Tic-tac-toe: Messi, Piqué & Neymar vs Iniesta, Sergio & Denis

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

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    See the Barça players sprint to the life-sized board and drop their X's and O's in a race to get three in a row!
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    1. FC Barcelona

      TOP 10 Funny moments

    2. Unxin Veyun

      Ver a neymar ver como era feliz en el barça al lado del mejor de messi como eran de amigos y siguen siendo es increible

    3. No Face

      I like how messi insisted on high 5-ing (getting the baton) before he could actually start running 😂 the rest didnt give a shit hahaha

    4. Gaurav K Rathore

      the real reason why Neymar left.

    5. omerc28

      They are so perfect!

    6. Riz Key

      See how Neymar was Happy in Barcelona

    7. R O M A N


    8. Alec Astle

      Ineista and Messi both were playing their move smartly to counter each other😂😂


      Who else is missing the legendary andres iniesta😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    10. GWIZ

      a year later and i still watch this. what a moment to remember :')

    11. Dolapo Fowowe

      Neymar XD

    12. Eduardo Ribeiro

      Época quando Neymar era feliz

    13. davii

      Me enamoro más cada vez que veo a Messi feliz😞

    14. b.r


    15. Gianni

      Se extraña mucho a Neymar y a Iniesta

    16. The Man Himself

      lol neymar was so dumb at the last one

    17. Vitor

      Saudades de você menino Ney

    18. FG10 Soccer

      Cuanto se extraña a Iniesta y Neymar 😢😢

    19. Game of Football

      hahaha messi is clever :P

    20. Meli ♡

      Me encanta! Excelente manera de entrenar.. 👏