

        Dinho senpai

      3. MessengerOfTruth

        @Mahatma Ayayos leading by EXAMPLE is teaching ... whether you konw it or not.

      4. Mahatma Ayayos

        I love Ronaldinho but he said himself that he didn't teach anything to Messi

      5. MessengerOfTruth

        @Bhavya JM yes, yes I am

    59. O_Sanchez200

      Solo ver como Messi va a saludar a Ronaldhino es espectacular 🔥👏 técnicamente son padre he hijo

      1. Celsa Campos Castrillo

        Sin Ronaldinho Messi no hubiera Sido lo que fue

    60. J.Beckham

      Saudade desse Barça 😭

    61. Renato Rodrigues Luiz

      Esse tem moral! 🇧🇷🎯


      Uno de los más grandes jugadores que ha cruzado por el Barcelona en todos los tiempos Ronaldinho

    63. Grant Davenport

      How can you not smile when you see Ronaldinho and messi together

      1. James Barrymore

        I cried caus we are missing this Talent today

      2. ARUSH

        @Omar Faruk Your name and your comment is terrorizing community😬

      3. Omar Faruk

        Or just Ronaldinho

      4. Young Rain

        Honestly my friend you couldn't have said it better 👌

    64. Amilton Junior Filho

      Ronaldinho vc tem noção no que vc fez , vc parou o treino do Barcelona o melhor do mundo veio correndo ti abraçar, ficou igual um menino que vê o seu ídolo pela primeira vez parabéns Ronaldinho vc e o cara .

    65. Antonio Silva

      La cara de Messi al ver a su “superheroe” Es como la de un niño al ver a Superman

    66. Herman Heredia cerda

      Tres Grandes leyendas 😍

    67. Dâniel Souzah

      Internet não carregou aqui! Pesado d mais só monstros 👏👏👏

    68. hfshs ha

      nice to see them Messi and Ronaldinho together again 😍

      1. Javier Louzao

        Forca Barçelona! hola guapo así te quiero

      2. Javier Louzao

        hfshs ha jugado

      3. Javier Louzao

        hfshs ha jugado

      4. big worm

        hfshs ha the best

      5. Amran Fans

        Bojan -_-

    69. Omar Bak-r

      Whenever there’s Messi and Ronaldinho, there’s no stopping these tears T-T

    70. We:Kings

      Just seeing Ronaldinho makes us want to become better people. He has such a winning personality. The Greatest!

    71. Viηiccius_

      Messi, esse é o verdadeiro melhor jogador do universo

    72. erling

      as a barca fan i don't know how to thank ronaldinho he will always be on of us

    73. s 7abbosh

      the reason what makes me big fan for barcelona is Ronaldinho,,

      1. Fabian


      2. WretchedDrummeR

        My reason for being Barcelona fan is Rafael Marquez

      3. Congo 🇨🇩 Boy Mbeyas 🇺🇸

        Me too

      4. Prabha

        And Messi too

      5. András Bálint

        @yoruel sanguillen yess bro

    74. K20POWER si

      Ronaldinho gaúcho o jogador que mudou futebol em um contexto geral , o melhor

    75. Half Heart

      This is real humble was Messi & Ronaldinho to each other 🖤🖤

    76. joacir almeida da silva

      2 gênios e 1 craque

    77. Nicolas Buela

      Que hermoso cómo Messi reconoce la grandeza del gran Dinho!

    78. GangThePker

      I love the respect messi has for him. He still hasn't forgotten his story

    79. Mayqui

      Que alegría da ver a Ronaldinho mi ídolo y mejor amigo muchas gracias por estos vídeos

    80. Johnny enfo production

      Mi equipo favorito 😍❤️ por todo mi vida

    81. Johnny enfo production

      Mi equipo favorito 😍❤️ por todo mi vida

    82. Osmar Bastos

      Duas lendas se encontrando.

    83. Caio Cardoso

      that embrace between Ronaldinho and Messi bought tears to my eyes

      1. George Pink

        how much it cost?

      2. Sure Win

        You cried rather easy

      3. lilsnoopy90

        and youre a wannabe vegeta

    84. Santi Khiosida

      Admiration, respect, and love for one another. It's so nice to watch.

    85. Roseno Silva

      Emocionante lindo isso

    86. jay chavan

      The world runs behind Messi.🙌 Messi runs towards Ronaldinho. ❤️


      See the simplicity of RONALDINHO.... Just wore SANDALS and came....

    88. Everton

      É tão bom quando o pai vai ver os filhos na escola! 😍😂😂⚽🏅

      1. EV soldier


      2. Cobra Rei


      3. Eu vim barganhar


      4. Adriano Andrade

        Kkkk nesso mesmo

      5. _guilherme_


    89. Tech House

      We miss that historical duo 😢

    90. PDYNN S2

      Ronaldinho todo humilde, bonezinho e chinelo

    91. BaliQ

      this is something beautiful ... Messi who goes to hug Ronaldinho and enjoys it like a child

    92. Janio Alves

      O que jogava o Ronaldinho era um absurdo !! CRAQUE

    93. Not Sosig Ramsey

      Ronaldinho might be the only person Messi feels inferior to

      1. Amirul Asraf

        Then who is maradona then?

      2. LTO

        And rightfully so...

      3. Rival X

        Hes basically his older brother. He mentored him when he was like 17 and against some of the old superstars of that era.

      4. Roshi Roshi

        @Jay i agree with you about this 👍

      5. Jay

        @Roshi Roshi @Roshi Roshi First of all I am Messi fan and I think Messi is much better player.But what make Cristiano great is his mentality and desire to win.He will be always decisive in a game.This is the factor which is a reason he is comparable with Messi.The proof for all these is the trophies he have won. As a player i think there is no one superior than messi he is a great playmaker,one of the best passers in the history of the game and one of all time greatest scorer there is no one with all these aspects and he have been in top form for such a long time.

    94. Diego Barreto

      O craque... que jogador

    95. Vanderley Junior

      Ronaldinho o maior 🇧🇷

    96. YUNG

      Ese abrazo de amistad es muy lindo,es como ver el resultado de lo que un maestro creo...un crack dinho siempre con la mejor buena onda

    97. Julio Posadas

      Ronaldinho ídolo!!! Potrero y magia .. Unos de los últimos "10" clasicos.. Esos q ya no existen.. Q lindo era ver jugar a este tipo..

    98. DemonRage90

      Ronaldinho made Messi feel like home everyday when they were mates, the amount of respect he has for him.

      1. Davod Hashimi

        Chirag Sharma ronaldinho even told kobe that messi will be better than Ronaldinho

      2. UhhlexannderrrXXVI

        That’s Was A Father Supposed To Do For His Son Lad

      3. Chirag Sharma

        Yeah Messi said in an interview that Ronaldinho was the first player in Barcelona to welcome him. Ronaldinho treated him really well when he joined. He spotted the talent very early.

    99. Notorious .02

      You can see the respect Messi has for him look at the Beginning how he rushed to him

    100. Scarface TM

      One of the best Player in Brazil 🇧🇷